Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Kyle Richards helps Camille Grammer celebrate her birthday while half naked men watch over them.
Lisa Vanderpump was there with Giggy.
And Paul and Adrienne were there too. Did Paul get some plugs?
Not getting any plugs yet is Hank Baskett who had nothing better to do yesterday so went with Kendra Wilkinson to her interview with Mario Lopez.
Liam Neeson is meeting lots of new friends lately.
Maggie Gyllenhaal got her own milk commercial. She is not the person I would think of for one.
Marisa Tomei with her serious, I have not found the bar yet look.
Nathan Fillion gets help with carrying his bags, because you know, he is a star. They don't do those kinds of things.
The New York City Ballet brought out some stars last night. Stella McCartney, Naomi Watts, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Seinfeld.
Liv Tyler looking gorgeous was there too.
Ditto Paul McCartney and his wife to be Nancy Shevell.
Oh yeah, one of your favorites, Christopher Meloni was also there.
Is Shanna Moakler quoting a price here or going to eat the chip?
Notice how all the crew manages to take their break right when Sofia Vergara arrives.


Rita said...

Saw Sophia's interview yesterday on Letterman. She usually is amazing, but yesterday Letterman didn't give her a chance. Although earlier on his interview with the decorated Marines was exceptionally great.

On a less serious note, Liam Neeson. The manliest man I've ever seen!

chopchop said...

Can Camille even blink? And, Adrienne, just because your husband is a plastic surgeon doesn't mean you must use the family discount for surgery. Your face looks ridiculous.

figgy said...

I love love love Sofia Vergara! She is just so appealing, and of course high-larious on Modern Family. Why, I must say I have quite the celebrity girl crush on her! ;-P I just HOPE she is actually a nice person, please.

@Rita, rumor has it that Mr. Neeson is also extremely gifted, um, down blow. As in ginormous schlong. So he's got that goin' for him. Which is nice.

RocketQueen said...

My bf met Liam Neeson outside a steakhouse here in Van last year. The man likes his booze ;)

Mmmm Meloni...

I think Naomi looks WONDERFUL. Love that outfit.

The constant digs by Enty about Marisa always looking for a bar amuse me ;)

MISCH said...

I can't stand Jessica Seinfeld....just the sight of her makes me crazy.
Stella did the costumes for her dads ballet.
Isn't Liam engaged ?

nunaurbiz said...

Paul MyLastNameIsSoNotMaloof looks like he has lost a lot of weight, too! I never thought he looked attractive, but, um he does there!

Cranberry Girl said...

Since when did Nathan Fillion have guns like that?? He looks a lot beefier in that picture than I've ever seen him.

Cancan said...

Sir Paul composed the ballet and Stella did the costumes - please give them their due credit!

Patty said...

Jessica Seinfeld. Star. Really???

Can't stand her either.

Rita said...

Figgy - I beliieeeeve you. Just look at the size of his hands, feet, AND nose. Expect nothing less (tihi) of him!

Texshan said...

You mean Jessica "I left my husband of three weeks after meeting the richer, famous Jerry Seinfeld at my gym" Seinfeld? Yeah, she sucks. And she plagiarized those stupid cookbooks she has.
SJP looks like she really needs to go potty. And Stella M. appears to be wearing pool flip flops. Stylin'.
I really, really missed Meloni on L&O:SVU Wednesday.
Figgy, I have heard the same re: Neeson. Apparently that horsefaced Julia Roberts told everyone about it when they were hooking up 20 years ago.

Cathy said...

Is that a reveal for Shanna?

Danielle said...

Umm since when did Nathan Fillion get so JACKED!? lol.. I get of liked him before..

Danielle said...

And does SJP have to pee or something? Why such a ridiculous stance?

califblondy said...

I think SJP looks pretty good here, too bad for Mrs. Jerry, wow, that haircut is horrible.

Liv's dress is just a tad too low cut; wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen.

Liam looks tanked.

libby said...

I think we can ALL agree about Jessica Seinfeld. Total low-down skank move on her ex. It's not like her former hubby was POOR either. Just not Seinfeld money.

She not only plagiarized, but when she got caught, she sent her popular & famous hubby out to slander the author she stole from!

jen said...

Is Shanna Moakler quoting a price here or going to eat the chip?

OK for what blind is that a reveal? Anyone?

Momster said...

I am seeing some ugly-ass outfits on women who should know better. Someone shoulda told Liv to wear something over her slip! :)

B626 said...

Don't you dare critisize my beautiful albeit slightly chubby Nathan Fillion. I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason for his 'helper' to be there with her hot pink phone skin.

firebugDVM said...

Oh, I want to hear the Shanna reveal too :)

ecua said...

Isn't Liam Neeson a recovering alcoholic? If so, time to seek help again...

Is Maggie Gyllenhaal pregnant?

I love Christopher Meloni. I really hope he's a kind and standup kind of guy.

Unknown said...

Jesus, almost half those 'celeb' photos are of stupid reality whores. This makes me sad and mad at the same time. Raise the damn bar America!!!!

Monty said...

Paul got married again? I must have missed that.
Also, agreed on Seinfeld's wife not being a star. I get the feeling that it is a set up for a future or current blind. Anyone else?

lutefisk said...

Jessica Seinfeld did leave her husband on their honeymoon for Jerry, but they have been together since then. They also have three kids. I kind of like them together. They do a lot of charitable work. She may not be the nicest person out there but I could think of a lot worse than her.

Henriette said...

I've always thought Jerry Seinfeld was a jerk. He is really mean in his interviews, so I hope Jessica treats him like dirt. I think their marriage is solid since they are both a-holes.

I miss Meloni on SVU. It's not the same without him. The premiere brought back Linus Roche from the mother ship and he stated there was a new DA. That means Sam Waterson is not the DA. I was hoping he would make an appearance. I hope Vincent Di Orfino makes a cameo too.

Sylvia said...

I am going to miss Meloni too. Really liked him on SVU. It was sad to see his partner crying when she heard he resigned.

I can't stand Sofia Vergara. I like Modern Family just can't stand her at all.

Karmen said...

Wow, I have (virtually) the same dress as Shannah Moakler, but mine's much more modest looking.

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