Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Kieran Culkin and Seth Green get friendly.
The Grown Ups don't really dress like grown ups.
The friendliest couple in the world, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott D**k.
Yeah, because this makes me want to read.
If you did not see Kristen Schaal on Letterman last night, you have to watch. She was great.
Luke Wilson was also a guest.
Leona Lewis at a zoo in Germany.
Lady GaGa and her on again boyfriend.
Great. A new talk show that has the wife of the President of CBS hanging out with a Scientologist.
At least Sara Gilbert is on the show and
Sharon Osbourne and Holly Robinson Peete. It is like CBS' answer to The View.


RocketQueen said...

Please, Enty. No more Katie Price. Please. She's not worthy.

Icecat said...

Nice fake Caca kiss.

Love Sara Gilbert. I grew up on Rosanne!

looserdude said...

Most awkward kiss ever.

chopchop said...

I cannot stand Leah Remini. No logical reason why, I just can't stand her.

PotPourri said...

Leah Remini is a LOSER and a Scientologist. Who is the idiot that hired the irrelevant loser?

Anonymous said...

Kourtney and Scott sure look like very loving couple LOL.

Eeeewwww Katy P.

I don't like Luke, don't know why.

Why is Leona wearing a dress and shoes to a zoo. You go casual for that. What is that big rat?

I don't like Leah R. either.

RJ said...

I never liked Leah R. or Kevin James and I never could really say why. I always just figured that I didn't like "King of Queens". (The supporting characters on that show were so good, I always felt bad that I didn't like it.) Strange that other people seem to feel the same way, and yet they're both so successful in a profession that depends on popularity. Anyway, just what we need - another show where women will talk over each other while each one fills some predetermined demographic stereotype. Sigh.

Lady J said...

Grown Ups was HILARIOUS. I laughed from the beginning until the end.

Robert said...

"Big rat" is pretty accurate--the capybara is the world's largest rodent, from South America. Related to the guinea pigs, people keep 'em as pets.

Robert said...

And if Scott Disick doesn't embody Patrick Bateman, I don't know who does.

lanasyogamama said...

Kristen Schaal was my favorite part of "Flight of the Conchords". I wish her success!

lmnop123 said...

Funny, I"m watching King of Queens right now and I like Kevin James but don't like Lea's character.

Who came up with the bright idea to put Holly Robinson and Sharon Osborne on the same show? They hated each other on Celebrity Apprentice. I can just see the two of them arguing over every damn issue and talking over each other. Look at them in this picture. This program is such dumb ploy to get ratings at any cost.

Mango said...

The Kardashian baby daddy looks like he could play: "George Hamilton, the Young Years". But at least George has a sense of humor and can poke fun at himself.

Gaga and her boyfriend look like characters from The Simpsons. Their lips look funny.

I could never warm to Leah Remini but all COS mindless followers give me the creeps.

Just Another Blonde said...

Robert- he seriously creeps me out, and I swear it's the "Patrick Bateman" vibe from him... he just oozes it... I keep waiting for the chainsaw.

hunter said...

ha ha - Love the Patrick Bateman vibe for Scott Dickk!!

As for Gaga, she works really hard and deserves to be happy even if it doesn't work out. Yeah the kiss looks awkward but I'm pretty sure it's not the only one they'll have. : )

Leah said...

I saw Kristen Schaal do stand before I saw Flight of the Conchords and she was the funniest being I've ever seen! Definitely worth the money (which really wasn't much at that time...)


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