Sunday, June 25, 2017

Blind Item #2

Our favorite former commercial actress/model/part-time really bad actress confronted her actor ex at a restaurant this week because she says he owes for the last two months they were together.


Do Tell said...

Kate Upton?

Lapsed Lurker said...

Charlotte McKinney?

sandybrook said...

Steven Dorff and Charlotte McKinney

Steve Dork said...

Why doesn't McKinney get a real job? The DM always shows her trolling around in public looking for her next John....excuse me...."boyfriend."

david said...

Hey, this reminded me of when, back in 1984, I went to Carlos & Charlies on Sunset (Is it still there?) and sat at the bar.
Sooner than later, a very, very gorgeous woman. (Way, way out of my league) sat next to me and ordered a drink.
Anyway, while she was getting her drink, I attempted to 'small' talk her.

(Very difficult given the guys that swarmed around her.)

She was a pleasant woman who knew that every horny guy's eyes in the place were all over her.

After a few sentences about her "acting" career and modeling, I said:

"What's it take for a guy like me to date a woman like you?"

Very nicely and matter-of-factly she said: $100,000.
I remember my surprise more than what I said.
Followed by, "I can't afford that."
She said, "I know."
Then, she left and I lost her in the mix of the crowd.

Oh, well.
Eventually, I realized that the right woman for me in Hollywood at that time was living in apartment right next door.

True story -- I never saw that woman ever again.

My apologies to the anonymous internet trolls who think this is too much about me!


Shut It Already said...

Proactively playing the victim as well as once again making it all about you. A two for one special.

sd auntie said...

Shut it needs to go back to bed. Rude aas

OKay said...

STFU, Shut It.

OKay said...

$100K in 1984? Jesus. I hope she had some special tricks for that kind of money!

sandybrook said...

I bet she did a lot of porn movies or worked full time in the Korean massage parlour down the street.?

Scandi Sanskrit said...

I like the stories users post here about themselves, including yours. Where did DianaVonThirstybird go? She also used to have old stories from the '60s.

cebii said...

she's only 23.


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