Thursday, June 15, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

April 26, 2017

At this point in her charity work, she has done so many events that the former flash in the pan from the flash of her legs A+ lister now says the same speech and just changes the disease and the name. She also likes the checks to be in five figures.

Sharon Stone


sandybrook said...

It's a job. Do you think Tony Robbins or any motivational speaker changes their set speech except for the place and day? They are just as useless as she is.

Nope said...

She's not a motivational speaker, these are charities that could probably use some of the money that they're paying her.

sandybrook said...

Sometimes she is if she's there to plug the good the charity does and they should give what they can afford. Also if she takes part in the charitable auction and urges the people to bid up. Some of these charities that pay these people to speak do so thinking that by having someone famous there speaking, will cause people to donate more. For example a veterans group paid ex-President Bush $100,000 to speak, and he brought in $2,500,000. So it worked for them.

Jessica said...

She's been raising incredible amounts for AmFar since the early 90's.

police dog said...

I know for a fact that she is a total bitch, but she is a total bitch AND does this so Im willing to be ok with it.

Unknown said...

She'd get six figures if she crossed and uncrossed her legs more.


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