Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #44 - Guess The Athlete

March 19, 2018

Let’s change the pace of our guess the athlete today. Our athlete today is relatively new to their sport. Although not considered a big money sport yet, it is a growing sport. Unlike some sports discussed, this is a world wide sport. Although rare, some members of this sport do attain household name status. Big name status.

Now, why would this be considered noteworthy, you ask?

This sport is arguably THE single dirtiest sport out there. Has been for a long time. The use of chemicals in this sport is years ahead of any other sport out there. Athletes from other sports often consult with trainers from this sport to gain a “competitive edge”.

Our athlete today is still a year or so away from their peak. Yet this athlete recently started to jump into the upper echelon of their sport. This athlete made jaws drop at a competition recently due to the degree of which they dominated.

The only thing keeping this athlete from becoming the face of their sport is questionable issues and events that are ongoing in their personal life. Issues that make the officials of the athletic governing board nervous.

Once those issues are resolved, this athlete is on track for household name status in the manner much like others in this sport. And our athlete today knows that. You may not know this athlete now. But I am highly confident you will be seeing a lot of this athlete in the future. For better, or for worse.

Shanique Grant


sandybrook said...


Andi said...

So what about her personal life? I googled her and found that she was jumped and stabbed, was there something more to that?

T. W. said...

@Sandybrook yes

If she's not on the juice I'll eat my hat:

T. W. said...


Thank you!

Way past my bedtime...

sandybrook said...

They all are they are so far ahead of testing it's a comp!ete joke.

More Cowbell said...

I don't think anyone guessed this correctly.

Boldblonde said...

They all do it in bodybuilding. No exceptions.

mooshki said...

Unless they're some kind of a genetic freak, a woman just can't build muscles anywhere near that big without drugs.

OldFart said...

I'm a newcomer here so this is my first experience with mass-reveals. There are waaaaaaay too many at one time --- better to spread them out daily, and closer to the original blind.
OldFarts always give unsolicited advice.

Andi said...

@oldfart-this is what Enty does on certain holidays. There is no law that says you need to read them all one day. Read them during the week if it's too many for you.

T. W. said...


Enty gives reveals everyday.

The juicy ones are revealed July 4 and January 1.

The juiciest ones are revealed on Black Friday.


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