Monday, March 12, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 4, 2018

We have always known this former A+ list rapper is an a-hole. The way he treats his kids and mothers of those kids should have shown that. He cares about nothing but himself and this week added a bunch of new haters to his long list of haters for his comments about a rival. There is no one who will want to work with our former A+ list rapper now.

50 Cent on his comments about Rick Ross



You are truly blessed to see this:
Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Rick Ross is literally the only rapper who’s gone unscathed by Curtis’s beefs.

Brayson87 said...

"You f*cked up. You f*cked up big time. You're incapable of running this shit. Sit your *fifty cent* ass down, before I make change."

I Come In Peace said...

It's all a publicity stunt! Relax folks. Officer Rickey, is getting ready to drop a CD, and Curtis helped with the hype!


Thursday November said...

Fiddy is like Asshat. Invested well, but then got too cocky and has since lost most of his big money, and now has to take what work he can get.

beebopcowboy said...

is 50 cent a top or bottom? hmmmm

americanpanda said...

@beebop i say bottom thats why he overcompensates by being such a tough guy on social media

BRAD PITT said...

50 cent was a drug dealer

once a dealer always a dealer

imo drug dealers are no better than pedophiles


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