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Blind Items Revealed #42 - Guess The Athlete

February 28, 2018

As of a couple days ago when I last checked, no one had correctly guessed the last Guess The Athlete.

Guess the athlete time again. New athlete. New sport. There are many different versions of this sport. It is in the Olympics. It is also a professional sport. Many top professionals are household names on a global scale.

Our athlete, however is not a household name. Our athlete only very briefly felt the need to compete professionally.  What makes our athlete unique is their level of domination in their sport and their assumed level of drug use.

Our athlete is one of the most dominating athletes within their respective sport in human history. Even the best of the best athletes lose a handful of times in their career. Not our athlete. At their peak, our athlete did not lose a competition for over 10 years. Think about that for a minute. Our athlete was so far ahead of everyone else it was almost laughable.

Here is where things get interesting. Drug use in athletics is a constantly evolving cat and mouse game. Typically the top athletes in the world are quite a few steps ahead of the athletic organizations. They can use what they please and have absolutely nothing to worry about as far as being caught.  Eventually, though, they get exposed. Their tactics get exposed. And large groups of athletes go down. (Much the case with lance Armstrong)

Our athlete has never failed a drug test despite being tested frequently and randomly. Our athlete never played “games” when being asked to provide a sample. Every time a new technique is discovered, our athletes samples are tested and pass.

Our athlete is now retired. Recently a new technique for drug use was discovered. Most athletes and trainers don’t know this yet. Many athletes will be exposed. Many big names will go down. Much like every prior technique before, the athlete we are discussing today was recently investigated for this. Their old samples were pulled and tested. And, much like every technique and drug that has been exposed since this athlete retired, the athlete tested clean.

Never has a sport been so dominated by an athlete. And never has an athlete so dominated a sport in this way.

Our athlete today did it without cheating and without drugs.

Alexander Karelin


Thonker said...

Is over 10 years really considered competing for a very short time? And that‘s only that peak record when he was never beaten... also i couldnt name you another dude in this sport if i tried so the whole household name and sport threw me off...

sandybrook said...

Drug testing in MMA is like drug testing in WWE, if they want you gone you fail and it gets announced. If they want you around and you fail it doesn't. Brock Lesnar has never failed a WWE test, he has failed an MMA test more than once. Look at him, just be looking at him you know he's juiced to the max.

More Cowbell said...

I don't think anyone guessed this correctly, did they?

PotPourri said...

He was so brutal that people would forfeit because he would break their arm or their leg. He was truly a beast. However, who beat him was a farm kid from Wyoming named Rulon Gardner. It was unbelievable because he did not forefeit...he fought the fight.

PotPourri said...

Oh and since he's Russian, I'm sure he's a sperm donor to build a superior race of people...blech!

T. W. said...

Just found out he wrestled for the Soviet Union.

T. W. said...

@More Cowbell

@Briseph Goebbels was the first to guess correctly.

T. W. said...

Guess the Athlete, Mr. X, and Old Hollywood are my favorite blinds. Athlete blinds are the most fun.

This is the one where Enty says no one guessed the February 1 Guess the Athlete correctly.

Several people guessed Flo Jo the day the blind came out.

Enty just revealed Flo Jo is said athlete.


Florin said...

Karelin was a household name in my house, but I grew up in a family of wrestlers from Iowa. Dan Gable was pretty popular too.

OKC Teacher said...

@PotPourri When I saw “Rulon” I thought LDS (I had a weird fascination with FDLS a few years ago).
So, I looked Rulon Gardner up, he seems to be an incredible athlete....and a Mormon. (Not being snarky about the LDS, I just haven’t heard that name except in the Mormon culture).

hunter said...

Says on Wikipedia he was born as a 12-lb baby. Maybe he was just supergenetically strong as fuck.

It happens.

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