Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Why does everyone look so sad today? Ashley Olsen, you made the top spot. Smile.
Black Eyed Peas - New York
I guess this is Billy Ray Cyrus' tough guy look.
Tomorrow is the big day. I bet for $5M she won't be going to the wedding in a cab.
What is the best way to celebrate your 21st birthday if you are not in Vegas? How about a vodka bar in Russia. Daniel Radcliffe seems to be enjoying it.
A lot.
Apparently Carrie Underwood got married. Wants you to see her ring.
Emily Blunt said in the interview accompanying this heavily airbrushed photo that she hates being airbrushed.
Ed Westwick is not a big fan of good posture.
Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez filming in South Africa.
Holly Madison shows how much money it would take for most people to want to sleep with Hugh Hefner.


Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Sorry, but I think Emily looks ridiculous in that photo. Whoever did her makeup was smoking a Blunt.

Sally said...

Agreed, she looks like a tramp. I honestly don't see her appeal.

jess said...

Good for Daniel R! I always find similarities between him and Elijah wood, maybe it's the eye lashes.

-Ed is looking good in this pic, a little bit of Chuck "do me" Bass attitude.
-Nope, still not enough money for sleeping with Heff

RocketQueen said...

@jess - totally agree about Ed. I KNOW he's smarmy in real life, but I'd still hit it in a hot second.

I see Billy Ray Cyrus, and all I think is "douche".

mooshki said...

Actually, they just did a study that sitting leaned back like that is healthier for you because gravity doesn't compress your spine and insides as much.

trouble bubble said...

Who's getting married tomorrow? I mean, who's on that cab picture?

Red said...

@trouble it's Chelsea Clinton ... She is all grown up! (tho, a white house wedding would have been more fun)

trouble bubble said...

@Red Thank you for telling. I would never tell

MadLyb said...

Holly appears to own Vegas right now. I lived there for a few years and it's an interesting place. The regulars there love celebs, especially D-listers, LOL.

I don't get the Ed Westwood craze. I mean, I'd definitely hit that, but he sort of looks like he'd smell even worse than Pattinson. Oh, and I'd hit that too.

Sally said...

LMAO D listers. Go Holly ;)

Mango said...

I don't get why guys think wearing wool caps is attractive. Those things always look as if they smell. They're on a douche level with wearing hoodies inside.

Jennifer said...

did anyone see the pix from Chelsea's wedding Saturday - looks like Bill has finally lost some weight. Also, Chelsea looks phenomenally happy. Good for her - she had a rough family time in the spotlight and came through it along with the rest of her family.

Sarah J. MacManus said...

Actually, Dan's been old enough to drink in his own country for a couple of years now, but hey - VODKA!!! He does look happy.


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