Monday, July 09, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #5

January 16, 2018

This A list singer who is hoping for an Oscar next year and won't get it is still on tour. The promoters have been given huge incentives to fudge all the box office numbers and have been giving away several thousand free tickets to each show just to make it look close to filled.

Lady GaGa


sandybrook said...

Tickets are given away by the hundreds to the thousands for every, single concert show run anywhere in the world.

Geeljire said...

RA! RA! Ah-ah-ah!
Roma, Roma, ah!
Gaga, Oh, La! La!
Want your awful occultist insinuations

Brayson87 said...

Paying for big concert tickets nowadays is the ultimate con. Ridiculous ticket prices and ridiculous fees meanwhile they're giving away tickets? Unless someone hooks you up with free tickets skip the concert and go see some local acts in your area. The cover charge, seating, parking and drinks are always better, and quite often so is the music.

nonyabusiness said...

She can sing but she's not worth paying to see in concert as far as I'm concerned.

Thonker said...

Did you see any footage from the concerts or anything? "close to full"? Gurl... not buying it. Lady gaga is on enty's "I hate this blonde bitch" list with taylor swift and Iggy azalea

Eff Yiew said...

@Brayson87 - I've been doing that for a long, long time. In the early 90s I paid a fortune for some tickets for Sting and they were in the nosebleed seats and I promised myself never to do it again.

Instead, I catch local acts since that concert, covers are always $5-$12 and I've actually seen a lot of bands that went on to become big, like Offspring and Smash Mouth when they were still nobody and hanging out after the show and selling T-shirts.

I went on to become pretty successful in the music industry as a musician and regularly score big name concert tickets all the time from many friends who are either on the tours as musicians, stage managers, or music directors and every time I sit there in a seat that was marked on the ticket for multiple $$$$$, I'm always like, "If I had paid for this, I'd be pissed". The concerts aren't worth it, the music isn't worth it, and afterwards even if you want swag, it's what now? $30-60 easily for a T-shirt?

The artists can't help it though. I say this as an insider - it used to be that touring was a necessary evil that we had to do to promote the album because the huge money was in album sales. Once the internet decimated sales with piracy and now with streaming and there's no more money in music, then the touring became the necessity instead and selling T-shirts is what makes the money. Now you make the album to promote the tour.

Nonetheless, I refuse to pay $150 for a concert ticket after that abortion ticketmaster adds on its fees. And then buy a $40 shirt. I'd rather spend $10, see a great band, buy a shirt so they can put gas in their van (of which they're always very appreciative that you bought the shirt) and hang out with them for a few minutes and bullshit. Much more fun than spending a fortune to sit in nosebleed seats, watch the artist on a video screen, then spend an hour stuck in a crowd trying to shuffle out of MSG, and waiting for the F train, wondering what the hell I spent all that money for.

Bob Barnett said...

U got that right

Charisma S said...

Hey voice is mediocre at best. Her piano playing is a joke. And any songs she writes are juvenile. Definitely not worth paying to see in concert.

Brayson87 said...

@Eff Yiew, Oh definitely, acts starting out or haven't hit it big yet need the most audience support, but of course most people don't bother until they're already famous. I can't hate on them for cashing in after years of scrounging, but yeah it's funny that the free seats are usually the best ones ;)

mercyprosperity said...

'lady gaga' . What a psy op; and people just eat it up

Stupidpervs said...

I paid 50 bucks yo see A7X best concert ever woulda paid more

Muckduck said...

There are a few band/musicians I will pay to see over and over again. And I do!

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BRAD PITT said...

she said it was her dream to star in a woody allen movie

Youtoo said...

She will get the Oscar. or at least get very close to getting it.


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