Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Long, long time no see John Pankow. Great to see him.
Apparently the cupcakes in Toronto are not good enough for Katie Holmes so she ordered some from this place in New York and had them flown to her.
Kellan Lutz awkwardly meets his fans in LA.
Kelly Osbourne looks like she is going to cry. Probably noticed she was wearing UGGS when it is a thousand degrees outside.
The Keith Richards family.
Reminds me of when I was way younger and my mom was still smoking. Nothing like watching dropping ashes fall into your food.
Massive Attack - Incheon, South Korea
Madonna directing a scene in her movie. With a cigarette?
This is Mick Hucknall. So, your joke could have something to do with not holding back the years or simply pink instead of simply red.
Matt LeBlanc confessed yesterday he dyed his hair during the entire run of Friends.
This is Monica Seles but I didn't even recognize her.


Seachica said...

Keith Richards' daughter - anyone else think she could be the answer to the blind from the other day?

RocketQueen said...

@valerie - my first though, too, but was it an Enty blind?

If Madonna smokes, I will be VERY surprised. She won't even eat CHEESE for goodness' sakes, saying it's bad for the body.

sunnyside1213 said...

I can't even remember the blind from yesterday, let alone before that.

FluffyElmo said...

Yes, but Cheese makes you fatter while Cigarettes make you thinner. Madonna & Gwyneth talk a lot about health but really have no interest in actually being healthy per se.

Mango said...

@ Valerie and RQ - What blind?

*sigh* I'd love to see Massive Attack live...

Is also in shock at Madonna with a cig.

Mick Hucknall has a fab voice and Simply Red's "Picture Book" is one of my all time favorite albums.

Wow, Monica Seles looks the best I've ever seen her.

Maidstone said...

I love love love John Pankow's brother James! "Jimmy".

And Seles! Thanks - that's a word I was looking for in my WSJ crossword puzzle today.
"Palindromic tennis great - 5 letters".

Ta - Maid

Missjenny619 said...

I;m with ya there, Mango!! I would love to see Massive Attack in concert!!! (Portishead too! I'm still beating myself for not going to Coachella when they played last year)

Helloooo Matt LeBlanc, I love his hair that color!

jax said...

i knew he dyed his could tell every 4th episode it would be darker.

jess said...

Sending by plane a bag of cupcakes?
-Matt Leblanc was dying his hair? get the hell out..not, it was pretty obvious, I even thought he was wearing a wig. He looks better this way.

RocketQueen said...

@Mango - the one about the daughter of a rock star who went into a bathroom stall with two guys who serviced them, saying she learned it from her dad's lifestyle.

@FluffyElmo - you are so right. They can both stfu.

Cancan said...

I also thought it was a Richards girl. Live in the same town and have many Patty sighting but never a Keith, yet. Seems like everyone else I know has, from the UPS guy on up.

Tenley said...

I'm pretty sure Madonna at least used to be a heavy smoker. I mean way back in the day you could almost smell her from here, despite the time and space difference. I really don't have any reason to think she doesn't still, I mean, like someone else said, she's so focused on the skinny to the point of being unhealhy, and cigarettes fit in if your goal is the skinny with the healthy be damned.

MadLyb said...

@valerie - yes!

What are these 'UGGS' things that people are wearing, and WHY??

I know some here may like Kellan Lutz, but I'm so sick of seeing his pics at my gossip sites ever single day. I am so over him. What has he done? His great acting moment was when he rode standing in that Jeep in 'Twilight'. It's baffling. /rant over

I don't believe that's a cigarette - that would truly surprise me. Then again, maybe SHE'S imitating Gaga here, LOL.

lanasyogamama said...

I think Katie is a big cupcake aficionado. I remember in the "In Style" that came out JUST before she became part of TomKat, she talked all about her new NYC hood, and where she used to get cupcakes. I remember thinking she didn't get to live her fun NYC life for long, she was engaged and pregnant like 3 mos later.

I don't know what color Kelly's hair is suppose to look, but to me, it just looks gray.

I like that Gaga pic!

Matt LeBlanc looks rather smoking hot in that pic.

jinxy said...


Fabulous! said...

i don't believe she still smokes, but it's true that madonna was a heavy smoker at least until she was pregnant with lordes. that's when she started the holier than thou bs. i thought everyone knew that about her?

lmnop123 said...

Oh My! Matt looks really handsome with gray hair. Matt, now that you've got it right please don't tamper with your looks.

MnGddess said...

OK, Enty, people - where is that bakery in the photo????

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I know a great cupcake place in Toronto, but I wouldn't sell her the address to it for 500 dollars. And that, ladies and gents, is called spite. Don't like my city? Kick rocks and gtfo.

Susan said...

Sue Ellen, I would love to visit Toronto, and you must let me know about this magical cupcake place when I do so.

Madonna and ciggies, puh-lease. She totally smoked back in the day, and I think Ms. Leigh's assessment of the situation is spot on: Get a bun in the oven, become Mother Freakin Theresa.

I may just be bitter because I loathe people who lecture all of us about health and clean living and being organic and vegetarian and all that, and then they smoke cigarettes. The irony in that just pisses me off.

I know people love their Uggs because of comfort, but I never jumped on that bandwagon. I find them too fUggly to ever put on my bod.

K said...

Ciggys vs Cheese? Pardon me while my lungs (and tummy) thank me for going and carving off a hunk of gouda out the fridge.... :)

Also, I know everybody hates the Uggs, but I have an issue with my feet and ankles, and the FitFlop booties that look like that are a freaking GODSEND as far as I am concerned! Everybody may be making fun of me when I wear them, but I am *walking* and *walking comfy* so frack off all y'all who would slag on me! <--That's kinda my way of saying I'm happy and I don't care what anybody else is thinking! :)

Also, grey haired men = SEXY SEXY SEXY!!!!!


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