Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmy Award Photos Part Three

Gretchen Mol
The Goopster ( bottom 5)
Heidi Klum & Seal
Hugh Laurie
Nina Dobrev (top 5) & Ian Somerhalder
Jane Krakowski
Jane Lynch
Jennifer Carpenter
Jeremy Piven
Justin Mikita and Jesse Tyler Ferguson


Susan said...

Jane Krakowski looks like she went GTL with the Jersey Shore crew.

Gwyneth looked HORRID!!! I was shocked by her ensemb. Tragic.

Gretchen Mol looks gorg.

MISCH said...

Jane Krakowski ..looked like Lindsay Lohan, I did a double take...

Gretchen Mol sure comes back from baby making fast...looks fantastic

parissucksliterally said...

I am in the minority, But I like Gwyneth's look.

mikey said...

Gweneth could have done something with her hair.

Heidi's dress looks like formal dresses my mom wore in the 50's.

Uhhhh... said...
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BrandieMarie said...

@parissucksliterally - kind of liked her outfit too. but i like unique.

Anonymous said...

I don´t understand Gwyneths look. She has a slim figure, but the outfit gives her a muffin top.

jmid said...

I have to be awful for a second. I like Heidi Klum, and I am ok with her dress BUT... the ruffle think at the bottom of it kinda reminds me of the cauliflower like clusters that you are suppose to look out for with STD's and what not. It kind of looks like a fungus or something. I def DONT like Seal with the exposed chest and greasy.

ms snarky said...

Some site said Heidi was channelling a mushroom cloud. When I saw the hem of the dress, that remark became hilarious.

trashtalker said...

Goop's dress was shockingly bad. She isn't curvy at all, so the overemphasis on her midriff made her look stocky. I can't believe she chose that dress.

I thought Martha Plimpton looked really nice. I usually don't like Zac Posen dresses. They often are kind of sack-like and don't flatter the figure (I didn't like Kristin Wiig's dress).

Anonymous said...

Gretchen looked GOOD! Very classy.

When GOOP tries to look edgy it fails miserably.

JJ said...

The Piv is nearly unrecognizable.

jen said...

Gwyneth's dress looks CHEAP. i don't mean slutty hehe, I mean it looks like she ran to the mall & bought something at one of those here-today-gone-tomorrow dress shops. Cheap & shoddy. And totally unflattering.

Jennifer Carpenter looks like she's put on weight. She's still super thin of course, but she no longer looks like she's days away from death. She looks great.

Miss X said...

Jennifer Carpenter looks amazing. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm surprised she isn't in the Top 5.

Jane Lynch looks akward in a dress. Don't get me wrong, I think she's very funny and great in everything she does.

RocketQueen said...

There was a lot of orange skin last night.

Seal and Heidi - no. Just no. Both of you. Still love ya though!

I agree that when Goop was presenting, she looked like she had a muffin top.

MadLyb said...

I agree with you @Susan and @MISCH -When you start being mistaken for White Oprah or her look-alike spawn, it is time to run to your stylist STAT and demand a new look.

Jennifer Carpenter looks fabulous! Julia Stiles looks great, too, but I think Jennifer should've made it to the top 5 instead.

Momster said...

I think Gwyneth's dress would have looked better as a one-piece. The midriff, yuck.

Heidi, the supermodel who could wear anything, wears the cabbage patch dress. Looks like a bad prom photo.

Love the color on Jane Lynch, but the bodice doesn't look right.

Sylvia said...

Gretchen very niceeee.

FishStick, Yuckkkkkkk. Sorry but I have never considered her a fashion dresser at all. She might be slim but does not know how to dress for her body.

Heidi, Yuckkkkkk

Nina D. looks cute and sexy.
Is she and Somerhalder dating???

Jennifer C. looks very nice. Good that she gained some weight looks better than before.

Maja With a J said...

Jennifer C - well, you know what they say...looking great is the best revenge ;)

ForSure said...

My favorite comment last night 'why is there a giant fish swimming up Paltrow's dress to her crotch?' That dress did not flatter her all.

I like Heidi Klum's dress, but only on her. No one else on the planet could pull that off, Christian Siriano truly designed it just for her.

Chrissy Buns said...

ok, i have to say this...from the neck down, Jennifer Carpenter is TOTALLY GORGEOUS! but she looks like a man in the face to me. ok, now i feel like a jerk *slinks off to the corner*

KellyLynn said...

Gretchen Mol looks beautiful, with an awesome dress and a great body. If the blinds are true, it's a shame.

Goopy is kind of orange-y and the dress is kind of hoochie-y. Judging by the past few times I've seen her on the red carpet, she's in no position to be giving style advice to anyone.

Heidi's best accessory is her husband. The dress reminds me of a tree with mushrooms on it.

Hugh Laurie is awesome, but he's wearing the same tie as nearly everyone else.

I love Nina's dress. The only thing I love about Jane's dress is that it's not so low-cut as to make her look droopy. I think the orange needs to go away, too.

Jane Lynch looks lovely, but the dress seems a little bland.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is the only bowtie I've seen that doesn't look like the rest. He and Justin are so adorable, though.

SkittleKitty said...

All I can focus on when I look at Jennifer Carpenter is her very fake-looking boobs. Too much gap between them. And I rather agree with Chrissy Buns regarding above the neck. Sorry to JC fans.

Jane K. needs to lay off the tanner, definitely.

Jasmine said...

I LOVED that the instant I saw Goops dress it looked like she hap a bulging midsection! I take delight in any imperfection she exhibits so I was a happy camper last night.

Even if Seal looks slightly douchetastic here, when he walked up with Heidi to be interviewed on the red carpet he looked SMOKIN'...just really sexy and suave and his chest is chiseled to hell and back. I didnt think Heidi's dress was that bad either....

So glad Jenn Carpenter gained some weight, it looks good on her. Hope her boobs arent as fake as they look here.... and she does look eons better than Stiles, fur sure

Jasmine said...


Lori said...

Jennifer Carpenter does look better with some extra weight, but she still looks like a man in the face...

Goopy looks like she's stuck in the 90's with the lace and bare midriff...

ardleighstreet said...

Heidi's dress looks like a "fancy" square dancing dress.

Anonymous said...

Silvia, yes, Nina and Ian are dating. But they're being fake coy about it.

I don't hate Goopy's dress in theory, but the two-piece style is beyond tacky. If it had been a one-piece, I would have actually liked it. As it is, it emphasizes that she has no waist whatsoever. Which isn't surprising -- have you seen that piece of elf beef jerky Tracy Anderson, her exercise guru? She's built like a fun-size Goopy -- thin, but absolutely straight up and down. No curves at all, not even at the waist.

I thought Gretchen was beyond boring.

Heidi's dress looked like a bleached coral reef.

Re: Jane, when are designers going to realize that ALL strapless gowns need to have a built-in bustier, so the girls don't drop down to your waist?

And Jennifer. I wish she had done something to her hair. And I HATE when women pose with their leg sticking out the slit of their dress. It looks really awkward and fake.

Lelaina Pierce said...

I thought Goopy's dress looked better on TV.

I don't hate Heidi's dress. I like the STD ruffle.

Moonmaid said...

Gretchen Mol looks fantastic here.

Jeri said...

Nina & Ian both looked great. I like them as a couple. Their close scenes in VD do not look like acting.

Pretty much agree with everyones comments.

Would love to see Goops face if/when she hears the muffin top comments. Her body is her lifes work.

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