Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Frances Bay - RIP
Dolores Hope - RIP
Brooke Mueller and her mom heading out to probably buy some booze. I think Brooke's mom is having a kegger and wants Brooke to bar tend.
Brad Pitt at the Moneyball premiere.
Jonah Hill and his skinny self was also there.
Ditto Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Chris Pratt.
And the man who made it all happen and one of my favorite writers, Michael Lewis.
DWTS judge Bruno Tonioli in Elton John's I'm Still Standing video from 1983.
Anna Faris is obviously proud of her breasts and wants you to be proud of them too. On the left is Dave Annable and on the right Zachary Quinto who still is in first place for biggest eyebrows in Hollywood.
Demi Lovato borrows a hat from Debbie Gibson.
Emmy Rossum and some weird pleather thing. Is it leather? It looks like a big piece of cow or a car seat masquerading as a dress.
Congrats to Duckie. Well deserved. Watch out for bullets from your ex while you are just sitting still like that.


parissucksliterally said...

Emmy Rossum still has a career?

Demi looks cute.

Brooke is a fucking mess, I wonder how her Mom can smile at all.

parissucksliterally said...

I have no respect for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is complete bullshit.

Rita said...

I think Jonah Hill is starting to "settle" in better in his new skinnier body. He used to look so... weird. Now he looks more normal and healthier.

Jeri said...

Is Frances Bay the woman that played future Phoebie in Charmed and recently was in Modern Family during the Flash Mob dance episode as one of an elder couple the guys tried to help kiss and make up before they found out the elder gent was married to someone else.

Anyway, if so, I only saw her a couple of times but she really stood out and made an impression on me. A real cutie.

RIP Even if I'm wrong. RIP

Dolores Hope too, and thanks for all your USO and other work on behalf of others.

parissucksliterally said...

Jeri- she is the one Jerry Seinfeld stole the Marble Rye from, if you watched Seinfeld.

MontanaMarriott said...

OMG Francis Bay was such a doll, I would see her in so many bit parts throughout her career, she will truly be missed.

Wow, I remember being young and watching Elton's video and noting how that guy was just had too much sugar in his tank, and lo and behold it ends up being the DWTS judge, lol, hot outfit btw lol.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I was just about to mention the marble rye. She's also the one who switches her vote to impeach Morty Seinfeld as President of the Boca Vista Condo Association, Phase 2.

MontanaMarriott said...

@Parissucks, I am sooo with you on the Hollywood walk of shame, lol. I knew it was bullshit when Britney after only having two records got hers first before celebrities who have been in the business for years ever got theirs.

Robert said...

"Shut up, you old bag!"
"He stole my marble rye!"
RIP Delores Hope--married for 69 years, in Hollywood, no less.
Is it leather? Is it Emmy Rossum? Are you sure?

Maja With a J said...

I had such a massive crush on Duckie back then. Still do, actually. On Duckie, not so much John Cryer himself...*L*.

I think Demi Lovato looks lovely, glad she seems to be getting her shit together.

Anna Faris *sigh*. I think she could have been HUGE by now had she stayed natural...but the stiffly plumped lips and the bolt-on boobs do nothing for her.

bluebonnetmom said...

Yes, Brooke is smiling. She has twins with a crazy man who is getting $125 Million from 2.5 Men. Winning!!! : ) Stay on your meds Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Oh Maja, I still heart Duckie too! Sigh. And Phillip Seymour Hoffman just does it for me. Amazing talent. You know he'd be a blast at dinner.

Demi looks adorable, and Emmy Rossum...totally would NOT have recognized her. Maybe it's the hair, or the fake leather dress?

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Francis Bay was in Twin Peaks. Who can forget her and her creepy grandson?

"Do you see cream corn on that plate? I requested no cream corn."

Yeah, Brooke is all smiles today. Gee, I wonder why?

I miss Jonah's Jew-fro.

ForSure said...

Anna Farris move over. I want to be in that man sandwich, even if one or both of those handsome guys is gay. Thick eyebrows don't bother me so much.

ForSure said...

Also, Bruno is all over that Elton John video. I loved that song and that video back in the 80's, still do. Love how once a season DWTS throw that video at Bruno to make him blush, especially the scenes where he is wearing the least amount of clothing which they play in slow-mo.

Jason Blue Eyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ms Cool said...

Anna Faris looks horrible. What did she do to her face?!

RocketQueen said...

Anna's boobs look weird.

I believe Frances Bay also showed up in the finale, to point the finger at Jerry for the marble rye incident :)

Brooke was acting WEIRD during Charlie Sheen's roast that I watched last night. Really OVER-ANIMATED and nodding and playing to the camera with her reactions. How amusing for you that you can sit there and laugh as people make fun of the guy for holding a knife to your throat and banging hookers all day, every day. What a catch you both are.

New Life and Attitude said...

How can any of you forget Frances Bay? She was Grandma in Happy Gilmore.

Linnea said...

Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Chris Pratt, two people I would love to hang out with.

And Anna Faris - did she have even MORE stuff done? I barely recognized her

CarolMR said...

RIP, Frances and Dolores.

amh.producer said...

New life, that was my first thought too.... Grandma from happy Gilmore!

ecua said...

What, no Angelina at the Moneyball premiere? Maybe she finally went the fuck away. Fingers crossed.

MISCH said...

There is trouble in The Jolie-Pitt house, it's not easy living with a vampire.

Lelaina Pierce said...

TMZ had Brooke on last night. She seemed fairly lucid. And excited about the upcoming WB settlement.

Moneyball looks good.

Dave Annable is married (I think?). Anna's bubbies are all jacked up..eww.

Enty, did you see Demi Lovato's interview with Ellen??

Emmy's dress is horrendous.

Beth said...

Interesting... Anna Faris and Chris Pratt had premieres scheduled for the same night.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Chris Pratt in her movie? I swear I saw him in the commercial.

I hope skinny Jonah Hill isn't as insufferable as fat Jonah Hill. I read an interview with him in Rolling Stone awhile back and he's truly unlikeable.

And yeah, there's nothing to congratulate about a walk of fame star, it's a bought and paid for thing.

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