Wednesday, July 10, 2013

If Dating Was Like MySpace


Pink Picklegoo said...

Someone watch this and tell me if I should.

L said...

this gave me the sads... so it was like MySpace.

crila16 said...

I don't get the whole point of it.

Goodnight said...

How was that anything like myspace other than someone tracking you down who you used to know? That shit actually happens irl so it's kind of pointless.

L said...

The guy is MySpace
The girl represents all the users who used to use MySpace and moved on to Facebook, and other social media

Users broke up with MySpace for cooler platforms - MySpace laid forgotten until many artists and bands started using it for their music and art.. so now MySpace is sort of relevant again in an indie kind of way (when they guy says: i am friends with a lot of musicians etc)
but this is not enough to lure back the users who would be embarassed to be seen on MySpace again.

At least this is how I interpreted the allegory

C'estMoi said...

Thank you L, 'cause I didn't get it at all!

Maybe it should've been labeled "If MySpace Was Like Dating" or something like that.


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