Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Mark Ruffalo hangs out with some friends at a party.
So, do we think that is sweat or gel in Mickey Rourke's hair?
Nicole Kidman kisses the ring of Annette Bening.
A first time appearance for Nico Tortorella and his love of all things Don Johnson.
Patricia Arquette with no Thomas Jane in sight.
Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp filming the latest Pirates movie.
So, Russell Brand is a socks on during sex kind of guy.
Summer job? "I held an umbrella over Russell Brand's head all day and avoided looking at his tighty whiteys."
You know, Rumer Willis kind of has that 40's movie star look about her in this picture.
One of my favorite people ever, Samantha Mathis.
After the show, I winder if Gary Sinise will help Sela Ward with her fly fishing. Those are fly fishing boots right?


RocketQueen said...

Rumer Willis looks like she's channeling Dita Von Deese. Michelle T has some crazy eyes in that same pic.

I guess that means Arquette and Jane are off again?

bflogurl said...

I think Sela Ward is a stunning woman! SHe is 54 and looks incredible!

jess said...

High knee socks!
-Rumer looks good.
-Sela Ward is 54? woah...

Seachica said...

Russell Brand is officially in the category of "better with their clothes on". And since he's still fugly with his clothes on, that's saying something!

mygeorgie said...

Enty-fly fishing boots are much higher than that & a lot better looking.

That is some pulled back hairline on Rourke :/ Still love the freaky little bastard though.

audrey said...

How long has enty been posting the random photos in alphabetical order? Ever since someone pointed it out the other day it has become very noticeable.

lanasyogamama said...

Anette kind of looks surprised by Nicole.

Michelle looks like she's trying to laser the camera with her eyes. Good pic for Rumer though.

My husband has a mad crush on Sela.

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

I do wish people wouldn't keep ragging on Rumer in terms of her looks--crimony, it's not her fault she looks just like her father... (Not addressed to anyone here, BTW.) Personally, I still think she's one of those people who looks awkward as a young person, but will age into her face quite nicely over the years, esp. once she's past 30. Hang in there, kid! :-) (And yes, she does look quite nice in today's picture.)

Liza said...

@audieh_1 That was me that pointed it out. He's been doing it for quite awhile!

KellyLynn said...

The sites where Enty gets his pics has them in alphabetical order, he probably doesn't bother rearranging them. No conspiracy there, k?
Anyway, the 1940s look is a good one for Rumer. She should stick with it.
Both Sela Ward and Patricia Arquette look great. The boots are a little odd, but it's otherwise not a bad look.

hotchacha said...

I guess it's too late to stage an intervention to rescue Mickey Rourke's skull.

hotchacha said...

I guess it's too late to stage an intervention to rescue Mickey Rourke's skull.

Robert said...

Hey, Nick, the 1950's called! They want the look back!

Robert said...

Dressed like that, I can see Rumer Willis as a wisecracking secretary in a Preston Sturges screwball comedy.


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