Monday, July 02, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 24, 2018

Pro tip for this foreign born B+ list actress who keeps calling the paps to let them know where she will be with her A- list actor boyfriend. If you keep pleading innocence to your boyfriend, you need to rotate paps so it is not the same one every single time who "randomly" came upon the two of you.

Eiza Gonzalez/Josh Duhamel


parissucksliterally said...

Josh Duhamel is NOT A list.
No way in fucking hell.

andrea said...

I like how this one is revealed when they’re we’re papped again today while on vacation.

Cindy said...

I like Josh Duhamel but he is not A-List. He is B-List at best. Fregie was the A-List one not Josh.

WhatSayYou said...

The timing of this blind reveal is perfect with the pap pics from their vacay. She's must not read your site Enty. Showing out for the cameras in Mexico, again. Forcing that PDA, while he stands there with his arms crossed or down to his side, like he don't know her. lol

It's funny cause, I knew they were in Mexico on Saturday before these pics came out Sunday & I thought I'm surprised she actually didn't call the paps, she might be trying to have some privacy. But OF COURSE she called the paparazzi. And OF COURSE it's the same photo agency that's caught them out every time since the first time, Backgrid.

I'm surprised Josh is actually going for this whole pap stroll. Wonder how much longer it will continue. He must not care or is starting to feel pretty foolish, right about now.

Don Kieballs said...

I consider Josh A-List because of Love, Simon

but I may be biased

JustHereForTheComments said...

Josh's whole career was a swing and a miss for the A-list. I'll admit I got a great chuckle at his dad bod, with that bloated torso with one or two abs & small legs & arms. Eiza is definitely playing a game with this one, she probably knows there is a ticking clock on how long this can last or that'll he'll put up with it, so she might as well get as much attention from it as she can, since he kept her "secret" for so long. They make a very awkward looking couple, especially with less clothes on.

bellarue said...

This relationship looks more and more odd the longer it goes on. So they date for months, sight unseen, then “randomly” get seen at dinner & now they’re papped all the time, everywhere in the most obscure places like a mall & now Tulum, Mexico? With some article in Just Jared or People with a convenient eye witness each time about how affectionate they were being. On top of that, there’s a new article each week from ENews, or Hollywood Life or Entertainment Tonight touting an inside source, always supposedly from Josh’s side about how madly in love with Eiza he supposedly is & how great they are together. Yet he doesn't actually look happy with her, she always looks more into him. Isn't he supposed to be this super private guy? Why be so clueless or allow her to keep selling them out.

Just feels like there's something more to this than just her calling the paps & feeding the blogs with source quotes. The blinds about their inevitable break-up should be very interesting or at least what we already know.

JayMee Segal said...

The minute I saw she called the paps on them again in Mexico, I knew this reveal was coming soon. Lol You couldn’t have timed it better, Enty. Lolol

Brayson87 said...

She is milking it for all she's worth. I'm surprised he hasn't ditched her yet, maybe she has some dirt on him.

goldenpuppy said...

This relationship is gets more and more strange! Isn't Josh supposed to be so private that he was upset that his ex-wife, Fergie was calling the paparazzi? Didn't he supposedly want more children and was upset that Fergie didn't want to get pregnant again, even though he constantly cheated on her?

Suddenly, we don't see pictures of him taking his little boy out for breakfast, like we used to see regularly. We never see him with his little boy at all, except a video from at last a month ago in Minnesota.

Now every week he is snapped in "candid" photos with Eiza desperately hanging on him, or initiating PDA's for the cameras, while he stands there and barely response. The most he seems to do is hug her. And in one picture he's giving her a credit card! LOL

I think Josh wanted a little fling, and now he got more than he bargained for! All of these "insider" reports of how he has "fallen" for her, seem very suspect. And when they weren't yet out in public, there was the report at how "guilty" he felt for the feelings he had for Eiza so soon after Fergie!

Maybe the guilt he is feeling is that he she Eiza is just a fling, and now that it's public he doesn't want to look like a creep, even though he knows she is calling the paparazzi for publicity.

Fergie seems to be the one who has won in this situation. She looks way more healthy and happy than she has in a long time. She also looks like the better parent, since she is taking videos playing with her little boy, while Josh is acting like a pathetic middle aged man, who is with some girl who looks young enough to be his daughter hanging all over him.

I never thought Fergie was totally to blame for anything, since Josh had such a history of cheating, and now it looks like he can't control his image anymore because of an immature publicity seeker. I don't feel sorry for him at all!

Unknown said...

The pictures from the vacation looked like she knew she was being photographed, bent over trying to be sexy, etc. She should have tried harder for the other pictures because her body didn't look very good.

JayMee Segal said...

Oh she's soaking up all this attention, it's all apart of some plan. Now she's on IG after being quiet all weekend, in her bathing suit talking about how comfortable she is with her body, conveniently after these pics came out. Yet her body is suspiciously more toned in the video than any of those pics show. IG account CelebFace calls her out for photo shopping her pics from events to make her waist & stomach much smaller all the time. But she loves to preach body positivity.

If Josh is as private as he's claimed he is & as Enty says he is, then I'm shocked he's allowing her to use him like this. He seems to be in some sort of mid-life crisis.

JustHereForTheComments said...

I anticipate we'll be getting more blinds about there "situation" in the hopefully near future. Just as am I sure we'll be getting more "random" paparazzi PDA pics of them too, because she can't stop.

CJ said...

I think something's a miss with Josh and what's going on with his new relationship.

Enty alluded that Josh is not cheating on his new girlfriend suggesting he wants it to work out.

Yet the barrage of pap photos over the last few weeks do not show a man in love. He seems annoyed and distant. Over the years, I've seen many photos of Josh and he always glowed. Always seemed relaxed, smiling and making jokes.

Josh is not in love with this woman. And he seems depressed.

Con job said...

I think she has Scientology connections he looks like he’s been pushed into a p.r. Relationship by people who got something on him same with the Chris Martin Dakota Johnson p.r. Sham Annabelle Wallis the “girlfriend” before Dakota Johnson also with Scientology ties. Annabelle fed Xenu with Chris’s secrets then they use it to force a relationship between him and Dakota. Funny how The relationship of Annabelle and Chris Pine and Dakota and Chris Martin were pushed out exactly the same to tabloids a flurry at first then nothing then a few pics here and there. It’s all pure b.s. with the Scientologists likely behind all of it

SimonSays said...

@CJ I agree he does look depressed and despondent. Someone on FB last week said they saw Josh at a restaurant in LA by himself and he looked stressed and sad, that he looked like someone stood him up. Stressed is how he always looks with Eiza. He never truly looks happy in these pics. It's weird. I think she is putting him through the ringer emotionally, which is why she likes them just out of a long-term relationship, the vulnerability. She's coming off very immature.

There's more to this couple than meets the eye, I don't see it lasting too long. There's a reason Josh is tolerating her antics but I doubt he will too much longer. It just doesn't make sense, they seemingly have no chemistry or compatibility, those paparazzi & pda pics make them look awful together. Eiza is too much of a fame chaser to settle for a B List guy like Josh, he's definitely a stepping stone for her.

JustHereForTheComments said...

This is just too good not to share. Hollywood Life .com (I know, I know) had a body language interpreter anazlyze Josh & Eiza's vacay pics & it's too good not to share. Exactly what we've been saying.. I'll just ctrl c & p below.. Enjoy.. Lolol

“Josh and Eiza appear to be having a good time together. My impression from reviewing the photos is that she seems to be more invested than he is in this particular relationship,” Tonya Reiman, author of The Power of Body Language, tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

“She reaches out to and leans into him much more often, orients her whole body towards him more often and seems to hold him tighter,” Tonya continued.

“She touches his face in two of the pictures and touching the face is a gesture of affection. when he holds her, it is typically with one hand. He walks in front of her quite often, and does not offer any facial touching,” Tonya added.

“In one picture she is completely wrapped around his body and he is standing there with his arms at his sides– no affection returned. This could be simply due to the fact that he is not very fond of PDA, however, when looking over pictures of him with Fergie, there seemed to be much more touching, playfulness, and affection involved. Again, this is a new relationship, so perhaps it merely needs time to blossom, and he is more cautious,”

Jenver said...

Now there is a video all over the internet that Eiza “accidentally “‘ caught Josh undressing behind her while she was in her bikini posting about body acceptance! How much more will he let her do ? She ‘s making an absolute fool out of him!

I wonder if getting someone he sees as hot, young fling is worth having no privacy ? He has a young boy who can go online in a coupe of years and see his father acting like he’s in high school at 45 years old ? And I thought he kept this secret out of respect for Fergie ? Oh that’s right - he cheated on her constantly!

The funny part is , Eiza’a body is way more toned and thinner and missing the cellulite that were in the paparazzi pictures !

CJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JustHereForTheComments said...

@Jenver Dang, I saw that she re-posted the video cropped, cause I noticed him in the background on the first time but I didn't realize he was undressing. She really is shameless..

Sara, Making It Work said...

Battle Creek was a great show. I was so mad when they cancelled it.

bellarue said...

She is really going ALL IN on this publicly spree. That video of him undressing is no accident. This is a real low for both of them. If Josh had any balls or respect for himself & his privacy they shouldn’t make it to August.

Unknown said...

So Dakota is a Scientologist?

JayMee Segal said...

@CJ That Body Language expert was great. You're right I think everyone is suspicious now of the true nature or motives of this relationship. I think she went completely overboard with that video of him undressing, she's blowing her cover cause she's so addicted to the attention. Some sites are putting accidentally in quotes. These 4 weeks are the most people have talked about her all year consistently, outside of one-off events like Oscars & Met Gala & she can't stop now. I can't see this lasting the summer either, once Josh gets back home and realizes how far it's gone. I refuse to believe he's OK with all this. She's showing that she'll go to any level for attention. Embarrassing for both.

I thought at one point she might have dirt on him considering she stayed a secret for so long maybe collecting intel but I don't know if I think she's that smart considering how messy and hastily she's playing her hand right now. She couldn't even spread this out over 2-3 months. It's only been 3-4 weeks and it feels like we've been seeing their every move, kiss, date for forever.

pixiegothy said...

Just saw their last pics, he has a beer belly and she has a bloated tummy, girl is covered with cellulite all over her thighs. I guess it's time for new liposuction

WhatSayYou said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WhatSayYou said...

Damn, this has escalated quickly. I mean the weekly pap pics but now the vacay pics & that video. She is really taken him for a ride for publicity. Everyone has caught on to her games by now, I wonder if Josh has yet?

His body is gross, that beer belly with one or two abs on it. lol His arms and his legs in relation to his stomach make him look like a gummy bear lololol

The body positive video of her with him undressing in the background is hilarious cause it's clear she's sucking her stomach in & using an app to tone her body, cause that ain't the stomach in those pics. You might be calling the paps but they not gonna Photoshop nothing for you. The fact that she cropped the video vs. leaving it deleted shows she knows people caught it & want to keep people talking about it.

Michelleher said...

Geeze! WTF is with Josh? First of all, she's such an obvious fame thirsty opportunist! It's not a secret that she did this to Liam, Calvin, and others! But, even though those guys were in their twenties they knew enough to dump her before she kept using them! Josh is going on vacation with her and spending every weekend with her? WTF?

Josh probably is getting a major dose of Karma right now. I read that he treated his first fiancee' terribly, then he cheated on Fergie thoughout their marriage, but now he's a little two old to be playing with a professional opportunist in her 20's.

He looks depressed, out of shape and uncomfortable. Maybe it's time for him to grow up, be a real man, and stop trying to use women for sex with no consequences. The big mouth stripper incident should have taught him that, but obviously he still is playing the same games in his 40's!

Josh is not a huge star, but his role in Love, Simon made a lot of people I know take notice and see him as a respectable actor, not just the hunk or the action star. Hooking up with this immature woman is just making him look awful.

What I don't get is how he was so dumb as to not see her for what she is! It's all over the internet if you just google her name. She has had tons of plastic surgery, she is a rebound girl who has done what she is doing with Josh and the paparazzi repeatedly, and just looking at her narcissistic Instagram account.

bellarue said...

Looks like Josh is whipped for this girl. Eiza seemed to allude to them getting matching heart tattoos on their finger on her IG stories. Josh is far gone for some reason with her & she’s flaunting it hard. He seems to not care about her hunger for fame, which is exactly what was claimed he supposedly left Fergie for.

JustHereForTheComments said...

@bellarue He’s having an absolute midlife crisis. 45 divorced with a kids, aging not well, career kinda, meh. He’s trying to feel young & cool as bad she’s trying to get famous & keep people talking. They’re both very immature as evidenced by the tattoos & everything else, they’re shoving down our throats (mainly her).

They definitely have an expiration date the way this is starting to smell.

SimonSays said...

Definitely a mid-life crisis. I wouldn't be surprised if Eiza did have some dirt on Josh from all those months they were quiet. And now this has become somewhat of a contractual relationship, considering how despondent he looks with her. Maybe she's made a deal with him, to get some publicity. She's trying way to hard to convince people how in love they are with these paparazzi pics and social media posts and tabloid stories about happy they are together. He's not playing his part very well [though he's not the greatest actor], cause he don't look as into her as she seems to be showing she is to him, like that body language lady said. As I said before no chemistry. When this does end - cause it will, it could be very messy, which I'm totally here for.

ShelbyC said...

I noticed that all the photo ops of them together are Backgrid, yet the photo of Josh alone in LAX coming back is by The Image Direct. Even more confirming she's calling the paps when they're together.

For them to be so comfortable now with their "love". /insert sarcasm cause Josh looks like a corpse next to her/. Why did they seem to take separate flights there and back? They're back in America yet only Josh was photographed at LAX. Maybe this whole thing is a contract. She's overacting and he's under-performing.

Jenver said...

There are actually pictures of Josh alone in LAX? LMAO! Well he probably wanted to have a secret getaway and Eiza called the paparazzi ! He really is not too bright! Her pattern of behavior is well documented! I don’t get why he’s trying to be secretive now after the mess in Mexico!

I did notice that the last paparazzi pictures of them riding bikes -no PDA’s’.

Does he really have an heart tattoo on his finger ? That’s on the level of a high school couple!

This whole paparazzi thing makes Josh look bad when it comes to his role as a father . He is not just s single guy anymore . He’s the father of a young boy , and is never seen with him anymore . . It’s not that he can’t date , but Fergie seems to have the boy during the week and when Josh is playing boyfriend with Eiza on weekends.

JustHereForTheComments said...

@Jenver I did some snooping though not really snooping cause it's all public. You can't tell if Josh has the tattoo she didn't tag anyone specific in the IG story. She had a lot of friends there male & female. She could be just wanting to make it seem like he got a heart tattoo, but you see a man's hand in a couple of the pics & you can see Josh standing in the background looking bored while she's jumping in the pool, though she posted a cropped version on her IG page. And she posted a pic of herself in a hat with what looks like Josh's arm in the photo, it's all very specifically cropped but no tags of his account, to keep people guessing.

They look tired of each other in those bike ride pics or at least he does. He appears kind of stressed on the bike ride. There's one pic of him in the airport in that DM article with the same hat from the bike ride. I would also assume she wasn't on the same flight cause it wasn't backgrid, I couldn't find another airport pic but I know she's back home as well.

Eiza is milking this cow so hard it's actually screaming bloody murder.

He seems to be with her all the time now. Fergie appears to have Axl a lot more these last few weeks, she's posted about him a lot. Josh looks real real bad in all this. Fergie looks great and mature while all of this is happening and people feel bad for her. She could use it to leverage herself in the divorce and custody but I doubt she would.

Jenver said...

@JustHereForTheComments The picture of Josh in the airport is the only picture where he actually looks relaxed and more himself , and he was by himself! And he didn’t even seem annoyed by the paparazzi like he normally does . Maybe he’s just relieved to not have someone clinging and using him for IG pictures and paparazzi PDA’s.

I think Fergie , in spite of her issues , seems like a nice person and not out to ruin Josh’s life . In fact on Father's Day she posted a cute picture of Axl saying happy Father’s Day to Josh . Of course he didn’t even “like” the picture , and he didn’t wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. I doubt his new immature girlfriend can handle him even publicly liking a post about his child .
For all of the press that was out that blamed and vilified Fergie, in spite of the fact she gave up her career at it’s peak to have a family with Josh and forgave him for cheating , I think she actually is the more decent person of the two of them . I also think that some of her relapses with substances were not helped when she kept staying with a person who never was faithful, but still resented her career and wanted her to have more kids !
Josh and Fergie both seem to want to have drama free parenting situation , which is good . But I think Josh’s behavior is not easy for Fergie to see, and Josh does look very bad. He looks very selfish.
Maybe this is karma . Josh was always able to put on the “nice guy”, low key, normal image and Fergie was the bad one. Now because he picked publicity thirsty girlfriend , he can’t keep a secret fling while he keeps his old image !

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Unknown said...

So because Fergie is photographed with their kid Josh is a bad dad? You realize he could see his kid every single day and paparazzi just aren’t around? You shouldn’t say he looks like a bad parent just because he isn’t photographed with their kid that makes no sense. Not everybody wants cameras in their children’s faces every single time they go out.

JustHereForTheComments said...

@Unknown You’re right. I don’t think he’s a bad dad, Fergie is way to complimentary about that. There’s nothing to suggest that he is. I certainly didn’t mean to imply that specifically if I did., if you’re talking about me. There has been a noticeable balance flip of pics with his son vs. Eiza but of course that don’t make him neglectful. I do think he uses the single dad angle to push this wholesome good guy image, that I think is a cleanup for his antics in the marriage though. The whole thing with Eiza is just suspiciously overkill at this point.

Jenver said...

No, I don’t think it makes him a bad dad. He seems rather have a good relationship with his son

But he was always snapped having breakfast or goijgn to church with his little boy . In the past month , irs obvious Fergie has had Axl during the week and on weekends quite a bit , she’s even taking him to the set of the Four. It’s not like Josh is working out of town . He may very well be with him on other days , but from all of the paparazzi pictures and sightings it looks like he is wirh Eiza most of the time .
I think his new girlfriend obviously needs a lot of attention and Josh now doesn’t even like posts where Fergie has a picture of Axl on Father’s wishing h a happy day , where before Eiza he would be grown up enough to do that . She also spent Easter with Axl while josh flew to Spain to be with Eiza :
It sure gives an impression of a typical middle aged jerk of a man who suddenly wants to relive his younger days and starts putting a young fling before his family .
Then again, maybe I am old fashioned , but I don’t consider a man who cheats on his wife and would regularly have a routine of picking up strippers and escorts as soon as he left town, a good father !

I think now because Eiza is not discrete and is so into publicity for her affair , Josh can no longer put on the innocent act and good dad image when he’s seen wirh her hanging all over him and posting his undressing video !

goldenpuppy said...

Eiza is now posting something about how awful it was that her privacy was invaded and there were comments about her cellulite! LMAO! She is something else ! First she obviously has paparazzi on speed dial and puts on the PDA’s in such an obvious manner , then she whines when she gets negative comments about her body when she was obviously putting on a show and bending over for the cameras on her bikini!

And she complains about privacy being invaded while she “accidentally “ zooms in on Josh getting undressed and then deletes it! Oh and the positive body image message along with the photoshop of her video is just another contradiction!

She either thinks we are all as clueless , or she has some serious problems! I am thinking she keeps Josh by calling the paparazzi and then playing victim because they invaded her privacy and posters are so “mean”! He has to be very stupid to not see the game she is playing !

JustHereForTheComments said...

Yeah I saw that note she posted & these two videos on twitter of her in her bathroom showing she don’t have cellulite like the vacay pics show almost crying but then deleted them. This whole cellulite thing is her schitck cause she called out a tabloid for pointing it out a couple months ago, saying she was proud of it. But yet she alters her videos & pics before she posts them.

She’s definitely crying foul to Josh. I’m sure he’s asked her like Enty has suggested, but she’s playing victim.

I don’t know why Josh is tolerating her games but yet he doesn’t seem that into her either. He was quick to defend Fergie over a performance but the new girl he’s supposedly “head over heels” for he doesn’t seem like he’s going to say anything in her defense cause he probably knows what we all know. He don’t even like her pics on IG (which is stupid I know). But I thought it was funny how I noticed he skipped over all her vacation pics to like something random from 2 days prior. Yet she likes everything he posts like an obsessive girlfriend.

Eiza & this relationship is filled with contradictions.

mcortez said...

Josh sure has picked a woman with a lot of issues! She comes across as a Kardashian’ type who needs to live in social media, but with some serious body image possible psychological problems , and extremely immature!

I have read that Josh has very good reps and manager. Maybe they can talk some sense into him so he sees that this relationship is toxic .

Unless Josh wants to live his life with zero privacy, and with a drama queen who lie and play victim when she’s caught messing up, he should think about ending this mess.

I think josh better be ready for “insiders” telling all of his secrets and negative stoei s is he dares dump Eiza, just like their “ close friends “ are telling everyone how hard he’s falling for her !

Say what you want about Fergie, but she is relentlessly bashed for her looks, and always has been. She also had embarrassing moments throughout her career, including the National Anthem fiasco. I do not see her going online having a pitty party . She also may have called paparazzi but I do not remember her ever posting private stripping videos of Josh ! And even now , she and Josh are both able to handle their divorce in a mature manner .

Right now Fergie looks way more healthy than she did with Josh. She also spent the. 4fh with the BEP at the beach and looked like her old happy self . I think the marriage took a toll on Fergie, and she’s way better off without Josh being her husband.

bellarue said...

I agree Fergie is much better off without Josh, she looks stress-free without him, while coincidentally he looks more stressed without her. He didn't look that happy in those vacation pics, I think Josh is probably growing frustrated with her.

I do think his eventual break-up with Eiza will be messy. Considering she's probably the one feeding the blogs all these close source quotes about how madly in love he is with her, note how it's never how she feels about him, but how he feels about her & how great she is. She'll probably try to control the narrative about why it didn't work out, or play the victim in the break-up.

Whatever Eiza puts Josh through though, which already seems like a lot, I kinda think he deserves it, just knowing what he put Fergie through and how much of a tool he used to be to her & in general. He's just stupid for letting any of this happen with Eiza for as long as it has been.

SimonSays said...

I just don’t think Josh is as invested in this relationship as much as Eiza seems to be, just like that body language lady said. I think that’s probably why he’s letting her have this little show because he knows ultimately he’s not gonna be with her long long term.

I definitely think all those reports about how in love with her he is are planted probably by her. The "pda" pictures just don’t back it up & there have been A LOT of pics in 1 month. He never looks anymore comfortable showing her affection, with each photo op. It can't be because they're a new couple, they've been messing around for too long, for him to seem so ambivalent towards her, while she hangs on him looking a like a lunatic and he just stands there. They’re probably both using each other. He’s using her for a good time to make himself look & feel good or something for dating someone as young and attractive as her, post divorce. She’s obviously getting the publicity & attention she wants.

It's not a matter of IF they break-up but WHEN? & HOW will play out in the tabloids?

mcortez said...

Josh and Eiza apparently went to a wedding of Ashley Greene and the Twilight crowd . Doesn’t Josh feel a little awkward when he looks as old as he does lately ? Looks like a real midlife crisis.

And everyone says he’s such a good dad , but Axl is always with Fergie and he’s playing teen romance . I feel bad for his little boy. Seems like the novelty of being husband and dad wore off and every weekend , and even weekday lately with his new girlfriend .

JayMee Segal said...

I saw those pics of them at the wedding, again no real affection toward her, walking in front of her, just hand in his pocket while she touches him. He looks even older than he is trying to keep up with this chick. Typical mid-life crisis.

He does seem to have a lot of time for her considering they just came back from vacation, and now the wedding in San Jose. Knowing how far San Jose is from LA about 4-5 hrs it was probably an overnight trip by car. Not to say he's a bad dad but it seems that bulk of his free time is with this young girl lately. I think Eiza's gonna dump him when she's reached peak attention for this relationship & then try to make him look bad, not that it's really hard to.

ShelbyC said...

I saw some of the stories of the guests at the wedding & they took a little party bus to the venue, I saw Eiza on the bus with friends but Josh was nowhere to be found on that bus. I believe they also took separate flights to & from Mexico based on what I saw on social media. Also Eiza has been in San Jose with Ashley's wedding party since the holiday, she took a flight with a friend up there and celebrated the 4th with them, no sign of Josh but of course no paparazzi for Eiza milk then. If paparazzi are there so are they.

Here's what I'm wondering is this relationship completely a sham at this point?? Is it just to parade around friends and pap camera's. To make Fergie jealous? To give Eiza some fame? I'm just starting to question whether or not these two are actually a legit couple at this point, maybe they were before they were public but broke up & Eiza asked Josh to pretend for some time. Cause I too have seen her follow & unfollow him on social media a couple times in the past couple of months.

ENTY, I need some more blinds about this! Blow the whistle! LOL

JustHereForTheComments said...

@ShelbyC It's funny you say all that, cause has official pics from Ashley's wedding which are actually quite beautiful. It's very easy to tell where Eiza's sitting cause she's in a couple of the pics. I noticed that Josh wasn't sitting next to her. Which is weird cause he was papped at the reception. Unless he wasn't invited to the wedding itself or showed up late. But if that's the case, why go all the way to San Jose to be only invited to the reception and not the ceremony right? Or why drive so many hours or take a short flight all that way to just be late and attend only an reception. Is that a thing people do? Half invite you to their wedding, just the reception?

Doesn't make sense to me, unless he had to make sure to be there for the paparazzi per some agreement with Eiza. He was certainly present next to Eiza in those DM Backgrid paparazzi pics non-affectionately so of course but oddly absent next to her at the actual wedding and on the party bus & social media pics.

A sham this whole thing could certainly be.

Michelleher said...

Maybe Josh was with his son for a couple of days. Fergie was at a party with the other Black Eyed Peas and Axl wasn’t there, even thought it looked like a family party with kids.
Fergie has had Axl a lot, even on the set of the Four, and obviously probably weekend for the past month, since Josh has been snapped with his girlfriend all over LA and on vacation .
I’m thinking Josh made an appearance at the wedding because it probably was something they had planned , but but he looked like it was more of an obligation. Once again Eiza is touching him while he doesn’t even touch her or hold her hand . Josh looks like he’s feeling awkward at a wedding with a bunch of 20 and 30 something year olds, and the bride is from Twilight ! Liam Hainsworth was also there . Maybe he could fill
josh in about how Eiza also p used him for paparazzi make out pictures !

Josh once agan looked uncomfortable and not relaxed, hands in his pockets or holding a drink, while she has her hands on him . I think he probably knows she is playing a game with the paparazzi and he's annoyed . But, I’m sure he also knows that she is someone who loves to play victim and let everyone online known if someone has wronged her , so he’s feeling a bit stuck and not sure how to end this mess /

bellarue said...

Josh's body language with Eiza is always quite telling. He definitely looked more obligated to be at that wedding than excited or happy. It's not just one time where he doesn't return the same amount of affection. It's every time they're seen together. He looks increasingly uncomfortable around her. Semi-frowning, not facing her, hands down or in pockets. I don't care how many articles & "sources" claim how much he loves her, body language speaks volumes.

I'm sure he felt as awkward and old as he looked around all those kids. haha

He probably is feeling stuck in this situation or at least he looks like he is. It seems to be stressing him out.

Jenver said...

I almost feel bad for Josh, but then again , he isn’t a kid. It really does look like the classic older who who needs a young woman who will fawn all over him to make him feel young and in control. So cliche. Reminds me of Alec Baldwin who is approaching 60 and has a 20 something year popping out 4 babies in about 6 years , while she suddenly is writing books and getting attention instead of just teaching yoga !

Only difference is, I think Eiza will move on to bigger names depending on how well known she becomes . and she probably will hook onto someone younger and more famous when she doesn’t need Fergie’s leftovers . And Josh really is mostly as well known as he is because of his marriage to Fergie since she had worldwide notoriety before she ever met Josh.

Josh did look like he was accompanying his daughter to a dance in the wedding photos ! Eiza looks very young and not as sophisticated without all of her Instagram filters !

WhatSayYou said...

Even more paparazzi pictures from Ashley's wedding have come out on the net on sites like gotceleb & sawfirst.

WOW, the body language between Josh & Eiza is even worse in the rest of the pics. Very few smiles toward each other, only if talking to a third party. But when she's talking to him alone or directly, no emotion on his face. A complete separation of their bodies except when she's touching his arm, hands in pocket &/or holding a drink or plate. He even has his hands clasped behind his back while she's introducing him to the bride. Not even a gentle hand placed on the back to show unity or love. Eiza's friend is actually showing her more physical affection than Josh is in one of the pics. His body language couldn't scream "I'm very uncomfortable or disinterested." more if he tried. I've seen people more upbeat at the doctor's office. They didn't look happy or comfortable together at all in those pics.

His fame is quite mild for Eiza's aspirations. Fergie undoubtedly was the bigger & richer star in the marriage. All his fame is residual from her & now those dumb Transformer movies he was lucky to be in. Eiza's next boyfriend will be far more famous I'm sure.

SN: This is my favorite thread just cause the more pics & articles that come out about them the more ridiculous they seem as a couple & we all notice & can't help but comment & call them out. lmao

Sammie said...

Josh looks visibly tired of this whole thing with her. I don't see a man in love at all. I see a guy who might be in too deep with a woman he just wanted to bang privately. It can't be cause he's not comfortable with pda. With Fergie we all saw that wasn't true.

Eiza on the other hand is a semi-pro at this, she will ride this to the wheels fall off. I think Josh is much more likely to break-up with her than vice-versa. Though I don't doubt for a second that she wouldn't hesitate to play the victim on social media & tabloids to save face. I can see the reports now about how he she was there for him through the divorce and he and broke her heart. She's very happy to be in a relationship where she's papped all the time and is being talked about each week.

In some way I feel bad for Eiza not Josh...his cheating and a-hole past absolves any sympathy I could ever feel for him. But Eiza seems much more genuinely emotionally invested than he is. Aside from her clear desperation for fame, she really seems to be in love with someone who doesn't seem to return the same feelings or affection. He might privately but why looks so glum or distant from her publicly. If all this crazy in love nonsense was true for him, it would just show through in his eyes or physical affections. It just doesn't, nor matter how many times she tries to get papped in "natural situations" and everyone can see how not into her he seems. I don't understand why she doesn't want more from someone in a relationship, real or fake. He must be telling her something in private completely different than what we see from him, cause otherwise it doesn't make sense for her to have what seems to be publicly such a one-sided relationship. She's young this is a clear waste of her time. His basic level fame will only net her so much attention anyway.

Just off the pics alone, I won't be surprised if he cuts her loose in the next few months.

Jenver said...

@sammie I agree . I think it’s weird that she puts up with him never publicly acknowledging her in anyway . Even when it was obvious he didn’t know the paparazzi were watching them in the restaurant, he was looking away, and when she leaned over to kiss him, his arms were folded in front of him . And at the wedding he is not the least bit affectionate. Yet, they are still in San Jose / Napa area two days after that wedding. WeirdD.

On E News they were discussing this relationship, and the one reporter said she saw Josh waiting for Eiza in a restaurant with his back to the door, and he didn’t really even acknowledge her when she walked in the door . They both agreed it was because Josh is so private, but I think there’s more to his behavior .
I only feel sorry for Eiza a little bit because she is still quite young compared to Josh, and knowing his history with Fergie and his first fiancée makes me think he is very good at somehow being very charismatic and manipulative. Fergie is older and not naive, and his behavior took a toll on her , so I agree that Eiza may really think this is love due to things Josh may have said to her in private so he could her into bed .

bellarue said...

@Jenver Yeah I noticed that they're still in Northern California in Napa. Not saying he's a bad dad but he seems more inseparable with Eiza than anyone right now yet none of it seems to make sense with how he seems to treat her in public. There's a short video from the wedding of them kissing but of course it's Eiza initiating. This whole thing just really fascinates me because none of it seems to add up. I know she's a fame chaser but I really do think Eiza could do much better than Josh in every way. It seems like he's using her too in some way.

I saw one of the earlier blinds about this couple that someone commented they know a little inside info about this relationship & it's about marriage and babies but the comment seems to be gone now. I seriously couldn't see this going that far.

When was this E News segment, wonder if I could find it online?

Sammie said...

@ Jenver. Not surprised that he was seen being weird with her even without cameras around. That People mag kissing photo is super cringe. Being private and being un-affectionate are very different. You can still acknowledge someone you love in a sweet way without acting like you don't know the person. If you go so far to vacation and attend a wedding of people you don't really know with someone you're dating, you're kinda past the point of being private and uncomfortable with pda, right?

There must be some reason he is like this with her and why she's so in love and ok with it. She seemed to be single for a while before this relationship. Maybe she knows how he treats her is crap but she wants to be in relationship so badly she think it's true love. As the comments above suggest the reports about how affectionate he is with her since they were first seen together seem to be fake probably to combat the fact that he really isn't and she knows that people see it.

It doesn't seem like she's met his son though. So maybe Josh is completely leading her on to keep sleeping with her and boost his ego but keeping a real emotional distance. Cause he's getting hyped on social media because of dating her too. She for sure calls the paparazzi but I think he's just using her to soothe his old man ego and sexual needs knowing she's fallen much harder, which just feels more cruel than her angle considering he's 45 not 25. Like a what point is he going to be a right guy with women. He might not be cheating anymore but it looks like he's still a tool.

JustHereForTheComments said...

The video of them kissing at the wedding is just as cringey as every pic I've seen of them at the wedding. Eiza seems quite aware someone is filming right there so she swoops in to kiss him twice with her lips puckered. He was just standing there minding his business, having no choice but to reciprocate.

So far whether he knows he's being filmed or not, all of Josh's body language toward her says he's highly uncomfortable is textbook "He's just not that into you.". Eiza must not have had many good relationships cause this is lopsided if ever and she loves it. I can't figure what his angle is either. He spends a lot of time with her, now in Napa but yet can't muster up an ounce of the energy he gave Fergie. I honestly can't imagine what he's really telling her in private for her to be so Crazy Stupid Love and get absolutely nothing back from him in affection in public or around other people. Being that he's a Scorpio, he's naturally manipulative. Their signs are just as incompatible as their body language.

Eiza seems like the kinda of girl, that will stay in a fucked up relationship just because her friends, fans and everyone thinks it's cuter than it actually is. Just to make it seem like she's happier than she is. A lot of her friends are married, engaged or dating. She probably felt left out. It's quite sad how invested she is in a quy who seems to be going through the motions. More and more I'm starting to think the only way this will hopefully end is if he dumps her. Something he always looks like he's on the verge of doing. She's going to have to get her heartbroken to see how absolutely stupid she looks and is being treated. Then of course she'll make it seem like she dumped him or something on social media, I bet.

Something is very, very, amiss with them as a couple.

goldenpuppy said...

OMG thar dancing video is so cringeworthy ! Josh is standing there looking around while “dancing”. Eiza has the desperation look again and initiates a kiss, which Josh reciprocates wirh a peck on the lips . She stands there like a baby bird waiting for food !

Josh looks like he’s going through the motions and not ag all into anything, yet he’s spending days with her after the wedding in Napa. Someone who owns a bowling alley posted about them going there and bowling .

What is interesting is that the only video of any couple dancing besides the bride and groom is Josh and Eiza, and she goes in for the kiss as soon as the cameras are on them.

I don’t think Eiza is as much of a victim who is in love with Josh as some seem to think . This is not some young naive girl. She’s been in the business since she was a child and has dated other high profile men. She knows exactly what she is doing .

Josh may not be an Oscar winner, but he was half of an A list couple and that gives Eiza A list recognition, which is what she wants .

And Josh obviously has let Eiza know that he does not like paparazzi and has asked her if she called them, and she lied . She also put a video of him naked online for attention ! And once again she’s hanging on him for attention for cameras at the wedding .

I think Josh is not sure what to think right now. She’s probably fawning all over him telling him she would never ever lie and call paparazzi. She’s also boosting his fragile,
middle aged ego by acting like a high school girl and hanging all over him .

I also think Eiza is promising him marriage and kids, unlike that “evil” Fergie, who probably didn’t want to have sex or kids with him when she would find out he was picking up stripper and escorts every chance he got.

So, Josh might be torn . He has this young, hot woman who could be his daughter , (he is 18 years older since he’s turning 46 this year ) telling him that she will have his babies and appearing to be totally supportive and selfless.Yet , down deep he has to know her reputation, and the fact that she is lying to him and using him for publicity.

I think in this situation, Josh is actually being played more than Eiza. He is actually vulnerable coming out of a relationship right now , just the way she likes her men!

I don’t feel too sorry for Josh , ir seems like he’s met his match . But I do think it stinks that he seems to have put his young girlfriend ahead of his son and is spending several days and weeks with her as is he is a young guy in is 20’s wirh no responsibilities. He truly is the cliche middle aged man who

goldenpuppy said...

I meant to say, Josh truly is a middle aged cliche who leaves his wife and kid to hook up with someone he thinks will kiss his butt and make him feel young again

SimonSays said...

The wedding kissing video is the most cringe thing so far right up there with her trying kiss him in that restaurant.

That E News restaurant story sounds exactly like something he would do. He's very ungentle-man like with her. The walking in front of her. Constant facing away from her.

So if Josh is being played and he definitely is to some degree he's allowing himself too. He has become a 45 year cliche. Eiza absolutely likes men out relationships because of their vulnerability and stupidity. But as much as Josh has played women specifically his wife, he should know how the game goes. He'd been on this girl's tail since they announced the divorce. This is a very expensive ego boost but nothing comes for free.

but I'm sure Josh is manipulating this situation too. He has to be for him to be treating her so nonchalantly in everything that's come out in 5 weeks. Yet be spending all this extended time together. He never looks like he wants to be with her but he's taking her to Napa. When it ends I'm sure like Eiza he will try to spin it for himself as well. He did with Fergie with those rumors about her career and him wanting a family. Yet all he does is seem to parade around with a 28 yr old now with no joy on his face and a boner in his pants. Now he's the single doting dad who's just found love again. Blah, blah, blah. He's got publicists on payroll. There's no way he's gonna give Eiza an ounce more respect. He didn't even come to her defense or support in anyway with the whole body shaming episode, cause I don't think he holds her in that regard like he did Fergie. Based on all the cheating he did on Fergie, that's not saying much about how much he probably respects Eiza. It does seem more likely that he'll want out before she will. He could be playing into her hand by taking her on trips and going to weddings while he gets his jollies only to dump her and then put out stories about how she was using him.

Josh is no saint and I have no reason to think he's changed that much. Neither is Eiza cause she has a storied history, this is her biggest get yet. But she could get bigger than him, eventually. If she wants A list fame she'll need to aim much higher than Josh Duhamel. She has to start shooting a movie with Vin Diesel next month overseas, I'll be surprised if this survives through that. This is one of those romances that looks like it'll peak in summer. If we're all so lucky.

ShelbyC said...

Well he is certainly soiling his whole sad dad image he worked overtime to create. This is like 2 straight weeks or weekends of vacation for them. Before the onslaught of paparazzi pics it was mostly pics of him and his son going to church and stuff, he was always looking sad.

It's obvious she's lied about the paparazzi but he's believing her or at least pretending to for some reason. If he believes that she would settle down for him, he's as stupid as I've always thought. Although, she will do anything for fame - so it's not far fetched that she would take it that far especially if her career doesn't progress naturally through work. I think it will, she has a significant number or projects lined up.

I'm ready for the drama that I think will come from them breaking-up. Eiza lives for it & Josh has created it for himself. Should've just stuck with being sad dad instead of the mid-life crisis.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Unknown9:41 AM
Geeze That wedding video is very cringeworthy ! Josh looks like he’s going through the motions for sure ! But why does he keep hanging outbwith her and allowing her to do this if he isn’t into it ? He could get many other women to have sex with him .

Could it be be was really into her, thought he could have something serious with her , and now is seeing her for the manipulator, user and liar that she is, and is afraid to dump her ? Was Josh played by her and he stupidly said things about having a future together ?

Or , did Josh think he’d have some fun with her for a while and she’d move on, but instead she got obsessive and clingy , and. now he realizes that she go will crazy and use social media to make him look really bad, and he’s riding this out until he thinks he can end it ?

She gives me a creepy vibe and has since she went out with Liam Hainsworth right after he broke up with Miley. She not only put on the PDA’s for the press with Liam, but she took pictures mocking some Halloween costume that was designed after the outfit that Miley wore at the VMA’s and made sure the paparazzi saw her do it!

So, I do not see Eiza as a victim at all. And her “accidentally “ snapping Josh naked and PDA’s shows she has no care about how Fergie feels or how his son will feel seeing those images someday

Josh sure has himself into a mess and he’s going to ruin s relationship with his son , look like he’s being taken for s fool, and also ruin his image if he keeps this mess going . Running out of town to hang out with her doesn’t work when she always finds a way to make out for a camera , even at wedding where no other is seen dancing except the bride and groom .

I am thinking Josh might be appreciating the fact that Fergie for all of her faults , didn’t publicity hurt his image after the stripper story, or whatever went down with the

Jenver said...

There are even more pictures of Josh and Eiza at the wedding ! It’s almost like a photographer was paid to follow them around all day as much as the bride and groom ! Why would they be the only couple videotaped dance and kiss our ofnall is the guests ? And why so many pictures of them when people llike Liam Hainsworth and Robert Pattinson were there ? Gee I wonder why?

JustHereForTheComments said...

@Jenver Oh yeah, there are more backgrid paparazzi pics of them looking awkward as hell together outside after the wedding than of the bride and groom. Ironically there are very few of them together through the socials of the people that attended. Mostly just of Eiza with her friends. He wasn't even seated next to her at the actual wedding. That kissing video is one of the only non paparazzi pics or videos of them and there's one where where you can see they're seated at a table outside but they're not interacting in any way.

She definitely knew that kissing video was being taken, cause everyone else is focused on watching and filming the bride and groom do their first dance except Eiza with her back turned begging for two kisses from Josh.

Doesn't look like she called them to Napa...yet. She might have realized that would be much too obvious.

Michelleher said...
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Michelleher said...

Josh has know it’s suspicious that rhe paparazzi would find them at a wedding ! He and Fergie were able to keep them away from their wedding . And who was going to video tape them dancing and takw so many pictures of them specifically?

And I think it would have been extremely obvious for then paparazzi to find them at a bowling alley in Napa! Then again ....

bellarue said...

I wouldn't be surprised if in the next two days some paparazzi pics of them strolling around Napa come out. So far just Josh posted that he was in Napa and they guy who owns the bowling alley saw them but didn't want to take a pic. Considering Fergie owns a winery or wine label up there, her and Josh were there a lot during the marriage I'm sure. Eiza wouldn't miss an opportunity to keep rubbing this in people's faces especially Fergie's, after all she did do it to Miley. Unless it was a surprise trip and it would really blow her cover..

Josh definitely knows. Enty said he's super private. If he's asked her once about the paparazzi, he's asked her twice, especially if it keeps happening so consistently. There hasn't been one week without them being spotted. He's got his own agenda with her clearly to be allowing this happen so freaking often in only 1 month. Yet he doesn't look any more comfortable or affectionate around her anymore than he did when they were first papped out and he was virtually running away from her. But at the same time he's attending weddings with her. The body language and the actions/appearances conflict with these two. Now he just stands next to her like a cardboard cut out.

CJ said...

Maybe Josh’s publicist is advising Josh to be photographed by the paparazzi with the new girlfriend as it could introduce him to a younger demographic and possibly open up new roles.

He was a leading man in movies and now he’s typecast as the dad in support roles.

Could explain why he looks so grumpy in all the photos we’re seeing. He’s going along with it but reluctantly. The publicist is likely watching the # of views/comments Josh is getting and if the phone is ringing more often. She, on the other hand, seems incapable of having a film career without tagging herself to another Hollywood celebrity. A quick google search of Josh and it’s all about her.

So they’re using each other, I think.

He probably misses his life with Fergie and their son. In those photos, he always beamed.

ShelbyC said...

@CJ That could be his angle knowing how much more famous Fergie was before and during most of the marriage. He greatly benefited from her fame. I don't see Josh actually having a huge career resurgence just cause of this thing with Eiza though. He's not that great of an actor anyway (look how bad he's doing now Lol) & the movies or roles he's led were mediocre, middle of the road. That Love, Simon benefited from the subject matter. Those transformers movies will probably be the biggest movie role he'll get. There are just far better and younger actors, having the career he probably wanted. This is all making him look older anyway. The comments online are a mixture of how old and weird he looks with her and how much of a daddy he is.

Eiza does seem to have quite a plethora of high profile (The Steve Carell movie, a Vin Diesel one that could be a franchise etc..) and indie roles coming up this year and next, I think she's wanting to stay talked about in the interim. Baby Driver was 2017 and that Oscar boom she got wasn't going to last until the end of this year when her next role comes out. She's annoyingly one of those celebs that loves to say they don't discuss their private life in interviews but yet exploits it through paparazzi so people will talk and then act cagey about it. It's so stupid cause I actually don't think she needs to attach herself to a guy in such a flagrant way cause her team seems to do a good job at getting her some really good opportunities but she's too impatient for the fame and attention. Like Enty said, she would love to be on a magazine cover each week, this is her equivalent right now.

I agree he appeared much more genuinely happy and animated with Fergie. I'm not sure I think he misses her though. I think he was eager to start sleeping with Eiza post divorce and keep it private but didn't realize the price he would have to pay for it now.

Jenver said...

I thought of the possibility of Josh using Eiza for publicity too, but then I thought it wouldn’t help because it makes him look insensitive to his ex and child , and also even older .

But , it is true that he is playing “dad” roles, both in Love, Simon, and in a new movie he just filmed . I think that he’d rather not be seen as supporting male actor to a kid, so being part of a couple with a 20 something year old is giving him recognition with a new demographic. He now can be thought of as a possible romantic lead with a hot young woman .

I don’t think he liked the paparazzi pictures , and doesn’t seem like he even likes being with Eizaa when he’s in public, but he did get much more popular being part of an A list couple with Fergie, and. he has lost that.

Also, Josh’s image is of a whiite, mid-western, traditional guy who still drives s pick up truck . He’s usually never takies political stands on anything .

Now he can be seen with a Latina woman, and he’s suddenly posting about calling political leaders about family separations at the border. It does make him seem more like he fits in with the popular views of Hollywood, which probably won’t hurt when being cast in movies .

Whatever the resonhes continuing to our up with Eiza and her antics, he looks like he’s going through the motions and would rather be anywhere else . It also could be why the paparazzi are not being called to watch him go
to church with his little boy.
As much as Josh is very private , it seems like his publicist does call the paparazzi at times .

bellarue said...

Those pics with his son at church were every week were like clockwork. His publicist was working hard after the divorce. I'm sure his publicists are trying to milk this too, they did nothing to clean up the undressing video. They're probably waiting for the right time when they break-up to put out rumors about Eiza like they did Fergie and make him the good guy, Him bringing her flowers with son was so conveniently caught by the paps.

I noticed all of a sudden he's re-posting Eiza's semi-political post, when he's never taken stands like that on anything. He's even said in the past, celebs shouldn't be political *insert eye roll*. Just one of the reasons I've never liked him. But I digress.

He could be being told to lean into this more. For months he never followed her on socials while she did and then all of a sudden he started following her, re-posting her and just liked one of her pics. He probably needs to make it somewhat convincing. But somehow he can't manage to look the least bit interested in her even when the paparazzi are or aren't obvious to him.

I agree that he doesn't seem to enjoy the paparazzi at all now. Almost every pap pic I've seen of him in the past 5-6 months he looks grumpy as hell. With Fergie he didn't frown in pap pics nearly as much if at all like he does now. Now he's supposed to be so madly in love and crazy about her but I didn't realize loved look so indifferent and stand-offish. He seems to be struggling to pretend his interest in her which doesn't say much about his acting skills.

CJ said...

While Josh’s publicist would want Josh to look like the dashing, charismatic leading man in all the pap photos, I wonder if he really cares whether the comments are negative or positive. Ultimately the publicist wants people talking about Josh and getting him greater name recognition than he has now. Josh is still strongly linked to Fergie and he can’t rely on that any longer. He’s older now and there are hotter, younger actors out there who could snap away roles from Josh. Josh has to change up what he’s doing. Or the old dad support roles will be the only ones he’ll be offered. By fifty, his career will be over.

As for the girlfriend, I have heard about some new projects she has coming up. I think these projects happened because of the Baby Driver popularity. If she doesn’t dazzle in these new projects, her career will fizzle soon. The Oscars were promoting Latin and Black artistry this year and she’d just come off of her Baby Driver success which is why I suspect she was given the chance to present at the Oscars. But I don’t expect her success to continue. Outside of her association to Josh, no one seems to know her. Even the blinds here on CDaN, most commenters aren’t familiar with her. All the online articles I’ve seen about her are ‘introducing’ her to the public. She’s been around for several years and she’s had only a few successes in that time. I don’t know how she comes across on the screen, whether she is memorable in the roles she plays. If not, we won’t be seeing her much longer on the screen. She’ll fade away.

I would love to be a fly on the wall in Josh’s publicist’s office. The publicist must be jumping up and down and screaming every time he sees another set of dismal photos of Josh being grumpy. I can imagine Josh getting a stream of screaming texts from him every day to make nice to the girlfriend.

Josh is at a fork in the road. If he wants a newly revised career in Hollywood, he needs to get to the gym, get into great shape. Fantastic shape. Eat healthy and stay away from the alcohol. It’s showing in his face. He looks too stressed. I also think it’s time for him to get rid of the five o’clock shadow. The scruff looks like old man stubble not hot young guy on the move. And no more red tans. Look at his photos from just three years ago. He wasn’t grey and his face looked ten years younger. He needs to get back to that. And he needs to smile again.

JustHereForTheComments said...

He's definitely at a cross-road professionally and personally. He just looks sloppy all around. His upcoming movie roles are laughable. Don't see his career getting much better than it is. He would have to luck up again and join a franchise or something.

Eiza though is younger and hotter and her career can easily take off with the right role, which could be one of the one's she has coming. Plus she can easily latch on to someone much bigger than Josh. I have no doubt her next BF will be much more famous and successful after she's climbed one more ladder or two in recognition. This is helping with getting her name out. Now all she has to do is be pretty good in these movies and her mission will be accomplished. That Welcome to Marwen movie is gorgeous & will probably net her another Oscar invite. And a Vin Diesel movie is usually always a solid box office outing.

Josh I think is playing this all wrong. He should just get out and salvage his image and hunt for more and better roles. Eiza seems to be playing it right. Doesn't matter what people think of her as long as they're talking, I'm sure. Plus she stays on a movie set.

I just wonder who's going to try drag who first in the break-up, Josh's publicist or Eiza in cryptic social media posts?

JayMee Segal said...

I wonder what "candid" paparazzi escapade will be shoved down our throats this week. They haven't missed a week since they "went public".

CJ said...

@JustHereForTheComments Many commenters agree with you that her career is on the uprise and she'll up her boyfriend selection as well as she becomes better known. Should be interesting to see which way the wind blows for both of them.

Jenver said...

Eiza is once again posting about body image. There is a model/ swimsuit designer who was on the beach in a bikini not long after giving birth , and apparently she was criticized for how she looked. She posted her REAL picture and made a statement about the body shaming . Eiza reposted the picture and statement and said “nobody is safe “. Then she posted a video for some clothing line she is working with about not worrying about other’s expectations.

All of that would be great if she didn’t have multiple plastic surgeries and also didn’t make a video of herself that was doctored to make her look thinner and missing cellulite that was there in paparazzi pictures!

I definitely think that Josh has met his match. She’s filled with contradictions, but very convincing . Does he think he has met some wise , deep, woman who is being victimized by people saying she had plastic she never had , and also is having her privacy invaded by the paparazzi, even though she calls them ?

Josh now is following her on social media and liked a post of her’s about the wedding . They also both posted the same trailer about an upcoming movie by the producer of This Is us.

I think right now Josh is at crossroads both professionally and personally. and Eiza is actually someone who making him feel young and like he’s part of the millennial generation- but he’s not !

I think as much as Josh controlled how public their relationship was for a while , Eiza is the one who right now is manipulating and controlling and she will probab be the one moving on since she is young and has many more opportunities.

Josh right now looks like he’s confused and unhappy, I do think he will regret putting so much time into his young girlfriend and trying to keep up with her . She’s a true opportunist and she lies a lot.
I would feel very sorry for Josh, but he has a history with women that makes it hard to feel sorry for him .

bellarue said...

Yeah I saw that he re-posted about that movie she said she saw two days ago. Basically implying to people who follow both, yeah I saw it too. So it’s like he’s me-tooing everything she does on social media. For him to be as private as he supposedly is, it seems like he’s going out of his way to make a connection to her now on social media when he doesn’t even seem the least bit comfortable with her in public. The way he still seems to treat her so nonchalantly in public completely baffles me. It frustrates me that Eiza seems to be OK with that too or not even realize that everyone thinks she's way more into him than he is, cause that's what he gives off. This just gets more confusing as it goes on. And I agree I don’t think Josh really knows what he wants. Hence the midlife crisis. I'm sure he's trying to feel younger and cooler than he actually he is.

He probably had all the power when he was keeping her a secret. She probably got sick and tired of it and forced the issue with the paparazzi. He's now going along with it, like he has no balls. It looks like she seems to have the upper hand in the relationship now they’ve gone public. He just looks like a sad puppy dog with her. I’ve honestly never wanted a relationship to end so badly.

I can't feel sorry for Josh at all. He deserves to look stupid when all this is over, I think he put Fergie through some shit. She seems to be thriving without him. I wouldn't mind if Eiza somehow made him look bad in the end or at least tried to. I honestly would love that. I'm anticipating the next blind about them.

bellarue said...

Oh and yes Eiza is absolutely a double standard. Preaching about body positivity & being comfortable in your own skin. Yet she completely changed her face and alters her pictures before posting because she isn’t completely comfortable with herself. She just tries to convince everyone she is. She’ll block anyway that reminds her of this too & say you’re a bully.

CJ said...


I agree the girlfriend has many contradictions. I think she’s immature and demanding like a small child.

Josh “also” has many contradictions in what he says compared to what he does.

For starters, when he was with Fergie, he said repeatedly he wanted more kids. Yet he ends his marriage because Fergie was too focused on her new album and touring. He quickly becomes involved with a woman who is career and fame obsessed. First contraction and suggests he ended his marriage for other reasons.

Then there is his son. Josh seems unusually busy having dinners, outings, vacations and we’ve only been exposed to one month of their activities. We know he loves his son but he’s acting like a single man without responsibilities. Second contradiction.

Lastly the biggest inconsistency with Josh is his relationship with Fergie. When she suffered through the national anthem incident, we see Josh visiting her with flowers and a note that says ‘I love you’. Same week, he’s on Ellen defending her. Then the NEXT DAY (not a few weeks or months later) but the NEXT DAY, a TV and online statement is released that Josh is head over heels, smitten, never met a woman like her before. The statement appears official and is announced everywhere. Enty even reports the new girlfriend is furious with Josh because he didn’t escort her on Oscar night and show her off on the red carpet. They’d met just a month earlier.

So I ask, why did Josh allow this statement to be announced and particularly announced the same week Fergie is humiliated beyond anything she’d ever experienced?

If he arranged the statement release, shame on him. If the new girlfriend did it, why is Josh still with her?

This is Josh’s biggest inconsistency yet. He meant to hurt Fergie yet he also defended her, brought her flowers and a note that said ‘I love you’.

bellarue said...

@CJ Exactly. He’s sends insane mixed signals to the media & women. He’s just as manipulating as Eiza, probably more. He’s got double the years of practice. I always thought the sweet ex-husband wanting a family act was bull. He did more talking about Fergie’s performance than she did. It was all about how sweet he was being to her. The relationship Annoucement with Eiza was shadily timed. Then suspiciously there was no information on them for 3 months & now an explosion.

. I think Fergie was blindsided by the divorce. He was obviously very eager to start banging someone new & younger. Tried to make it look like his marriage had been over but he tried to make it work & crap. Yeah right. I don’t believe the whole they met in February. No way they “fell in love” in 3 weeks. Bullshit. That’s why one of the sources was adamant in clarifying they weren’t dating before Fergie split announcement.

Almost all his publicity comes from Fergie as well & now Eiza. Josh plays the game just as much as anyone but tries to act clueless.

Josh is a fuckboy. Always has been always will be

WhatSayYou said...

@Jenver Do you remember when that E News segment aired? Just curious.

Unknown said...

After watching Eiza’s video, I find her really annoying and . unlikable . .I have seen her on the red carpet being interviewed and also found her full of herself.

As much as Josh was a jerk in many ways to Fergie and has a thing for strippers and escorts, fhere is something likable about him . I think he really has some major issue and tried to be “good”, but he’s messed up for some reason. Fergie is definitely better off without him, but I can see why she fell for him.

I will never understand how a man who will be 46 soon , is allowing a 28 year old who has a reputation for being a rebound girl who calls paparazzi and mocks the ex girlfriends of the men she is with, lets her totally take control of the relationship! Does he really believe her BS? He believes that he was “accidentally “ filmed naked while on vacation? Does he feel comfortable with someone so immature that she has to hang all over him and make our in restaurants and in public? And is he ok with strategically placed stores about how he has “fallen” for her and how he never met anyone like her ?

If so. , he’s not only not too bright , but he also does not care if he comes across as an insensitive her to his ex wife and mother of his child .
I would think that’d he had fallen for Eiza and was totally head over heals if he didn’t look so miserable and like he’s forced to return affection when she makes out with him for the cameras .
Has he really fallen for her because he thinks she is so amazing and different ? Does he believe her story about only having a nose job and all of her other lies? If that’s the case, then he’s not too bright .

Whatever the reason for Josh being involved in this relationship, I can’t see it ending well.
Josh is a midwestern guy who likes his privacy , drives a pick up truck, owns a cabin in the woods near his hometown and also is her apolitical . Right now he look like a walking midlife crisis trying to appear involved in political issues and hanging with the Twilight crew 20and 30 year olds, and he looks silly!

If his publicist thinks this is good for Josh’s career, I think she’s mistaken . Or if Josh wants to appear young and relevant , irs actually making him appear older and cliche.

JustHereForTheComments said...

@Unknown I don't believe for a second that Josh is crazy in love with her as those reports try so hard to convince us. He can't even fake it in public. I think he's just out for a good time with this girl, trying to make up for all the time he thinks he lost while married. I'm sure he's attracted to her while he gets his jollies off and his ego stroked. But his lack of genuine affection for her in public speaks volumes. You can never convince he actually loves her at all.

He might be in lust with her, which is probably why he's going along with all of this or even stupidly believing her lies. He is the first guy she's dated in years to endure all this crap this long. She found a sucker.

There's no chance in hell this works out long-term.

Caralon said...

Fergie had Axl on the set of the Four with her last night . There’s a picture of him running on stage hugging her during a break.

It’s just so weird that we usually would see Josh with Axl all the time, even after the separation, going to breakfast or church . Now the only one pictured with Josh is Eiza. Eiza seems like a child herself who would whine if she didn’t get enough attention. She always looks desperate and pathetic having all over him.

I do not get how he can be so clueless as to think she’s not using him because he was Fergis’s husband by calling the paparazzi! It’s so obvious !

Liam dumped her for doing that ! Is he so horny that he’s playing along ? It seems hard to believe it’s just sex when when he flew to Barcelona to ne with her on Easter weekend !

So weird!

Fergie has her issues , but she doesn’t seem like a vengeful type. Eiza seems like a vengeful opportunist !

Wasn’t Josh supposedly upset that Fergie was all
About her career ? Now he’s with fame chaser who is obsessed with her career ?

Seems like Eiza is playing him.
Hopefully the mess won’t be long term so his little boy won’t have to be around her too much !

JayMee Segal said...

@Caralon Yeah it certainly looks like Josh would rather spend his time with this girl now more than his son. At least that's what it looks like.

It doesn't seem as though Eiza has met Axl, or at least I hope not. Hopefully Fergie at least put her foot down about that. Cause I don't see them being together too much longer. I don't think it'll survive the year. But Josh does strike me as a dunce and will let this girl walk all over him and Eiza will milk this until it's bone dry.

I'm surprised we've gone so many days without some "loved up" Backgrid pics of them: her hanging all over him & doing all the touching, while he looks disinterested.

CJ said...

I've mentioned this in a previous post and I'll say it again … It was unconscionable that Josh and his new fling made an official announcement about their relationship the same week Fergie sang the national anthem.

This announcement didn’t have to be made for starters and it certainly should never have been made the same week Fergie suffered a major public set-back. I view what they did as cruel and intentionally hostile to Fergie.

As it’s only Fergie being seen with their son in recent weeks, I’m wondering if Josh’s new relationship is causing stress to the co-parenting arrangement. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has.

I’m hoping Josh will come to his senses … soon.

Caralon said...

I agree it wee cruel for Eiza to plant the story about Josh falling for her when Fergie was publicly humiliated. And Josh stays with someone who loves making a spectacle of their fling, and even posting nude videos of him ! Nice for his child to see in a couple of years when he goes online.

Josh is showing he’s either a whimp or very selfish .

For someone who is so socially and politically conscious, and preaches about kindness , Eiza has history of being very insensitive and outright mean to the women who she is getting fame from by rebounding with their leftovers !

JustHereForTheComments said...

It looks like Eiza unfollowed Josh on Instagram last night & changed her bio to a cryptic read: "There's nothing stronger than a broken woman that has rebuilt herself."

Wonder if it's for good this time. Cause she's unfollowed him before.

Caralon said...

I check out her bio after seeing your post . She’s so dramatic and cryptic ! I wonder is Josh actually had the balls to confront her and let her know he wants to not be in public display ! Unless he is extremely dumb or naive, it’s obvious that Eiza is making this fling a public spectacle.

It’s ironic that she picks a quote about being a broken woman , when she has no sensitivity to the women who were the significant others of the men she rebounds with !
She not only pulled this with Josh,but also with others .

She always grinning from ear, hanging on the men who are on the rebound, or kissing them , while they run away from cameras or do not know they are being filmed !

For someone who wears T shirts about women supporting each other , and her previous bio statement about being kind and compassionate, she truly is nasty with her “insider” statements and PDA’s all over the internet! She seems to need the publicity so much that she will do anything and also rub salt in the wound of the ex’s.

The following and unfollowing and cryptic videos and statements just show immaturity along with her other not so nice qualities !
I saw the video of little Axl running on stage during a break of the Four to hug Fergie . She looked so emotional , like she was tearing up ! O couldn’t help but wonder if weeks of paparazzi PDA’s, undressing video ,and IG posts hasn’t hurt her , even though being away from Josh is best for her .
I also wondered how Josh can stay with a woman, no matter how good the sex is, that lying, using him , and also so blatantly In sensitive to a woman a woman be had a child with.

It does seem like Fergie has family support , she seems close to her sister and brother in law who bought Axl to the filming of the Four this week.

During that Oprah interview, Fergie’s parents seemed to really forgive him after the stripper incident. . I wonder what they think of him now that he’s playing teenager wit Eiza !

bellarue said...

I noticed that Eiza's bio quote was from Hannah Gadsby's amazing new Netflix special. Considering the timing of her un-following Josh, it looks like she's gonna play the victim in this. I can't imagine what else she may be alluding to that she's "broken" from. Maybe this is a sign of a real break-up finally. She loves to hit that follow/unfollow button.

JayMee Segal said...

Wow, this girl is quite immature. I just happened to see the comments that she un-followed him and changed her bio and then I looked on IG and saw she just followed him back on both platforms.

Clearly this relationship is not as perfect and peachy as the reports suggest. There's an obvious push and pull. Just the fact that she unfollows him whenever she might be mad and follows him back so often shows there are clean and frequent signs of trouble with them and just how immature she & this whole union is.

Unknown said...

She is immature for sure . But is Josh also very immature?
There are many middle aged men, especially who love to have a 20 something year old fawning over them , but to hook up with someone who acts like she’s 16 on social media and makes his private life a social media reality show is really dumb .

I used to think Josh would be the better parent compared to Fergie, but I think his girlfriend is so in need of attention and so immature , I would hate to see what she would do to exploit spending time with little Axl by using social media the paparazzi to show herself with him, and also rub salt into Fergie’s wounds !

I would hope that Josh wouldn’t subject his child to his teenage romance, but then again , he has already allowed her to do quite a bit.

ShelbyC said...

Let me guess, they have an argument or he makes her mad. She semi-breaks up with him, goes all petty teenager on social media, unfollows him on social media, posts cryptic message. He probably apologizes and sends her flowers or some crap. She takes him back and all is well and re-follows him back. Cause her standards are low (she puts up with no affection or public interest) and he's not ready to lose his young sex toy (he puts up with being exploited cause he thinks with something in his pants). In a few days we'll get some totally genuine paparazzi PDA pics and new article about how perfect they are together. YEAH RIGHT.

That is very weird and immature behavior for both of them, at 28 and 45. As often as she does this on social media, following him, un-following him, there are obviously red flags popping up about the relationship to her and/or him. At what point do you just let the thing go for good? It obviously can't sustain.

They're both acting like teenagers. It's absurd. I wish they would both grow up, come to there senses and leave each other alone. They seem toxic together. But I think it's something more to this relationship for them to keep forcing the issue with each other for so long.

Either Josh is using her too. Or you really can just walk all over him & Eiza has figured this out. Either way he's just as bad in this whole saga.

bellarue said...

Of course Enty comes through with a new blind today that pretty much confirms a lot of this thread.

Unknown said...

Yesterday Josh was leaving the gym(I think)and told the paparazzi that were waiting outside "If you're looking for Eiza, we're done".

bellarue said...

Very snarky way of him announcing it to the paparazzi no less. I wish there was video of him saying it. I don't know why he's mad. What did he think was going to happen when you constantly treat women like crap for your entertainment. No matter what Eiza did, he put up with it cause he wanted the nookie and now she took it away and he sounds bitter. Those fake reasons they broke up are quite hilarious, work schedules and drifting apart.

JustHereForTheComments said...

She seems to have taken the high road in this break-up. Though it would be funny if she came out and exposed him for what he is vs his image but I don't think she will. Good for her.


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