Thursday, June 15, 2017

Phish Drummer Wins City Council Election

Phish's drummer has been elected to his Maine town's Board of Selectmen.

Jon Fishman will fill one of two open board seats on Lincolnville's five-seat board after winning Tuesday's nonpartisan election. He and his wife, Briar, have five children and have lived in the seaside town for the past decade.

Fishman will take a seat on the board alongside Josh Gerritsen, a filmmaker, who also was a top vote getter.

Fishman received 356 votes; Gerritsen received 370.


sandybrook said...

They should enjoy seven or eight hour CC meetings?

Essca said...

what's phish?

I'm not old enough to know I guess

say what said...

Nice guys from the Phish band. I was lucky enough to party w/ them after a NOLA show more than a decade ago...good guys..and interestingly enough...most of them were sober that night and really didn't partake in the craziness that went on until 8 a.m.

Sarah said...

I kind of love this. Phish is awesome!


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