Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Blind Item #13

It would have been too suspicious to have this person end up dead in a jail. Look for this family member of a mass murderer to end up dead within the next few weeks. No one wants him talking about where he got his child porn. 


Sass71 said...

Stephen Paddock's brother just got busted for it.

Rachewbacca said...

Stephen Paddock's brother.

MDAnderson said...

They just dropped the charges.

Sass71 said...

Isn't that interesting MD? Open Secret just tweeted that.

notthisagain said...

there is something really rotten behind the mandalay bay massacre.....

what are they not telling us.

Thonker said...

If this is true I'll be seriously spooked. Also what what is the source of the stuff?
Clintons? (just kidding but someone always has to mention them and create a mess)

Brayson87 said...

+1 everybody


MDAnderson said...

I just saw it on a website and then it disappeared. This stuff is fishy and creepy.

John the peon said...

check out Laura Loomer for all the Vegas shooting stuff

Amartel said...

Super weird.
The usual working theory is that Vegas does not need the bad publicity so there's been a lot of cover up and suppression of speculation but that's a transparently stupid theory. When you have 59 dead people shot down at a concert at your venue, the cat's pretty much out of the bag publicity-wise.
My working theory is that Paddock was known to the FBI, possibly even employed by the FBI, and they don't want to cop to their own incompetence.

SophiaPetrillo77 said...

Bye bye Bruce
reminds me of Dexter.. charges dismissed so he can be taken care of!
hard drive cleaned/missing (just like Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook)
Verrrry interesting, in my best Arte Johnson voice

totaji said...

Open Secret do a lot of reveals.

Unknown said...

Vegas shootings involve KSA. Some kind of coup attempt. The crown prince was in that hotel that night. There’s video footage of his armed to the teeth security detail escorting him through the lobby

Sook said...

This particular rabbit hole is very deep and very dark. Disturbing.

Amartel said...

Why would KSA give a shit about where this loser got his kiddie porn?
Always go with the least complicated explanation.
BTW, video of cops waiting outside shooter's hotel room door while he was still shooting. Who gave that order?

plot said...

"My working theory is that Paddock was known to the FBI, possibly even employed by the FBI"

Based on what? I'm not following the Madalay Massacre closely but I've read what I could about Paddock and didn't see a connection there.


Las Vegas has juked the stats of their violent crimes for a long ass time. You are on to something.

Jae Reekay said...

So this dude gets a case about child porn THROWN OUT of court???? what kind of shit is that???

Brayson87 said...

@Amartel, Probably wanted to make sure they got the right shooter.


Bob Loblaw said...

Talwaleed ordered a hit on MBZ in a coup attempt. The shooting was to create chaos and cover for the assassination. But they were thwarted. PMC’s may have stepped in.

Bob Loblaw said...

Alwaleed Bin Talal. Saudi swamp. Btw he got detained after this incident and had his assets stripped.

Bob Loblaw said...

He was most likely a spook that got set up

JT0130 said...

Where did he get it from?

plot said...


Thousands of Saudi princes have been detained this last year and had their assets stripped because the new King of KSA wants to consolidate power.

SophiaPetrillo77 said...

it wouldn't surprise me if this somehow trickles back to Brown..

Poor Mick said...

Do not check out Laura Loomer for anything.

Ghost said...

Laura Loomer is a proper loon. Awful woman.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

KSA are involved in a huge human trafficking ring. I'm assuming it would trace back to them.

Geeljire said...

You don't even know shit from your disability cheat couch

Geeljire said...


T. W. said...

Paddock needs to give names.

just sayin' said...

Following the conspiracy theory that Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal was connected to the Mandalay Bay shooting somehow, then George Nader's the logical guess for child porn supplier to Paddock's brother. But there are no credible news sources for this.

SophiaPetrillo77 said...

KSA was connected to Vegas, but Bruce had the child porn and sold meth and weed in LA.. they the most prominent drugs in the Philippines where Stephen's girlfriend Marilou hails from. Philippines is the number one global source of child porn.

Lexi said...

Before I saw this blind I saw the local news that charges were being dropped against the Vegas killers brother. My first thought was that it was wak as hell and something fishy had to be going on. There was some concern that tourism in Vegas would be affected but that hasn't seemed to be the case.

GoldCoastGirl said...

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so not a political person I simply find it interesting that everything links back to the Clintons, it’s kinda like a game of how far the separation is between anything villainous and that family..
Anywho.. KSA - Kingdom of Saudi Arabi donated $25 mill to the Clinton Foundation.
Wasn’t that mighty nice of them.. ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคฆ‍♀️

Related: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2016/jul/07/fact-checking-donations-clinton-foundation/

Also, been waiting for 4th of July forever it seems.. Bit of a tease living in the Future down here guys.. HURRY UP, it’s 4th of July here already! ๐Ÿ˜œ It’s like being awake at 3am when you’re little on Christmas morning and having to wait for everyone else to get up so we can have presents.. ๐ŸŽ ๐Ÿจ ๐ŸŽ x

plot said...


Now the Philippines angle is very interesting indeed! That GF, what is up with her?

We're not reading many larger exposes on this at all.

Geeljire said...

A Qatari fund has paid $600 million to become the sole owner of the Plaza Hotel.

The state-owned Katara Hospitality also owns the famed Savoy and the Connaught in London.

Katara purchased the 70 percent stake being sold by Sahara India Pariwar and a 5 percent stake owned by Sant Singh Chatwal, of Dream Hotel Management, which had operated the restaurants.

The fund also bought out the 25 percent stake owned by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal’s Kingdom Holding and Ashkenazy Acquisition, The Post has confirmed, thus settling a year-long high-stakes drama as the venture tried to assert its rights to own the iconic Midtown Manhattan hotel.

At the center of the drama was the stake owned by the prince and Ashkenazy, which allowed them to match any bona fide offer. Both exercised their rights in May after White City Ventures, the Dubai-based family office of Shahal Khan, and New York investor Kamran Hakim made a $600 million offer.

Geeljire said...

Shut the fuck up you retarded clown

plot said...

@Gold Coast

"I simply find it interesting that everything links back to the Clintons"

Isn't it all a little too convenient, though, for those who can't handle the complexity of investigation. Throw a Clinton label on it and call it solved!

$25 million from the Saudis is peanuts. Notice that there were many donors to the fund, not one individual Sud. The Suds have been trying for decades to rehab their reputation as gross human rights abusers and religious hypocrites. Not that the Suds will ever change internally, but externally they want to be seen as caring for the world. If the Clintons hooked into that, what's the flaw?

Not to say I trust the Clintons. I don't. I don't think they are good people and I don't think they take the interests of the average citizen seriously (favoring the rich and Wall Street.) I still voted for HRC, because what other choice did we have? The world would be a safer, better place and our country in a much better position if she had won, personal dislike aside.

Guesser said...

@plot, the pulse nightclub shooters Father was an FBI informant,that shooting should have been prevented. Why would it be a surprise to anyone if something similar occurred?

Geeljire said...

This is intensively retarded disinformation you pathetic Brockian cocksucker

Geeljire said...

Remember Hillary?
Plot doesn't care as long as sodomy is legal

Geeljire said...

Libya? Syria? Honduras? Iraq?
Who gives a shit, plot's self actualization as a worthless sodomite creep TRUMPS all.

Geeljire said...

Plot understands Hillary's Haitian orphan blood addiction, he's off that wagon

Geeljire said...

Plot defends Woody Allen and Roman Polanski's child rape any chance presented on CDAN

"Oh if only Hillary could have murdered more innocents the world would have been a safer place!"


Geeljire said...


Sounds like the Democrats' Dream America, you better be the first to sign up!

pegd said...

I had a relative of one of Bill C.'s mistress from his time in office tell me some tales about how they would fly him to her and at the same time fly Hilary out to her mistress. Pretty much every weekend.

Also had the relative of a former FBI agent tell me how a number of them were reassigned, demoted and lost security clearance in the late 80's because the were working on fraudulent loans in the south. Even the ones who didn't know the Clintons were attached to said loans.

DDonna Tarttty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BestMan said...

If you haven't followed, dont lean back in your computer chair pontificating that every one who has is crazy. That shit is one hell of a rabbit hole.

BestMan said...

Her Trump politics suck, and I hate the Dems, but her investigation on this was spot on.

BestMan said...

@Plot is a pedophile. I picked that up a while ago.

Sd Auntie said...

@notthisagain. That his mail order bride aided and abetted with the crime and had prior knowlege.

plot said...


"Plot defends Woody Allen and Roman Polanski's child rape any chance presented on CDAN"

Where? When?

Keep searching. You won't find it.

Guesser said...

I can't find any proof @plot specifically defended Woody and Roman,but do have much on her defense of George Nader,convicted of sexual assaults against 14 yr old boy(s),charged with intent to distribute Child pornography and swimming companion of former President Bill Clinton and Tony Podesta. Also repeatedly harassed known victims and workers in the aid of sexual abuse victims that have posted here. I do,in fact,have most of @plot 's comments readily available to read, in a social media file. Of course, Dancing Boy is for some reason currently in her crosshairs.

plot said...


"do have much on her defense of George Nade"

Then cough it up.

"Also repeatedly harassed known victims and workers in the aid of sexual abuse victims that have posted here. "

No one has introduced themselves to me as a victim or an aid worker, ever, on CDAN. So how am I supposed to know? Even if they did, how do you know they are telling the truth on an anonymous message board.

" I do,in fact,have most of @plot 's comments readily available to read,"

Well go to it! Find this defense of Nader! We're all ears (or eyes as the case may be.)

"Dancing Boy is for some reason currently in her crosshairs."

Because he is a crap writer who keeps extending the number of famous pedos who he has interacted with or writes BIs that are empty. Honestly, I skim his BIs and find the comments far more interesting, some hilarious.

Remie Ross said...

Does geeljire not like Laura loomer because she's Jewish?

ForeverFilthyBrain said...

The problem with the world is exemplified by plot & geeljire.
Different sides of the coin but the same fundamentally retarded approach to information dissemination.

It's not all black and white - plot, for example, may be a pedo defender but the Dancing Boy blinds ARE terrible. geeljire, for example, may be a bigot but there ARE shady connections between powerful establishments.

Maybe one day people as fanatical as these 2 will find some way of communicating their opinions and ideas without being such a despicable cunt.

More importantly:-

Will there be a reveal of the Monster Icon blind today? Really hope so, it's the only reason I check this testament to one man's ability to run simultaneous accounts

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Geeljire said...

And people who make false equivalencies are cowards and a bane.

Fuck off and stop whining or contribute your own blinds you "rational centrist" twit.

Geeljire said...

Because she's a liar and a fraud.

Of course you're the one who brought up her "Judaism" while participating in the deep state approved "alt right" psyop so that's on you, bigot!

Geeljire said...


Geeljire said...

"Waaaaaaaaaaah this blind is unreadable๐Ÿ˜ข"
Every day there's a DB blind.
Every time.
Multiple comments on the attack. Suspiciously so.
I believe "no coincidences" describes this strange phenomenon leads to strange commenters attempting to tie my "bigotry" against pedophiles to "pedo defenders"
Hasbara fucking sucks, get a real job beating Palestinian children or false flagging chem attacks in Syria.

Remember Black Cube? Shareblue? These faggots are still in business.

Unknown said...

Gee - isn't there a mosque somewhere you should blow up right now?

Forever Filthy brain is correct: these 2 inbred turds deserve one another.
Like watching muzzies offing each other, classic.

Geeljire said...

How many sockpuppets have tried and shut #TeamGeeljire down, you sad little beta?

Because I've lost count. And you've never come close to winning the battle of public opinion here. Sounds deranged.

Geeljire said...

If it was sooooooooooo Talmudically intolerable you'd think you'd just lie low until my retirement today since you like to stalk me through CDAN comments like some creepy poz predator, whatever that underlying issue you have is about.

Geeljire said...


That's some mental illness you've got.

It fits right in with all of the JIDF sockpuppets here that don't want you talking about Arnon Milchan and David Geffen incredible Hollywood pedophile machine they've constructed to furnish themselves with unlimited numbers of boys.

Why anyone would be against that, or their coreligionist auxiliaries, is beyond me.

plot said...

"Does geeljire not like Laura loomer because she's Jewish?"

Could there be any other reason?

Loomer should earn eternal love from Gee. They are wrapped in the same psychotic fervor. Sad that being a Jooooo stands in the way for our Gee and his object.

plot said...


"plot, for example, may be a pedo defender "

Find some proof of this serious assertion please.

It sounds like you want this polarization because it makes your world easier to understand. That ease is a terrible reason to make baseless accusations.

Geeljire said...


SavoirFaire said...


ForeverFilthyBrain said...

Geeljire: You bring good information but you deliver it like someone with a mental illness. Go for a walk.

Plot: You bring good information but you deliver it like someone with a mental illness. Go for a walk.

Plot's response: Prove that I don't go for a walk. I am the best and all things are known to me. I really don't understand why there aren't statues erected to commemorate my wisdom.

Geeljire's response: Why would I leave my abode when the world is at my fingertips? Islam isn't just a hilarious bastardization of Judaism via Christianity, it really does have wonderous teachings those other religions don't have; the terrible white man, the crimes he hath wrought, I choose to do nothing about it but console myself by posting about it on a website 12 people read instead, blah blah blah ad infinitum x 600 posts a day

plot, good luck understanding the world. You are human arrogance personified.
geeljire, good luck feeding yourself. You are human retardation personified.

The only redemption for either of your accounts would be if you are just characters played by the multi-account poster, bonus points for him if he's both of you. Otherwise, fucking hell, hurry up and die; neither of you have the charm nor the wit to convince people of your position in real life, hence why you post here, thinking the electronic dissemination of your characters minimizes their awfulness. It doesn't.

plot said...

" I am the best and all things are known to me. I really don't understand why there aren't statues erected to commemorate my wisdom."

I don't think that is correct at all but the perspective is interesting.


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