Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #47

January 17, 2018

This foreign born B list mostly television actress/model who had her biggest US success in that almost network vampire thing has a new pay cable gig. While she was with her boyfriend she started hooking up with (and was thisclose to getting publicly busted) the foreign born lead (P) of the pay cable show which caused all kinds of drama with a different co-star (Z) he was seeing. Then, our B lister split with her boyfriend and got back together until P split with Z. Now our B lister and P are a happy couple who try and stay hidden. 

B list television actress/boyfriend: Phoebe Tonkin/Paul Wesley ("The Originals")
Cable gig: "The Affair"
(P) foreign born lead: Joshua Jackson
(Z) co-star: Ruth Wilson


Jason Smith said...

Maura Tierney gets off scot free.

T. W. said...

@Jason Smith


I only recognize Jackson's name.

mooshki said...

Phoebe Tonkin is stunning. She easily stole the show from Britt Robertson on The Secret Circle. Speaking of, I will never understand how Britt has any kind of career when she can't act for sh*t. She's January Jones-level acting.

mylady said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thursday November said...

so, Josh is going back & forth between Phoebe & Ruth...haha, but Ruth doesn't like it so Josh & Phoebe keep it on the DL.

gauloise said...

IIRC Paul left his wife for PHoebe, she was on Vampire diairies too, so i dont feel to bad for him. Phoebe seems to like drama

Brayson87 said...

Paul Wesley doesn't get credit for being the only actor on that show who truly acted as a centuries old being trapped in a youthful body. Everybody else was like whoopee we're monsters with psychic powers and little character growth.

Brayson87 said...

Oh except for Daniel Gillies playing Elijah, he was also able to convey an ancient presence.

JL said...

Have no recollection of Phoebe Tonkin being on The Affair.

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Elamina said...

Jump ahead 8 months and Ruth leaves the show The Affair and is saying there is a lot of drama surrounding the reason she left but can't talk about what happened.

mylady said...

@Elamina Ruth asked to leave the show before they wrote season 4. Like a year before this blind.

This article sheds talks about why

Now I can tell you that whatever happened to Wilson on “The Affair” was not about pay parity. It was about #Metoo. I am told that an incident on set led to her demand to be let out of her contract. The incident did not involve either of her male co-stars, JOSHUA JACKSON OR DOMINIC WEST. But it happened while this past season was shooting. Allison’s murder had to be invented to accommodate Wilson’s quick departure.

But Wilson’s problem on “The Affair” was not singular to her. In January, an actress named Ashlynn Alexander filed a sexual harassment suit against Showtime and “The Affair.” Alexander worked on many episodes of “The Affair” as Wilson’s stand in. She claims that after being sexually harassed by assistant director Travis Rehwaldt she complained to the production and was let go five days later.

Alexander’s case is very much active, according to her attorney. I am assured by sources that Rehwaldt is not involved in whatever happened to Wilson.

Ruth has since said she can't talk about it, probably because of a NDA, but said in an interview with NYT that they needed to talk to Sarah Treem on several occasions.

mylady said...

This blind is a load of garbage. Firstly she was broken up with Paul Wesley even before she did the Affair and met Josh. She broke up with him in October and didn't start the Affair until December. Secondly, Josh never went out with Ruth and nothing has been going on with her over months like other blinds on here say. Thirdly,Josh has had nothing with Phoebe. They worked together and are now friends.


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