Monday, September 19, 2011

Marc Anthony Cries On Stage - Reunites With Jen For Birthday

I still cannot figure out if the tears were real, or Marc Anthony is a good enough actor, but over the weekend at a concert he broke down in tears when the audience wished him happy birthday. Later in the night when his oldest daughter wheeled him out a birthday cake he did not cry. His tears also did not stop his performance. Later in the weekend, Jennifer Lopez flew down to Miami with the twins and everyone spent all weekend together. I think they might actually get back together. At this point if Jennifer moves on then I think there really is a great chance she will attempt to push past Elizabeth Taylor in the number of marriages. I think they will just come quick. For his part, Marc must look at the mirror everyday and realize that he looks like a live action version of Skeletor and come to his senses. Plus, is Jennifer really Scientology? Are the kids never going to see Marc again?


Rita said...

I say run for your life Jen! Whether you like her as a diva or whatever, any woman deserves better then that life-sucking cheater.

Does not make a difference to me if she's into Scientology; she would actually fit perfectly with the rest of the divas in that cult.

RocketQueen said...

So he's giving the coke up again, then?

Jeri said...

Marc has big money problems too. He may have been hoping for some help there but not if there is a divorce.

He left his 1st wife pretty quickly and didn't look back. A little bit of karma there.

Robert said...

"...So tune in next week for another exciting episode of..."

Henriette said...

JBlow NEVER looks back! Except for that first hubby who keeps trying to make money off her. Just ask Cris Judd. I think Judd was the best of her husbands and near husbands. I always thought she wanted to be the next Liz Taylor. I wouldn't be surprised if she actually had more marriages than her.


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