Thursday, June 15, 2017

Blind Item #5

With dad out of town, this one named singer was supposed to spend a lot of time time this week with her kid(s). Nope.


Tricia13 said...


AyyPapi said...

Endless Fergie blinds. Fantastic!


Suz said...

How could you not spend lots of time with A your only child and B the most adorable kid I've ever seen?!

police dog said...

well, you'd have to be Fergie who would kill a village to be in her 20s again.

she'd sell that kid on ebay if she could be young again.

LaSirene said...

She's probably trying to find the hole in his head to stick the straw through to suck up his youth like a juicebox

Barbara ackerman said...

Amelia Warner or millie


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