Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Congratulations to Mark Wahlberg on his star. Why do I get the feeling this is how Entourage will finally end.
RATT - Los Angeles
Rebecca Gayheart looks really sad.
So, I have decided that if given the choice I would rather hang out with Solange than Beyonce. Although, if Jay-Z came along, then I could probably put up with Beyonce for a few minutes.
Samuel L Jackson should sell a line of clothes that will work on the red carpet and the golf course because he is on one and looks like he is ready for the other.
So, do all these vitis to jail mean that when Lindsay gets out of rehab she and Sam Ronson are going to be a couple again?
Tiki Barber showed his face in public and with his girlfriend.
Speaking of girlfriends, this is not Tara Reid's girlfriend, but hey, a bartender can be your best friend.
Oh, and the guy at the next table too. I would hate to see what this table would look like if she had not gone to rehab.
Not sure exactly why Vince Neil would get an award except for maybe most DUI arrests by a rock star.
X Factor in Australia. Natalie Imbruglia got a job. Oh, and also Ronan Keating who supposedly got back with his wife after she forgave him for being a constant cheater during their marriage. The other two people are Kyle Sandilands and Guy Sebastian.


RocketQueen said...

I actually really thought Tara's second trip to rehab was going to take. Stupid me.

Sam Ronson needs to eat something, seriously. Or lay off the blow. Or both.

Rebecca might be pregnant again?

Shmooey said...

Off the top of my head, there are three people featured in this post that have killed or seriously injured someone for life. Congratulations to Wahlberg indeed. And Kerrang give their awards to whoever is willing to attend the ceremony.

Imbruglia to judge a TALENT contest? Ha! She really is the poor man's Danii Minogue - and that is saying something. I guess she ran out of "stars" to fuck in the UK and US, and has had to go back to buying from the home market.

jess said...

-Rebecca looks really tired, maybe crying.
-Oh Tara...grow up already.

MadLyb said...

Isn't Sam Ronson the one who got Lilo deep into the coke and stuff?

Solange looks great. Tara, not so much - talk about slobbery kisses, LOL.

I love the pic of Samuel Jackson. He looks cute in that get up or like he's retired and hanging out at the corner store playing checkers and smoking cigars with the guys every day.

Mother Campfire said...

Is that Chris Rock that she's kissing in the second photo? said...

MadLyb- I think Lindsay was way deep in the coke way before Samantha Ronson ever came along.

In fact, it wouldn't surprise me to find out Dina was putting the stuff in her sippy cup as a child. Possibly even the bottle!

lanasyogamama said...

Ratt reminds me of 80's MTV. In a good way!

If Gayheart doesn't have a million nannies, she is probably just exhausted. Been there.

That can't be real hair on Solange, she was like all the way bald last year.

My God SamRo is skinny. There is no way that is natural. NO WAY.

Go away Tiki. And who is that strange guy with you?

Holy Hot Mess Tara Reid! She looks like she could end up dead.

Fabulous! said...

congrats to my brother-in-law, mark on his big gold star! lol :)

if given the choice, i would smack both solange and beyonce in their faces with their records and just hang out with jayz instead.

methinks sam and lilo are def. getting back together. it's not like they actually broke up if they still hang out all the time.

i agree about tara, grow the hell up already. it's kinda "funny" at 21, and really pathetic after 25.

lmnop123 said...

Sam Ronson continues to give mixed messages in regards to her relationship with Lindsay. She acts like Lindsay is the immature child in their relationship but either she's an enabler or she's equally as childish. Then again, who knows maybe Lindsay's great in bed. LOL!

Solange looks great with this hairstyle and no I really don't care if it's a wig. I'm just glad that she has her own style and looks totally different from her sister.

gay tallywacker said...

That dude with Tiki B. has crazy-eyes.

E. DuBois said...

Wow, Samantha Ronson looks like she was dragged over cobblestones. After doing coke all night. Terrible.

She tried to take the high ground when she broke up with Lindsay before, but I'm reminded on something my mother says about these types - if you didn't like the mess in the first place you wouldn't even START looking through the trash to begin with.

Susan said...

Mark Wahlberg's family is gorgeous.

I thought that was an emo teenage boy in Beverly Hills getting out of his ride rather than Sam Ro. Girlfriend needs a makeover.


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