Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Ileana Douglas shows off her IKEA fetish to James Denton.

And it looks like she made the clothes from things she bought at IKEA too. Is that duct tape?
People lining up in Australia for the iPhone4.
Jessica Alba in France.
Jessica Biel will be your cruise director.
And Jennifer Garner teases her daughter with a water bottle. I kid.
Jason Sudekis looks embarrassed to be seen with January Jones.


jess said...

Sudekis and January together for the third time, right?

Kat said...

I love Jennifer Garner, think she's sweet, highly watchable and seems to be a great mother, BUT, she can't dress herself for beans.

MadLyb said...

@Kat - but she looks really comfortable, unlike Posh. Illeana Douglas is aging nicely. She has that bone structure that makes you look older when you're younger and vice versa when you're older.

MadLyb said...

I forgot - January Jones can do better than this, can't she? I think she's aiming way too low with the guys she's supposedly out with. Then again, maybe she's a twit, though I'd hate to think that were the case.

On that track - I saw Christina Hendricks in an interview the other day. She's got to be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, and she has brains and personality on top of that. *massive girlcrush*

lanasyogamama said...

January needs a few days off to gather I think.

Karmen said...

Oh wow, and I can't let my dad see that Ikea outfit, or else he'll buy it (I'm being dead serious here). Almost all of his furniture and kitchenware is from there. When I was at UMD, he would call and say he was going to be in town to go to Ikea. I was merely an afterthought. That man loves that Swedish furniture.


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