Monday, September 18, 2017

Blind Item #12 - Emmy Awards

Earlier this year, this B+ list mostly television actor who has two or three shows going right now including a big Emmy winner from last night and a spinoff of a great show split from his wife. She got tired of all the women in his life. He was super creepy at this after party last night. He came with someone who moved on when she got hit on by someone younger and more famous. Our actor was listing the shows he is on when hitting on the women and using the most awful pickup lines.


meagan said...

Anthony Anderson from blackish

Brian said...

What other shows are he on and what was the big Emmy Black-ish won last night?

RJ said...

Anderson is also hosting a game show, and black-ish is getting a spinoff next season, although I doubt he'll be on it very much since it is mostly about his character's daughter at college. Plus, I don't think black-ish won anything last night. So he only sort of fits.

Beth said...

Adam Scott

Beth said...

Nevermind. He was there with his wife.

Jess Sayin said...

Gary Cole.

Recurring on "Veep" (big winner at the Emmys), does voice work for "Family Guy" (the Principal, other characters), and has done multiple episodes of "The Good Fight" (spinoff of "The Good Wife", where Cole also had appeared). People know who he is, but he's not playing any leads these days.

Lame that he's reduced to listing his credits when trying to pick up women. He should just make a "TPS report" reference and see if they get it.


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