Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

April 26, 2017

Who knew she was so anti, but this B+ list mostly television actress who also beards at the professional level yelled at a guy for smoking a joint so close to her this week. Apparently there were paps and she didn’t want it to look like she was smoking too.

Olivia Munn


sandybrook said...

Not that this means much but she's an Air Force kid, so she could be somewhat conservative in things she does and believes. Plus she's a health nut.

david said...

I don't blame her.
I'd yell at them, too.
I have a tenant that is threatening to leave a condo unit I own because the downstairs tenant smokes marijuana "a lot."
(It eeks up through the walls, etc into my unit.)
Anyway, I've complained to the HOA, but they give me the "we can't do anything about that" response.
My golf buddy attorney friend says once the tenant leaves, (breaks his lease) I will need to sue the HOA, the owner of the downstairs unit, and the marijuana smoking tenant.
He says the NV Law about "smoking medical marijuana in your home" is a weak, weak law.

police dog said...

I pot daily.

I would NEVER presume, in public (or even the privacy of my own home if I have guests) that somebody is okay with smoking in any form near them, whether pot or cigarettes, whatever. Just because she didn't want it in her vicinity doesn't make her a bad or rude (tho she is IRL, but not bc of this). Public is public, and it's important to be considerate to ALL people around you. Dont just assume its ok bc nobody speaks up.

anybody who smokes w/o consideration for others in public is just an asshole, point blank.

police dog said...

lol, omg. I meant to type I smoke pot daily* but my typo is almost better (at least hilarious)

police dog said...

ugh, an apartment complex is completely different than a private residence. Im sorry you are dealing with that! People who live in a building that is essentially communal (share vents/wires/etc) and other people should be considerate and NOT do that.

RenShaw said...

I lived in a complex where the next door people smoked pot. I couldn't come out the balcony because of the smell. While pot quells nausea for some people, it's the total opposite for me, terrible nausea and wanting to vomit, bad headaches. I avoided the smell but was relieved when they moved.

Phyllis Whitweed said...

In my apt complex in Cali, you can vape but not smoke. It's in the lease. I use a bag vaporizer for my medicine and have had no complaints.

AMartel said...

Some people just do not like the smell. Also, if it's rude to just start smoking in front of people how does that rule not include all kinds of smoking?

Anne said...

I don't want to be around pot smoke either

Jimbo said...

She's just uptight because she's never had a boyfriend who fucked her.

Frank said...

I'd tell her to "F off, beard." 😉

sd auntie said...

Thank you Phyllis, everyone should be as considerate as you. I cannot stand cigarette smoke and prefer the scent of Marijuana. I don't wheeze afterwards but do get the munchies aftetwards.

Andy said...

Enty Olivia Munn is NOT a B+ actress she is C+ at best most people do not know who she is.

TellMeLies said...

I'm going through the same bullshit with a new neighbor and their SKUNK WEED. I even get woken up in the middle of the night because the smell is going through the ventilation system or something. It makes me incredibly nauseated. I've told the landlord who SAYS they were being evicted, but nothing really happened. It's driving me CRAZY!

Dumblesnore said...

It would be nice if she wanted to be around a stylist or someone who would let her know that she is by far not as great as she appears to think she is. The paps have caught her in far worse situations... like the majority of her clothing for instance.


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