Monday, September 18, 2017

Blind Item #10 - Emmy Awards

Usually at something like this, the three named actress can usually be counted on for doing something strange or acting odd. I din't hear anything negative about her last night. I was not to be disappointed though because at an after party, the original crazy who the three named actress probably emulates was with her actor boyfriend. Granted, it was loud, but the original seemed to be talking in gibberish. People would ask her to repeat things, often four or times and then smile or grimace and walk away. Knowing her, it could be something she was doing to screw with people or it could have been meds because the actress is on a lot of them.


hothotheat said...

Evan Rachel Wood

Dena said...

Evan Rachel Wood and Anne Heche

childeroland said...

Overheard someone at a party who "might" have been talking gibberish and acting animated -- at a party? Kind of reaching there.

AprilInParis said...

Awwwwww not Anne Heche .... I read her book and my heart aches for her life. How she's still standing is truly remarkable.


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