Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Snoop And The Seal. Sounds like a great name for a tv show. Crime fighting rapper and his pet seal.
The cast of Scott Pilgrim vs The World with no pants in GQ.
For the premiere though, Johnny Simmons and Jason Schwartzman wore some.
Have I told you all how much I love Stephen Root?
Sam Worthington takes photos with fans in Italy.
Bradley Cooper takes photos with fans in London.
So does Sharlto Copley and
Liam Neeson.
Not interacting at all was Jessica Biel. Too good for the fans probably.
Tom Hardy had the best quote of the day. He is engaged to the woman in the picture but was asked if he has ever had sex with a man. His reply? "As a boy? Of course I have. I'm an actor for f**k's sake."
Apparently Thomas Jane will no longer be photographed without a cigar in his mouth.
Randomness. Tracy Morgan and Michelle Trachtenberg.


looserdude said...

Wow! Jessica Biel looked particularly beautiful in that picture. I guess that means the burden of beauty was extra heavy. Poor girl.

RocketQueen said...

So for what ridiculously exploitative purpose is there a seal dressed in fake glasses with a chain around his neck hanging out with celebrities today?

Tom Hardy is just about the hottest thing right now. Ack! Good pic of him today on DListed.

Icecat said...

@RocketQueen - I just saw the picture on Dlisted... HOT!!!

Enty, I too, love love Stephen Root. I just caught an episode of News Radio last night and immediately DVR'd it... :P

RocketQueen said...

@Icecat - the second pic, right?! Damn, I got palpitations looking at it.
Also, did you go back to your original blogger name?

Icecat said...

RQ - Yes the second one.. DAMN!! So did I..
Yes, I went back to the original. I really hated the real icecat, and the other poster hasn't been around since that day, so.. I'm back :)

Tenley said...

I just saw Inception and had to Google to find out who the actor was who was unbelievably good looking, and it was of course Tom Hardy -- I need to go back and change my entry from earlier this week for sexiest actor. And he looks great in the photo here but it doesn't nearly do him justice or even hint at how attractive he is.

amazonblue said...

Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler....

Ditto on Tom Hardy, I also saw Inception recently and wondered who he was. That mouth, those eyes... WOW.

selenakyle said...

OK, whomever Tom Hardy is, I adore him!

RJ said...

I'm with everyone onboard the Tom Hardy is Hot train. I also think that he's a genius for saying that. Now, it's all out there and there's nothing to hide or cover up or lie about. If more actors and actress would just be open about their experimentation, we'd all be over it already. Anybody that hot ought not restrict himself to just one gender anyway!

I'd watch Snoop and the Seal.

Love Stephen Root, too. He looks awesome in that picture. I know it's weird, but I've always found him kind of sexy, in an offbeat way. Love me some Jimmy James (or D.B. Cooper).

Selock said...

Phwoaaah I fell in love with Tom Hardy during Inception and this just cinches it. Unf.

Bonus unf for Sam Worthington. Hel-LO.

Thanks, Ent.

lanasyogamama said...

There is something I DO NOT LIKE about Biel, and I can't figure it out.

The posey Hollywood thing is so weird. Look how close Michelle T. and Tracey Morgans faces are. Would you ever put your face that close to someone you don't know well?

Mango said...

Enty, thanks for the pics of Stephen Root and Sharlto Copley. :)

Just Another Blonde said...

Lana- the Biel (or Shelfy as lainey calls her) is snotty, pretentious, not as hot as she likes to think she is (albeit way hotter than me lol) and acts like she is a serious actress when she is just put in movies for her looks.

Yep, that sums up why *I* can't stand her.

lanasyogamama said...

Just Another Blond - OK good, now I feel justified!

I have a feeling in person she's probably crazy gorgeous, but her behavior with Timberlake, and her interviews about how hard it is to be that beautiful... blech.

hunter said...

Biel is soooo boring and bland. Plus, in that pic her hair looks HORRIBLE!!!!

Who in their right mind would think that mess looks attractive on top of such an otherwise polished look? Reminds me of the time Jennifer Aniston wore dreadlocks on the carpet with Brad to some award show. That looked like crap too.

MommaSaid said...

Tom Hardy is DIVINE. If you want to se ALL of of Tommy boy, close and personal watch Bronson. Yummy.Yummy.

Selock said...

@MommaSaid Just checked - Bronson's streaming on Netflix, can't wait to watch, you're a saint for bringing it up!!!

Robert said...

Again: what the fuck are those things on Thomas Jane's feet?


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