Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmy Award Photos Part Four

Jessica Pare
Jim Parsons
Joel McHale
Johnny Galecki
Jon Hamm & Jennifer Westfeldt
Josh Charles
Julia Stiles (top 5)
Julianna Margulies
Julie Bowen
Katie Holmes (Bottom 5)


BrandieMarie said...

i don't think i agree with the julia stiles top 5 best dressed. nothing against her, i've just seen some dresses i like better.

Unknown said...

dang Julia and Jennifer @ the same event??
and lo siento but McHale is hot but he looked TRAGIC in that get-up...way too tight and short...he's got a little of a panza going!

RJ said...

Agree whole-heartedly about Katie Holmes. What's the point of being that skinny if you are going to wear a sack?

I, too, love me some Joel McHale, but he is a definite bottom 5. So is Alan Cummings.

Rita said...

Katie Holmes and Gwen Paltrow have the same problem: killer bodies, but absolutely no notion how to dress their killer legs. It boggles the mind for both call themselves fashion mavericks.

RenoBlondee said...

Julie Bowen's boney front horrified me and my daughter! Good God woman EAT.

Julia Stiles looks better then she has in a long time.

Sherry said...

Would it kill Joel McHale to stand up straight? And what is UP with Alans pants? Looks like he's in his jamies!

Rita said...

Julia Stiles and Rashida Jones were almost wearing the same dress but in different colors (lavender vs pink), or am I seeing double?

RocketQueen said...

Julie Bowen horrified me generally when she accepted her award. You could count her ribs but her arms were RIPPED. Very madonna looking body. She looks much better in just this standing picture.

I HATED Julianna M's dress. Just awful.

bluebonnetmom said...

Julie Bowen looked great. Julianna, who I adore, not so much. She should fire her stylist.

Momster said...

Julianna is usually in my top-5 for these events, but not this time.

Oh Joel. Just no, hon.

Thought Stiles' dress was ho-hum. Not particularly bad or good.

Sylvia said...

I like Julia's dress.

Julianna's dress not the best choice. She needs a dress with color.

Maja With a J said...

I kind of liked Juliannas dress...doesn't look great in this picture but the lights inside the auditorium worked for her...

ForSure said...

Loved Julianna M's dress. Why can't any of the men wear the proper pant's length? Enough of this bunching at the ankles.

KellyLynn said...

I almost love Julie Bowen's dress. Again, the low-cut-ness is hard to pull off. Other than that, it's beautiful.

Julia's dress is very pretty, but I don't like the color on her. She needs brighter tones.

Did every man buy a bowtie at the same place?

I know Joel McHale looks like a supah-geek, but he seems much more comfortable in that persona. Johnny Galecki, on the other hand, looks almost sexy. Almost.

Jessi said...

I love Joel McHale!!!
That is all.

Jasmine said...

What was UP with the FACES of some of these woman last night?!

Katie Holmes presented and just looked...odd. Like sideways or something- her smile, her head tilt (even in this pic) her clothes looked haphazard...she's just a head to toe hot sideways mess.

And I couldnt ascertain WHAT the hell was up with dreamy Jon Hamm's gf but i think she must have at least a mini facelift cause her face looks sooooooo tight and shiny and just weird when she talked.

TOTALLY agree RQ- when Julie B. won her award and kept gripping the Emmy while talking, her arms bulged out and I coulda sworn I saw a six-pack definition on one of em. hahaha. no seriously- girlfriend is cut in that anorexia way...eww yuck nast

Anonymous said...

When I first saw Julie Bowen, I seriously thought it was Goopy for a second. The super-straight center-parted hair, the dress cut down to the waist, the hungry look on her face ...

I actually don't mind Julianna's dress. But her hair? Hell, no. It's terrible.

Jennifer W's dress is veering a little too bridesmaid for me. Maybe it's the color?

Lelaina Pierce said...

Hamm's hair not so hot. Agree that his GF's face looked....tight.

I HATED Julianna Margulies dress! I was kind of horrified by the top last night. The fake stones or whatever the hell those things are?? No likey.

Moonmaid said...

Josh Charles looks great and he has a lovely wife. Julianna M (who I normally love) has a dress that looks like swiss cheese.

Jennmcn said...

Is Julie Bowen still breast feeding her twins? If she is, they are sucking the life out of her. She is scary skinny.

Did anyone else see Johnny Galecki's face when Jim Parsons won again? Pure envy and anger. It was supposed to be Johnny's show and Jim has stolen it. I don't think that's a very happy set right now. Sad because I love that show.

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