Monday, June 12, 2017

Blind Item #1

If you are looking for a reason for that upcoming divorce between the model and the businessman, it is because he could not stop cheating. The same thing happened while they were dating.


Tricia13 said...

ElleMcPherson/Jeff Soffer

Simon said...

Gee, wonder who this Is? Lol

david said...

I would have gotten this immediately if Enty had used the adjective 'sleazy' in front of businessman.
(Think Fontainebleau Las Vegas.)
(My wife's company lost a lot of $$$'s for the work she did on that project and didn't get paid. Plus, all the other companies that went under caused by the BK.)

The Donald said...

How could anyone get sick of her. 50+ and still an 11.

police dog said...

billionaires dont need to commit to one woman. they can have literally any woman they want. why would they want a former supermodel who is now middle-aged? seriously....he can get a young 20something with a hot face & body. nobody, unless they have a thing for older women, would go out of there way to f/ck an older woman, even if she was once a model. youth is what gets them going. even if you look good for your age, you're still old and thats a bonerkiller

Patrick said...

This could be Krupa and her rando husband.

NYC chick said...

Not all wealthy people cheat. Clear by your judgey attitude that:
1. if you are married or in a relationship, it's with someone very unattractive on the inside and outside
2. your bone needs help and probably has for a long time
3. you have never known true love
4. you are a sad person


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