Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmy Award Photos Part Five

Kelly Osbourne (top 5)
Kerry Washington
Kristen Wiig
Kyle Richards
Lea Michele
Loretta Devine
Maria Bello
Maria Menounos & Mario Lopez
Martha Plimpton
Matt LeBlanc & Andrea Anders


Rita said...

I can imagine myself fanning a little at Lea Michele and she would simply, topple over. What kind of hard-abnormal posing is this?

On another note, I love Kelly O's dress as well as Kerry Washington.

BrandieMarie said...

Love love love kelly o's dress. the style, the color, all of it.

RJ said...

Rita, did you read the comments that the girl from "Modern Family" made about Lea? Hilarious. Totally called her out on her overposing and how seriously she takes both herself and the red carpet.

Also, Martha P. should absolutely be a Top 5!! She looked smoking hot!!

Rita said...

RJ - I actually saw it on Friday night's Fashion Police. It was awful and awesome at the same time. A girl that young should not be encouraged to be a bitch to other women (the girls on Fashion Police should've been better role models, for let's put it honestly, the younger girl would be paying the price for her bitchiness). But at the same time, it was so deserved: Lea Michele is just... yuck. The hard posing, the fake big smiles. I think her un-gracious behavior is catching up with her, even on the red carpet.

Patty said...

How is Martha Plimpton not in your top 5??? She looks stunning in that dress.

bluebonnetmom said...

Kelly or Martha were the best out of this group.

RocketQueen said...

I have nothing good to say about Kelly, ever.

I actually really liked Maria's dress!

Anonymous said...

Martha looks great. And she's hilarious on Raising Hope.

Momster said...

Martha looks f'ckin fabulous!

I like Bello's dress, but wish she'd spent more time on her hair.

Lea Michele, lol.

ForSure said...

Lea Michele deserves nothing but credit for the posing she does on the red carpet. She shows off those dresses like no one else and that's what red carpet posing is about, show the clothes. Funny, Sofia Vergara does exactly the same thing but no one says anything about her. Yesterday on E, Darren Criss was watching her as she walked in front of the board and he said it was great how well she worked it and all of her photos would be awesome because of it. Marchesa dressed exactly one actress yesterday and refused to put clothes on anyone else, that actress was Lea Michele. Yes, there are plenty of other reasons to despise her, but if I was a designer, I would camp outside her house to put my clothes on her.

Sylvia said...

Kelly O. dress is gorgeous.

Kerry W. dress is nice.

Kristen W. dress is horrible.

Kyle R. dress is not that great.

Lee M. dress is Ok not that fantastic.

Lorett D. dress not that fantastic.

Maria B. dress is Ok.

Maria M. dress is very nice.

Martha P. dress is beautiful.

Matt, boy he gained weight.

Maja With a J said...

I love Kelly Osbournes dress and also Maria Bello. I love Kristen Wiig but that dress really doesn't do anything for her. Lea Michelle is wearing the same red dress she always wears to these things. And it's just not her shade of red!

KellyLynn said...

I love Kelly's dress. She looks fabulous!
Kristen's dress just washes her out, and the low cut front makes her appear saggy. Super-low cut fronts are really hard to pull off, anyway.

I think Loretta's dress would have looked better without the sleeves. The color is great, and her smile is one of the best of the night.

I love Maria Bello's dress. Classy.

Martha looks gorgeous as well. She plays such a believable lowbrow character on Raising Hope, that it's easy to forget that she's such a classy and accomplished actress.

Marna Palmer said...

Wow, FS. Lea Michele, is that you? She's dreadful, has a bad reputation in Hollywood and I find her unattractive, but that could be just because I know what an ugly person she is.

Martha Plimpton looked AWESOME. Maria Bello's dress, LOVE, her hair always looks rough. What is up with Kristin Wiig? it looked like broun velour and like her tits are hanging at her waist. Such a pretty girl, she can do better!

ForSure said...

SFG, such a typical internet response to anyone who sticks up for someone, accuse them of being that person, or a relative. No I'm not Lea I've never met Lea. Maybe I've just watched too many seasons of ANTM, but I found the criticism of Lea's posing to be childish and petty. She may be a horrid person, but she can work a dress like no one's business.

chopchop said...

Did Kristin Wiig match her dress to her hair?

And I'll never like anything Lea Michele does or wears. She's an ugly, ugly person both inside & out.

Martha (hello, Goonies co-star *wink*) looks absolutely amazing.

I hate to admit Kelly O looks good too. I'll give her credit where it is due although I just don't get why she's famous & is supposed to be an authority on red carpet & fashion??

Lelaina Pierce said...

Kelly O. looks fabulous.

Rita/RJ - What Modern Family girl was trashing Lea??

I don't like low plunging dresses like Kristen Wiig/Julie Bowen on such tiny frames...looks weird.

Mario looks fab. I'm looking forward to watching her new show.

Martha did look great! Loved her dress and hair.

Lissette said...

I thought Matthew LeBlanc and this chic, Andrea Anders broke up? Isn't this the chic that he left his wife for when they were on Joey together? Too lazy to look it up.

Unknown said...

Mario Bello is my girl crush. She is just so effortlessly sexy... roowwwr!

Unknown said...

I think Lea Michelle looks pretty. I dunno, that pose is not as weird as the 'Beyonce armpit sniff' or the 'Look over your shoulder with legs crossed as though you were waiting in line for a piss and happened to catch the paparazzi' weirdness that so many celebs do. I'm not sure she deserves a medal for her posing skills but I've definitely seen worse.

Unknown said...

^ Katie Holmes - now that's a bad dress and some terrible posture. 2 arms? Where are homegirls gays when she needs them?

Tatyana said...

Yes, I realize Lea is not conventionally pretty, but what evidence of her being "ugly inside and out" do y'all have? Aside from being less than accommodating to entertainment journos and photographers? And refusing to bend backwards for that True Grit girl who proved herself way too eager to throw another woman under a bus?

Jolene Jolene said...

FS, what you said makes me laugh. She looks RIDICULOUS when she's on the red carpet, not when she smiles but when she pouts out her lips and tries to give the camera a "sultry" look. Please. There are ways to showcase a dress that do not involve looking like an ass. And she ALWAYS looks like an ass. She's not a model in a dramatic editorial shoot, she's walking a red carpt in real life. Way different.

Tatyana: I don't think Lea is ugly on the outside at all. No, she's not a classic beauty, but I think she's very pretty. As far as on the being a bitch to other humans isn't reason enough for you? Wow. I bet you're just a gem yourself, huh. Ugh.

Sunnyhorse said...

Martha and Kelly both looked breathtaking. That said, I'm still not sure why Kelly was there at all.

Seeing Andrea Anders just reminds me of how much I miss Better Off Ted and how much I hate ABC for canceling it.

Unknown said...

Didn't the older kid from Modern Family mock Lea Michele on the red carpet on that Fashion Police show and then have to backtrack? Seems she might be infamous for her posing after all

Tatyana said...

Blogger Jamee said...

" Tatyana: I don't think Lea is ugly on the outside at all. No, she's not a classic beauty, but I think she's very pretty. As far as on the being a bitch to other humans isn't reason enough for you? Wow. I bet you're just a gem yourself, huh. Ugh."

Who's being a bitch now?

Jennmcn said...

I never knew Martha had such a banging body. She looked absolutely stunning and she is so funny on "Raising Hope".

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