Thursday, September 22, 2011

Todd Palin Filing For Divorce

The National Enquirer is reporting that Todd Palin is going to file for divorce from Sarah Palin. That would be kind of a crusher for her family values platform. Of course the fact her teen daughter got pregnant and her eldest son had a shotgun wedding probably don't really help either. Oh, and then of course the affairs, the snorting coke off an oil barrel and that pretty much dooms your chances of winning anything unless you are Bill Clinton.

Todd is apparently tired of all the scandals and media attention and has said enough. I could see that. I could also see him setting himself up for life by writing a tell-all. Bristol and Levi's books would be like pocket change if Todd wrote a true tell-all book. If he did that thing would be snapped by the left and the right and people who don't care about politics. Face it, at this point, I think everyone is fascinated by Palin scandals and they really do not have anything to do with politics, just juiciness.


mzmarymac said...

I want to see the documents before commenting.

Patty said...

Thanks John McCain. Thanks a whole bunch.

Rita said...

Mee too. But I've heard commentators on Levy's book, and he simply states that husband and wife do not interact at all in everyday life (his book is getting btw credible good reviews ???!)

This also explains why she decided not to run for the 2012 presidency, after all the hard work she put in the past few years.

figgy said...

No, the Right will excuse this, as they do everything the Palins do. If Bristol has a baby, it's "good for her for not having an abortion. If Trick or Trunk or whatever has a shotgun wedding, it's "good for him for taking responsibility."

Now if Todd divorces Sara, it will be "oh the troubles of being a Good Christian Woman when yer man leaves you" and she'll be the darling of right-wing talk show circuits, adored by all the Moral Majority women whose husbands left them for another woman. Or man, as they tried for a long time to live as a straight man but just couldn't do it.

mzmarymac said...

I don't believe the story one bit after further review. I guess we'll see. What kills me is that everyone considers her "affair" with Rice so shocking. But she wasn't unmarried and was in college at the time. Plus, it's not even corroaborated in any way that I am aware of. And if she did date a black man, wouldn't that make her less of a racist than some people would claim her to be (which in my opinion she is not!)

And people will rally around and call her horrible names and say horrible things about the woman, yet no one cares to address the fact that someone like Mike Tyson comes out and says some of the most vile, sexist, racist, sexually violent things about this woman and no one seems to care.

As a society we need to get our act together. It seems everyone is quick to just others who are on the opposite side of the aisle, but not those on your own side.

I thought perhaps Mike Tyson had changed, but apparently not. And why isn't what he said on the air considered a hate crime when everyone wants to prosecute anyone that says anything offensive about minorities??? Wrong is wrong and right is right. You don't get to pick and choose!

mzmarymac said...

@Figgy-if Todd does divorce Sarah, why would it be something to excuse or not excuse? They aren't saying that Sarah is divorciing Todd. Sometimes, even Christians who believe in marriage till death don't have that choice if the other person is determined to end it.

Rita said...

I think she would be shunned by the extreme right for divorcing.

Some of these extremists, it doesn't matter who they hurt, as long as they stick to their 'moral code'. No matter if the son you loved all your life turns out to be gay, or your daughter gets a divorce from an abusive dick, they would still prosecute them and judge them severely for breaking the 'lord's code of ethics'.

Mentally challenged morons.

mzmarymac said...

Oh...and for the record...Obama has also stated on several occassions that he believes that marriage should be between a "man and a woman" so you can't bash one politician for stating that and leave out Obama. Just sayin.

Oh...and I believe gay marriage should be legal.

MISCH said...

Can't blame him...oh and he is going to get a nice pile of cash...

mzmarymac said...

@Christian bashers-

I think it is important to note that not all Christians are bigots and haters. Most Christians believe that you should try to live your life as Jesus did-love one another, forgive one another, pray for your enemies, and work for peace in the world. Most of us are too busy trying to save ourselves and our families and for those who wish to join us. Most of us believe to turn the other cheek. Most of us believe that God forgives all things. Most of us believe that only God can judge. Most of us believe that only those without sin should cast the first stone.

And most of us are offended and hurt when others feel they need to speak for us.

Oh...and just because some Christians are hypocrites, doesn't mean we all are.

RocketQueen said...

Nah, these two won't divorce, he'll suck it up like a good republican husband until the cheating scandals are all over the place, like the rest of them.

jen said...

I...didn't see any Christian-bashing...? The only mention of the word "christian" was from figgy, but it wasn't even derogatory. O_O

Anyway, I agree with Figgy. There's always a way to rationalize it.

Rita said...

Doubt she'll let it go so easily without a fight. Stories about him cheating will be coming out left and right soon. The funniest thing? In both books out about SP, the husband is shown in a kinder light! He comes out as a man stuck in a loveless marriage, with Sarah sucking the joy out of his life.

mzmarymac said...

Another funny tidbit-this comes out just as some of the lates polls show Palin within 5 points of Obama in a head-to-head presidential race.

Rita said...

Jen agree. I didn't see any Christian bashing at all either.

MacVixen said...

Why in the world is Mike Tyson talking about Sarah Palin? That's strange... Perhaps his "sexist, racist, sexually violent" comments aren't reported on because the man is a convicted rapist and known to be no friend to women? Mike tyson saying something vile or stupid is wrong, but pretty much par for the course for that idiot. Who the hell cares what he has to say?

caralw said...


While Tyson's comments about Palin were rude and in poor taste, that really has nothing to do with Palin herself. His comments don't excuse her hypocrisy. Anyone who is so concerned with the welfare of her state wouldn't trade her job as governor to cash in on a reality tv show.

ForSure said...

People need to stop believing that Sarah Palin believes in anything except Sarah Palin. She is not a 'conservative' she is not anything genuine. She will say whatever will increase the donations to her PAC and make her rich. The real reason she is not running for President is because it will cut into her income, and she knew she wasn't going to win.

Personally, I wish all of them would just go away. They are not interesting or smart, they don't contribute anything positive to our nation. They just add to the continued trend of dumbing down our country.

mzmarymac said...

@jen-how can you read figgy's comments and not consider it derogatory-she was making fun of Christians. Isn't that rigtt figgy? And I am more or less speaking hypothetically to the Christian bashers of the world as some posters are hypothetically speaking to the extremissts of the world.

Texshan said...

Figgy and Rita, you two are incredibly prejudiced. Mary, it's no use trying to reason with people like this. They are so busy spewing invictive at others that they can't see how, when they point a finger at others, they have three pointing back at them.

Jen, please reread the following passages for enlightenment:
"breaking the 'lord's code of ethics.'"
"a Good Christian Woman when yer man leaves you"

mzmarymac said...

@Cara and Mac-
So then Tyson's public comments aren't of concern to either of you because he is a convicted raptist anyways and she deserves it anyway? I am confused.

Rita said...

Texshan - please stay out of this, you tend to spew, spit, and in the end, re-affirm that you don't get out of Houston, for fear of what's out there, and how your gun-toting loneliness is the only reality you need.

If me saying the word Extremist is synonymous with Christian, then God help us all.

But really, how about you 'good Christians' just practice what you preach and just shut-up already and turn the other cheek.

MacVixen said...

@Rocket Queen - I think you are right about the divorce not happening, but I'd change your phrase to he'd "suck it up like a good political husband", not necessarily a republican one. Elizabeth Edwards and Maria Shriver come to mind...

MacVixen said...

@marymac - where in the world did I say Sarah deserved the comments? His comments are of no concern to me because nothing that Mike Tyson does concerns me. Unless the subject is boxing or homing pigeons, Mike Tyson has zero credibility. Nobody is defending the man's comments. You are assigning credibility to him by making a big deal out it. JMO.

ms snarky said...

@Texshan -
"good Christian woman when yer man leaves you" was irony, not bashing. Making fun of good ol' boys who are upright in public but do a lot of running around in private. You shouldn't be so touchy.

Also, the word is spelled 'invective'

Cindy said...

As a Christian woman, born and raised in Texas -- I would like to put my two cents in -- Figgy and Rita -- your comments were NOT Christian bashing to me.

The only snide bashing I see in the comments are from mzmarymac and her Obama obsession.

jen said...

mzmarymac said...
@jen-how can you read figgy's comments and not consider it derogatory-she was making fun of Christians.

My opinion of what she wrote was she wasn't talking about Christians, she was talking about the right wing. Sure, you can take issue with her about her politics, but I don't see ANY Christian bashing there at all. I suppose if you're sensitive to that you can, but I'm not, and I don't.

Anyway, it's her opinion, she can dissect it for you if she pleases. I'm telling you what I read, and it does not come across as Christian bashing at all.

And Texshan, spare me your condescension, thanks. I'll gain enlightenment elsewhere.

Rita said...

Cindy - not only you can read, but Lady, you are what true Christians are to me: gracious and truthful. Good for you, and really, thank you.

caralw said...


Way to put words into my mouth.

*I didn't say she deserved to have those things said about her.

*I didn't say his words weren't of concern. I called them rude and in poor taste.

*I didn't even say anything about him being a rapist.

I said that she was a hypocrite. I don't see how Tyson's comments have anything to do with the fact I think she's a hypocrite.

figgy said...

Hmmm@mzmarymac, well, given that I myself am a Christian who is active in church and attends pretty much every week and goes to Bible study etc, naw, I wasn't bashing Christians. :-) Not that my own church attendance matters, just making a point. (And I agree that not all Christians are hypocrites, at least not all the time. But sometimes, yeah. Myself included.)

And there's plenty I don't agree with my own church about, and say so (diplomatically :-) ). I just call 'em like I see 'em. And what I see is many Palin supporters who I suspect would be horrified if say, one of the Obama daughters got pregnant and had a baby outside of marriage taking up Bristol Palin as an emblem of right living. Not that they should judge Bristol either, but if they're going to be understanding in her case, then do so for all others.

I'm speaking anecdotally when I say what I think "Palin supporters" might do...I know a whole bunch of them. And I think they'd twist anything she did to be a positive. If her husband leaves her, she'd be a victim. If Bill Clinton left Hillary, it'd be that "she isn't home like she should be." But again, I'm speaking of those I know.

mzmarymac said...

@Cindy-I am not obsessed with Obama. But he is our president and the leader of the free world, so why the problem mentioning him? Everyone loves to talk about Sarah Palin, who is does not hold political office nor is she running for one at the moment. Talk about obsessed! Everyone wants her to fail so badly you can read it in the glee of some of these posts.

figgy said...

I agree that Mike Tyson is a nutcase. Which is why I wouldn't vote for him to be in public office either. ;-)

bluebonnetmom said...

Wow. All of this bashing of one another is pretty troubling. I think that we can all agree to disagree without this becoming so personal. Not many Texans are as you describe, we travel, read books and view the world with a open mind. Gov. Rick Perry is my worst nightmare by the way. I will be the first to say, even as a Christian, there are other so called "Christians" that I would be troubled to put out if they were on fire. Those "Fine Christians" at Westboro Baptist (the funeral protestors) come to mind. There are many of us that are pretty liberal compared to the extremists, just remember that.

Texshan said...

What's wrong, Rita? Can't stand it when people stand up to you? You're an Internet bully, and hurling abuse at me just shows that, like all bullies, you can't deal with people who disagree with you or stand up for themselves.

Oh, and by the way, I neither own nor have ever fired a gun, leave Houston whenever I can because it's hot as hell here, and have plenty of friends despite your conviction that I'm a horrible person. Sorry I don't fit into your preconceived notions of me.

mzmarymac said...

@figgy-thanks so much for your clarification and my apologies that I took it wrong. Sometimes that's the trouble with blogs. Words can come out differently when read by different people and no context-so please don't take it personally.

My gripe is really that people on BOTH SIDES tend to focus on the wrongs of the other sides while often ignoring or rationalizing what their own side is doing. I hate religious zealots who hijack the Christian faith and spew hatred and make it sound like it's all of us. I also abhor that Christian bashing has become very acceptable, particularly Catholic bashing, which other faiths are more and more portected all the time.

People get up in arms about Mel Gibson bashing Jews (and they are right to be angry!) and Galliano bashing Jews and people bashing Muslims, etc... Yet no one says a word when someone bashes a Christian or a Catholic. It's just acceptable to do so and it's just their opinion. Well, you can't have it both ways. It is unacceptable to bash a person for their faith, race, sexual orientation, gender or nationality. No matter what those may be.

NaNa LaLa said...

I'll admit it. Yes, I want Sarah Palin to fail as a political leader of our country. Many of her beliefs are atrocious, especially with regaurds to our environment and education of our children. Do I wish for her marriage to fail or her family to fail? Of course not. I could care less about her personal life. Unfortunately, she cares way to much about what the rest of us do in ours.

NaNa LaLa said...

Wow, I should proof read before I post, lol.

mzmarymac said...

@cara-here are your comments about Mike Tyson:
While Tyson's comments about Palin were rude and in poor taste, that really has nothing to do with Palin herself. His comments don't excuse her hypocrisy. Anyone who is so concerned with the welfare of her state wouldn't trade her job as governor to cash in on a reality tv show.

Here are Mike Tyson's comments about Sarah Palin:

“Glen Rice is a wonderful man. He’s a wonderful guy,” Tyson said, “But you want her to be with somebody like [Dennis] Rodman getting up in there. Pushing her guts up in the back of her head!

“Glen Rice is a nice, mellow, docile man, non-threatening black guy — you want someone like Rodman — yeah baby! Imagine Palin with a big old black stallion ripping — yeehaw!”

“She could always get boned out by a black person — a vote to bang her. Other than a vote to run office, the only thing she can do … she’s not a bad person because she likes black people … at least in her.”

“When you think of Glen Rice, you don’t think of him coming back from Georgia and just slamming … you don’t think of that stuff!”

“Sarah Palin … she met the wombshifter.”

caralw said...


And? I still don't see how Tyson's comments about Palin should make me change my opinion of her, no matter how rude they were.

I don't even know why they were brought up, frankly, since they have nothing to do with a possible Palin divorce, which I thought was the topic of this post.

And for someone so outraged by his comments, why did you feel it necessary to post them here? Ick.

Rita said...

Oh Texshan, you pathetic shrew.

You're the one who had bullied people on this site too often to count. People that we appreciated ran away because of your narrow views on humanity and rights to be. The way you misconstrue everyone's comments, and go on and on about your supposed right to Freedom while stifling everyone else's cuts the air out of decent open conversation.

And please, before you say that I don't like it when people stand-up to me, sit you ass down, and learn how to read first. I have often opted out of too confrontational conversations, and admired the ones who are able to make their point without rubbing everyone else the wrong way. The way you seem to, whenever you post anything.

So how about you try and lay down an opinion, based on what Enty has posted, not what the readers have commented upon. See if you can make it one full day without bashing someone's beliefs or misconstruing their opinion.

See if old hags can learn new tricks, and try and co-exist with the rest of the civilized world.

Jeri said...

You would think all the news medias would be running with this if it were real but so far it's only on a few sites.

I think the Palins are a joke and she is just after all the money she can get while putting down others that disagree with her or are just cutting into her revenue stream.

She's trained her daughter to be just the same. Probably all of them but so far Bristol is the only one raking it in while living the lifestyle she preaches against.

Jolene Jolene said...

@mzmarymac: What does Mike Tyson have to do with anything? His comments were stupid, vapid, and uncalled for. But...he's Mike Tyson. No one cares. He's a former athlete/now pretty much has been. Sarah Palin is a person who some suspect (fear?) might run for office, maybe even president. That's why people care about what she says. But by all means, keep doing the "but but BUT OBAMA SAID THIS!!!" Ughhhh. Old news.

mzmarymac said...

@cara-I just think sidestepping his comments make it as if it didn't happen and I think it should be made known what was said so that people can villify those comments. But you won't hear it.

BUT-we have all heard Mel Gibbon's tirade over and over, Michael Richardson's, John Galliano's, etc, etc, etc,...but we ignore this one....why??? That is my only question.

And those comments are much more than rude and "rude and in poor taste."

Also-wow....I see this becoming far more emotionally charged than I had thought---name calling and personal attacks??? I certainly don't want a part of that and don't want anyone to think I am personally attacking them-just perhaps responding to their comments.

I am a Christian person and although I may not agree with some of your points of view, I certainly fully respect your opinion to say it. The bottom line is that there are always two ways of looking at things and when you stick with just looking at things from one direction, it become shortsighted.I get on my conservative and liberal friends on this all the time. Only by truly trying to look at all opinions can you really be able to formulate your own. So I do respect all of what I read hear, aside from the name calling.

Texshan said...

Thanks for proving my point, Rita. You are such a blind hypocrite.

How's this for commenting on Enty's post? I don't give a crap about the Palins. They're boring and I can't understand why anyone pays them any attention at all. That's about the extent of my opinion on them.

ms snarky said...

I think we should just ignore the narrow views and go back to fun. (Even though I was appalled by Texshan's grasp of the English language and commented too!)

Cindy said...

@mzmarymac -- your post timed at 11:15am
"Oh...and for the record...Obama has also stated on several occassions that he believes that marriage should be between a "man and a woman" so you can't bash one politician for stating that and leave out Obama." Who made you the authority on bashing people? You're good at it, that's true, but I don't think you have the right to tell others how to play.

your post timed at 11:33am
"Another funny tidbit-this comes out just as some of the lates polls show Palin within 5 points of Obama in a head-to-head presidential race." Can you explain to me why this is 'another' funny tidbit? Where was the first one? and why is this funny?

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

So, like, is Texshan the new me or something?

mzmarymac said...

@James-if we are talking about Palin and that many fear she is running for President, then certainly anything Obama says is directly relevant, don't you think?

I brought up Tyson's statements because he said them on ESPN radio without much of a whisper as to how horrible they are and they were related to the book, which was referenced in the post.

You are right that Mike Tyson isn't a very credible political commentator, but he did say those things to a large audience and he is certainly a public figure of great notoriety.

mzmarymac said...

@mzmarymac -- your post timed at 11:15am
"Oh...and for the record...Obama has also stated on several occassions that he believes that marriage should be between a "man and a woman" so you can't bash one politician for stating that and leave out Obama." Who made you the authority on bashing people? You're good at it, that's true, but I don't think you have the right to tell others how to play.

I am not telling others how to play, just stating my opinion and certainly not bashing anyone directly (certainly not meaning to at least!) My post was just to point out that I hear a lot of people call Palin a bigot because of the fact that she has stated her stance against gay marriage, yet ignore the fact that her stance is the same as the current presidents and no one would dare call him a bigot. I believe in gay marriage, but I don't believe people who are against it are necessarily bigots. They have their opinions, which have been the general consensus since the dawn of time until just the past several years and now all of sudden anyone who doesn't jump the fence with us is a bigot baffles me. That said, it was a far reaching tangent I went on and probably got way off track.

your post timed at 11:33am
"Another funny tidbit-this comes out just as some of the lates polls show Palin within 5 points of Obama in a head-to-head presidential race." Can you explain to me why this is 'another' funny tidbit? Where was the first one? and why is this funny?

The first "funny" tidbit was Enty's post.

mzmarymac said...

And I meant funny as in "interesting/strange" rather than "ha ha." LOL!

Jolene Jolene said...

You just said it, mzmary...notoriety. I think Tyson is too far gone (rape conviction, et al) for anyone to be appalled by anything he says. Don't you agree?

And I understand your desire to defend Christians and abhor "christian bashers," but where in those comments Tyson made does he mention Christianity? I don't see it. And if you want to go after every single person who speaks negatively of Sarah Palin, well you sure have your work cut out for you. They are words, and everyone has an opion and the right to speak them. Even Mike Tyson. I'm not saying they were appropriate, but I'm not going to stifle free speech either.

Texshan said...

Really, Snarky? One stray letter and you are "appalled" at my grasp of the English language? Wow, it doesn't take much to upset you, does it?

Apparently so, Sue Ellen. Everyone has the right to hurl accusations and make ignorant personal comments about me, but I am not allowed to call a spade a spade. Sounds fair.

Whatever. I'm tired of this. I'm going to enjoy the rest of the day I took off work and watch the last two episodes of "Downton Abbey."

mzmarymac said...

@Jamee-I may not be appalled at what Tyson said because it is Tyson, but I am appalled that ESPN did not pull the plug on that interview and allow for him to spew hatred. I am all for free speech and no one should face criminal prosecution for speaking their opinion no matter how disgusting that might be.

However, it seems as though there is a double standard in our society that gives a pass to some poeple for racist, sexist, bigoted speech and not for others. Not talking about criminal-I meant commentarily.

And my comments about Tyson were related to Palin and were completely separate from my comments about Christian bashers. Not sure how that ended up getting mixed together, which wasn't my intention. Two different subjects. But the double standard thing is the same.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


That's exactly how it goes. Wait til you get your very own fake profile. Then you know you've really made it.

caralw said...


I think the book referenced in the post is a potential tell-all by Todd, not the one claiming Palin had an affair with the basketball player.

Anyway, I understand that you see a double standard in how the media has reacted to Tyson vs others. I still don't see how that is relevant to whether or not anyone here likes or dislikes Palin or to the topic at hand.


RocketQueen said...

Fair enough, MacVixen ;)

mzmarymac said...

@cara-the post did reference the book (ala snorting coke off of oil barrels,etc...) and certainly understand people not liking Palin. She's a big girl and can defend herself just fine. Me...I happen to like her. But that's jsut me. I don't agree with everything she says, but I look up to women with a lot of guts. Hey...I even look up to Hillary Clinton even though I don't agree with a lot of what she stands for either.

Jolene Jolene said...

Ah, okay. Sorry mzmary, I took it as the Mike Tyson/Christian bashing as related.

Well, I don't think Mike Tyson's comments were about race or faith, probably why people aren't making a big deal about it. Once you cross those lines people are up in arms. What he said was nasty and disgusting and inappropriate, but it was basically about Sarah Palin getting it in with a black man. I don't see the harm. :) HA! See how desensitized we are now? Wow...

Rita said...

I see Texshan was not able to stay away from fighting others for one full day. Eh, what can you do. Hope tv soothes her persecuted-misunderstood soul.

As for the book I was originally posting about, it was the one where Levy Johnson gives his side of the story. In it, he explains that every time he went to the Palins, the parents did not interact at all. Which to me, in concordance with Enty's post, would give reason to why Todd is asking for divorce, and Sarah not running for President.

Maja With a J said...


I just want to keep laughing at the "coke off of oil barrels" accusation. That is just one of the most amazing things I have ever heard!

bluebonnetmom said...

There is some serious ugliness on here today. : (

Jeri said...

Sarah Palin always brings out these types of comments. I think it is her gift that she has trained for.

That is not a compliment.

libby said...

Thank you Rita.

Also, Sarah will never run for President 'for real'. It's the Gingrich model: keep your name out there, constantly threaten to run, and you can live off contributions for the rest of your life. As well as t.v. appearances, speeches, books---you just have to make a bunch of noise every 4 years, like a political cicada.

Oh! And it's hypocrite bashing, not Christian-bashing. So few people follow what Jesus actually taught, and instead follow the Church of ME. They're EVERYWHERE, often the majority in a community, and I'll bash them all week.

RocketQueen said...

Lol Maja. I'm with you on that one. GOLD. BLACK gold, I guess.

Lelaina Pierce said...

Not surprising, if proven true. I think it got to the "enough is enough" point a LONG time ago.

I don't see him writing a book, though. If the cover is as amazing as Levi's, I may consider buying it. ;)

Sherry said...

Wow it's true what mama said,NEVER talk about religion or politics in public. (sidesteps to avoid any further landmines..)

surfer said...

Speaking of Sarah Palin, maybe someone can enlighten me.

As a Canadian, I'm curious about something. What happens to all the money she has raised for (towards?) her Sarah PAC, if she decides not to run? Is she allowed to hold on to it, possibly for a future run, or is she legally obligated to turn it over to someone, or the Republican party?

Linnea said...

Yeah, the image of them doing coke in the middle of nowhere is just... hilarious, and seems to be nothing more than a fantasy made up by that new author. He seems like a piece of work. No matter how I feel about Palin, I don't trust anything that is in that book.

As for religious, sexist, racist etc bashing - I think there is a big difference between criticizing something people ARE and something people CHOSE TO BELIEVE. Those are different things.

You cannot chose your race, gender or sexual orientation (at last that is what I believe) but you can chose your religion and your ideology. And questioning that needs to be OK. Please not that I did not say that name-calling or "bashing" is alright, but questioning.

Maidstone said...

Wait - did "Ida Blankenship" turn into "mzmarymac"?

They both write WAY TOO MUCH in their posts.

Get your own blog to write your long ramblings and remember "less is more".

Shen said...

I am a long time lurker of this blog. I have posted occasionally. One such time was on an "Old Hollywood" thread (or one pertaining to books?) where I recommended the book by Ed Schulberg, "What Makes Sammy Run?" But that is neither here nor there.

After reading some of these comments that steer into the arena of criticizing Christians, let me state as a native Californian who has lived and worked in East Asia as well as had the opportunity to be a student in Paris in 1992 (and traveled throughout Europe and North America at that time), it has been my observation that far too many in the Occident relish the idea of focusing only upon the few rabid (or zealous) minority who state they're Christian and pivot to lambast all Christians with a negative label.

I've met women from Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries who witnessed to me (in bad, garbled English) the hope they found in the Nazarene (Jesus) and utilized that hope to escape truly despicable and deplorable societal conditions. Jesus and Christianity made them realize they were human beings who should be respected. Period. Those were some of the most spiritual and good hearted people I've encountered who happened to be...Christian.

And, not to brag but just to validate how I came to my conclusion, I'm now working on my third U.S. passport. So, I'm talking more than a dozen or even hundreds of people who count Christianity as a faith encompassing saving grace.

Shen said...

Part II
Whatever anyone believes or respects, please note: The faith that was founded (for better or worse) in his name (Jesus), to millions of Chinese, Malays and others, the words and core beliefs that formulate Christianity, encouraged these women to seek freedom and basic human rights. In China people even emphatically claim that Jesus is for labor unions (quite creative, I know, but still it connotes engaging in basic, human decency).

Jesus to a vast majority in this world provided (and continues to provide) them with a dignified and humane example to live by (as well as demand) respect for their person and others around them. It truly is disturbing how myopic the U.S. can be when it comes to Christianity. I love my country and have experienced what it is to live in another nation as a woman of color. Women, minorities and whatnot simply DO NOT HAVE much liberty in the rest of the world when compared to the U.S. I'm speaking upon the majority not places such as Canada and Scandinavia. Keep in mind, China and India alone is comprised of billions of people so, just starting from there, you can see much of humanity does not live in the West and are afforded liberties and freedom of thought.

Speaking of Gandhi (who wasn't a Christian), he revered the words of Jesus and said he relied upon them as well as other humane and just examples in order to peacefully free his nation from the British Empire. Dr. MLK utilized Gandhi's actions and paired them with the core principles of Christianity in order to achieve desegregation in the U.S.

People can bash Christianity and parade around those who have little to nothing in common with what the Christian faith purports all they want. It is your right. But, please realize Jesus and Christianity has liberated far too many in the past and present for me to idly sit by and observe both being thrashed and degraded. Words are easy to use when insulting a concept (be it spiritual or otherwise). I find it ignorant at least and at the most, plain vile behavior. Never would I wish to denigrate something that has saved millions from mistreatment and outright slavery.

I suggest people travel or read as much as they can from many different sources in order to gain a more astute insight into the major world religions. Funny, how Buddha and Jesus are the MOST CONSISTENT about liberation, equality and evolving through spiritual enlightenment. Buddha, though, did not want people to follow his lead. Jesus on the other hand urged individuals to follow his example (not worship him, mind you). Of course you have Lao Tzu and others but, when it comes to spiritually evolving, the two best examples tend to be Buddha and Jesus. The reasons are far too lengthy to divulge in this post and not for this forum. It is a gossip site. Nonetheless, I felt a need to add my voice and a different perspective pertaining to this subject matter.

Shen said...


Don't take my word for it, travel and live in other countries and meet these people face-to-face. Until then, realize that to only look in the Western hemisphere in order to critique Christianity makes you look puerile and quite myopic as well as foolish.

Sarah Palin and me are exact opposites when it comes to the political spectrum. But, my position holds the same for most politicians and those in leadership roles in the U.S. today. The former governor is a woman, like me, and it's very sick to see people bash her solely on her gender. Her beliefs and policies merely seem to provide window dressing (or some sick cover deigned an excuse) to a deep seated hatred of the woman. I do not get it. I hope it's not contagious. I can disagree with another person's policies but never do I wish to sink so far as to attack a person merely due to their political affiliation, gender or ethnicity. You can choose a faith (and barring gender due to modern science) you cannot choose your DNA.

Apologies in advance for the rather long-ish and sorta disjointed post. But, I was compelled to at least make a surface comment after reading some of the above commentary. I'm neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I'm an Independent who loves my nation and is deeply disturbed to see the current, ignorant and vicious polarization occurring in the Western world's political arena.

In the end, we are all human beings. It would be quite refreshing if more of us learned to merely respect each other as sentient beings and judge a person through their actions. And, I mean genuine action not a maliciously fabricated perception. In the end, we're all we have. And, from what I've seen in the world thus far: God help us all. The irony to all this? I do not belong to a church family but admire and am learned enough to appreciate that Jesus and the words attributed to him have liberated untold numbers throughout history thus far. Remember, there's a difference between religion and spiritual. One is man-made while the other is divine.

Shen said...

Again, apologies for the lengthy posts as I'm sure I will offend those such as Maidstone.

There are some subject matters though that require background validation before "blindly" stating a point. Bashing women or someone due to their religion is such a time. I find most who deplore Sarah Palin to do so in a blind fashion without ever having met the woman in person.

surfer said...

@maidstone - lol, I wondered the same thing.

And hotcargirl - I think the reason people feel the way they do about Sarah P. is because, let's face it, she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. It has nothing to do with her being a woman or having faith.

Shen said...

Thanks, surfer. She might not be too intellectual yet some of those who criticize her go well into the territory of misogyny.

In West Hollywood, someone hung a life size doll of Sarah Palin in effigy for Halloween in 2008. It was outside his house as a joke. There was only minimal protest to his act. I find lynching someone in effigy totally unnecessary. Personally, I wish people would stop talking about the woman and she'd just fade away from the public arena. There's far too much going on in the world to keep revisiting her trials and tribulations. She's ubiquitous in the most unnecessary manner. Take for instance on this blog, I want to read about entertainment gossip not the former governor.

Snakeoiler said...

I read enough of this thread to know that I didn't want to read the rest. Too much ad hominem/feminam.

Why is the National Enquirer being trumpeted as if it's a beacon of reliable journalism? I'll believe that he is filing for divorce when the papers are filed.

brakewater said...


A PAC is a political action committee that anyone can start. The money can be distributed to anyone they choose (with federal limitations). Palin PAC has been raising and giving money since the 10 elections, when the GOP rolled over, I'm sorry, in the words of Obama, "shellacked" the Democrats in the House.

I'm not here to defend Palin, but your representation of Palin as not the sharpest tool leads me to believe you are reading the typical liberal / MSM reports. Don't believe what your read. Watch and listen.

Texshan - I wish I had your back, but I'm out of this. Palin on this site is a celebrity worth bashing, and most internet trolls are liberal.

Too bad Obama didn't get this scrutiny in 08. But the liberal / media (but I repeat myself) were bound to protect him. Reverend Wright - who? Bill Ayers - who?

surfer said...


Thanks for the explanation. I find American politics fascinating, as it's very different from the Canadian way. You said she's been raising and giving away money since the '10 elections - why would she give away (her) money if she might run?

And you're right, I am a liberal. But I'm also a news junkie, so I read lots and sometimes even watch **cough, cough** Fox. You know what they say...the more you know.

brakewater said...

@ surfer the point of PACs is to support candidates you like. Palin isn't going to sit on money when she is not running. She is a great fundraiser, which is why she created a PAC. She also has her own fundraising bucket, I am sure. I don't know enough to know if you can't fund yourself from your own PAC.

Since Citizens United ruling by SCOTUS, private corporations have easier definitions to donate to candidates. Most corps have PACs.

for sourcing, from a legitimate news source :)


caralw said...

Didn't the NE break the John Edwards affair/"love child" story? Not sure I buy this one, but who knows?

My dislike of Palin has nothing to do with her gender. Quite frankly, I am tired of that accusation being used to defend her.

mooshki said...

Wow, this thread is full of fail. I hate Sarah Palin not because she is a woman, or a "Christian" (I personally don't believe she has any true Christian values), but because I believe she is a horrifically destructive force on our country.

This paranoia and willful misunderstanding of what people are saying is typical for Tea Party supporters. It's appalling.

Jasmine said...

^^^THIS. 100% THIS Mooshki!

Also, wanted to say that I have felt some of the things people throw at Palin have been misogynistic BUT it's SOOOOOO hard for me to muster up the strength to care. Because when it comes to this woman, she is certainly (in my opinion) not someone I would call on team female. She is for the traditional family (which harkens back to rigid gender roles of the old) she wants to abolish a woman's right to choose...etc.

I remember thinking how shitty it was when it looked like she might win office a few years ago with McCain. How bittersweet (but mostly bitter) it would be to finally have a woman in the White House who went so totally against the feminist woman's agenda~

Jasmine said...

btw- I meant I've seen people display misogynistic feelings towards Palin from other places, didnt mean here on CDAN...

mazemerizing said...

I find it interesting that most of the people (not necessarily on this site) who defend Sarah Palin and feel like she is being bashed unfairly because she is a woman and a Christian are the same people who bash the female and Christian Hillary Clinton on a regular basis. I think Sarah has made it as far as she has because she is a woman. If John McCain and the Republican Party weren't so quick to assume Obama would pick Hillary as his running mate, and rushed to find a female VP candidate, Sarah would never have become so visible. For some, pretty, charming, conservative female politician = harmless. Intelligent, shrewd, not so attractive, liberal female politician = scary.

@ Maidstone: LOL

ms snarky said...

I think Sarah Palin is an idiot. Genuinely not intelligent, an embarrassment to our gender (heck, to the human race), not moral on any level, and an outright liar. As @Patty said at the top of this queue, thanks, John McCain. Thanks so very much for making Sarah Palin famous and wealthy. I just wish she would disappear back into whatever hole she crawled out of.

surfer said...

Very well said Ms. Snarky, Mazemerising, Jasmine & Mooshki. I wasn't interested in getting drawn into a back & forth On SP, but you all pretty much nailed it.

mzmarymac said...

I have only one last thing to state about the Sarah Palin matter and then I'll go away, as my thoughts have obviously sparked a lot of controversy.

I understand that not everyone is a fan and many hate her policies and views-understood. However, I think what has made her so popular is the fact that no candidate, particularly on the left, has ever been so meliciously attacked, maligned, dismissed, ridiculed and hunted down as Sarah Palin. It was vile and unvelievable to watch and to see the glee so many had at watching this. The left wing media MADE Sarah Palin! They made her into a cause and media darling. The more they attacked her, the more she rose above it and the more she became popular, the more frustrated and perverse they came.

I mean-we had one guy MOVE IN NEXT DOOR TO HER so that he can write a salacious book, make money and be celebrated in the media. I guarantee that if Sarah Palin had a D in front of her name, she would be celebrated like there is no tomorrow and we wouldn't really know or care about her daughter, or her college years, or her ridiculous excuse for an almost son-in-law.

More than any of her views, I like Sarah Palin for her moxie. She is a survivor and has risen above all of the media attacks and become one of the most famous and powerful women on the planet-and she's not even holding nor officially seeking political office!!! Dumb??? Really???? Hardly! SP is my hero!

Jolene Jolene said...

mzmarymac, you have officially gone off the reservation.

Texshan said...

Rita, I am pretty excited! I didn't realize that a "pathetic shrew" like me had the power to drive people away from the blog! I hope I can use my newly discovered talent for evil and not for good.

If my memory serves (and you know how iffy that can be for an "old hag"), you were the one a few weeks ago who was advocating speech laws in this country in order to "protect" people from hateful speech. Yet you have no problem calling me names that many people would consider hateful. Hmmm ...

My arguments with people on this blog (which I can count on one hand, so you must not be able to count very high) have primarily occurred when they have made sweeping generalizations about huge groups of people they know nothing about, i.e., "Conservatives are all racists," or "Christians are stupid." It pisses me off when people write things like this, and it shows how blind and ignorant they are. They purport to know how people feel, when they really have no idea. I am going to call people out on this if I feel like making the effort. If you don't like it, tough. If you don't want to be challenged, then I invite you to go post on Democratic Underground or whatever. I don't care one way or another.

Also, I am the complete opposite of "narrow minded" because I get annoyed when people try to lump everyone together in one group. I realize and celebrate the fact that everyone is different. Not all Christians are bigots (in fact, most aren't), not all Democrats are pro-choice, etc. I am trying to get people to realize that no one agrees on everything, and that's great. I don't demand everyone agree with me on everything. But I do demand that they not tell me how I think and feel. How is that narrow minded?

I comment on this board all of the time, and most of it is about stupid stuff like what some starlet is wearing. So yes, I frequently go "one full day without bashing someone's beliefs or misconstruing their opinion." I find it hilarious that you are accusing me of doing that, when in fact when I get into discussions here, it is usually BECAUSE someone has been bashing my beliefs and misconstruing my opinions.

So, Rita, go ahead and continue to call me nasty names if it makes you feel better about yourself. It just shows me that you can't argue the validity of your points, so you have to fall back on insults.

And Brakewater, we're still cool. I don't care one way or another about Sarah Palin.

mzmarymac said...

@Jamee-why do you say that? Oh well-can't please em all.

Barton Fink said...

As a celebutard, Palin does her job well enough. I can see that people would admire her, if they didn't care about intelligence, or honesty, or morals, or decency, or anything. And that's a huge slice of rightwing America, people who have never held a job for more than a year and whose educational accomplishments are, well, you know. Palinesque.

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