Thursday, August 16, 2018

Blind Item #4

One of the organizers of the past tense named event honoring a foreign television show starring a foreign born dual threat A list actor says he was always lovely. He loves the fans and would never say no to any request BUT, was also the reason the event barely made any money because of his security demands and what he charged for appearances. Who was the worst cast member to deal with? This foreign born recurring actor on the show who has been nominated/won a lot of the UK big awards. He says no more often than yes to the requests of fans and is generally rude to all fans and you can tell he only does the event for money.


Tricia13 said...

Luther/Idris Elba?

MDAnderson said...

Cumberbatch and Sherlock??

nonyabusiness said...

Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock
Who is the one being rude to fans? Freeman?

Unknown said...

+1 I was thinking this also.
I don't know who the reoccurring actor is, though.

nonyabusiness said...

Or maybe Mark Gatiss? idk

andrea said...

It says recurring though and Freeman isn’t recurring on the still could be Sherlock and someone else. I haven’t watched awhile so no one is coming immediately to mind.

Super Comic Fun Time! said...

Mark GatissZ

nonyabusiness said...

You're right andrea. Maybe it's Andrew Scott? (is he recurring?) as my second guess. He's on there every now and then since he plays Sherlock's enemy. I haven't seen that show in a while so I don't remember anyone else.

Sara, Making It Work said...

If Sherlock, then I think it's Andrew Scott (Moriarty) that's the jerk. He's a big award winning star, more famous there than here.

Tricia13 said...

Was Dominic west on Sherlock? He’s a right prick I hear

Sara, Making It Work said...

People looooooove Moriarty. So I can see there being lots of demands on him.

Gatiss is one of the writers/ producers I think, so it wouldn't be him.

Poppymann said...

This is obviously Steven Toast and Ray Fucking Purchase.

nonyabusiness said...

@Sara He appears on the show every now and then as Sherlock's brother, but I think it's Andrew Scott since I looked him up and saw he's won quite a few UK awards.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Yes, he plays Mycroft and is Executive Producer. He wouldn't be a jerk at an event like this, he has more at stake than the others.

Anyway, the event is called Sherlocked. Past tense.

filmfanb said...

It points to Andrew Scott, which is a shame. BUT I will say I met Mark Gattis and he was the biggest asshole I have met. Incredibly arrogant and nasty

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Oh LOL yes.

“past tense named event honoring” = toast. And also in English you say something’s ‘toast’ when it’s over, like “dead meat”.

“Garasu no Kamen” but with dudes. That’s so funny...

MDAnderson said...

Only other one I can think of is the detective but I think he has been in every show.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Oh no. Hold on.

I just Googled meaning of “toast” and people don’t say that to say someone’s over and done (past tense). My bad bad. Heh. 🀷🏻‍♀️

No but really “Toast of London” is really “Garasu no Kamen” with middle-aged dudes when you think about it... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’›πŸ€£πŸ’›πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Dr Jamie said...

The US has a convention named Sherlocked ... i.e. past tense version of the show's name. I'll go with Andrew Scott as well for the recurring character; there's a big Moriarty fan base.

Unknown said...

@Scandi, sure we do. "When the news first broke about Urban Meyer, I thought he was toast." Means screwed and beyond saving, past tense. No idea if that's the answer, though.

Flashy Vic said...

Andrew Scott is Irish. A Dubliner I think.

prixie said...

I know!! I have met Mark Gattis and he was one of the most rudest and biggest jerk I have met.

Alice H. said...

If it's Cumberbatch, the security costs are probably due to a couple of American stalkers of his, one of whom has already been banned from being anywhere near him.

orangesoda said...

Had to google that Andrew Scott. Seems to fit for the awards.

Amy said...

Some actors/people in general are shy and socially awkward. Yes the fans make them relevant but my God, have you seen some of these fans?? They're terrifying! Shyness can be seen as rude

Unknown said...

Hey alice? The american stalker thinks cumberbatch is her "twin flame".

If you don't know what that is, look it up.

She claims cumberbatch "eye fucked" her at a convention years ago.

One of the signs of these twin flame connections is that the relationships are trying, ie separated by circumstances, bad timing, etc.

Banning her from these event can only confirm her delusions.

Not 100% sure this is the case but I thought you should know.

I suspect she's behind a psychic blog on Tumblr pushing her agenda. The blog hosts insights from psychic visions hinting and describing the woman cumberbatch is meant to be with. One of those traits is that her color is green. That stalker wore green costume to the convention she claims cumberbatch eye-fucked her. Just lookup the keywords 'EDDIE REDMAYNE STALKER' and you'll find a photo of her.

She looks pretty aggressive if you ask me.

Unknown said...


The significance if eye contact in twin flame connections:

Banning the woman from events just validates her delusion. Not saying security should indulge her and let her in, but they're going about it wrong.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Have to agree with you there, @Amy.

Genee216 said...

That’s disappointing. Moriarty is such a great character!

ForSure said...

This might be Sherlocked, which has been held in the UK three times and in the US twice. Cumberbatch was rumored to have cost six figures for his last appearance in London in 2016, including the helicopter and his security team. Also rumored that it was worth every penny because someone on the banned list showed up both Saturday and Sunday trying to get in to see him.

I don't believe the second actor is Andrew Scott. I met him at the first US Sherlocked and he was the most popular. He hugged fans repeatedly, blew kisses at people, talked to many of them longer than he was supposed to, and basically had to be dragged away from his photo and autograph sessions. I've also seen many people on twitter who have met him at the stage door of his shows in London and said he was the same, spending lots of time with fans, hugging everyone and taking every photo requested.

Gatiss is a co-creator of the show and I think he's been in every episode, so I don't think he counts as recurring. He hosted panels and seemed friendly enough to me, very dry sense of humor that I appreciate, but maybe he comes off as a jerk to other people.

Martin Freeman does not do fan cons, he's never been to Sherlocked, but he's not a recurring actor either.

Alice H. said...

@unknown I've never heard of the woman you named above. Nice try, though. Very amusing. The woman you mentioned above is German,not American.

Unknown said...

No you dont understand.

The cumberbatch stalker is American, I believe from California. I suspect she's behind The Codex Cumberbatchian on tumblr.

The GERMAN one is Eddie Redmayne's stalker.

We're talking about 2 different stalkers.

However if you look Eddie Redmayne's stalker you'll find a picture of the cumberbatch stalker too. Or if you look up her name you'll find information on Eddie's stalker. Either way. They are both often discussed in the same pages and forums online about celebrity stalkers. I suggested you search using Eddie redmayne keywords because that's how I found her photo from the say she claims cumberbatch eye fucked her.

I swear I am not one of the American stalkers.

And I am talking about Aeltri. So you have heard of the woman I describe above. I have been trying to tell you this on the other thread but you said you already know everything you need to know about Aeltri/Gator.

Alice H. said...

Everything I know comes from their own words on their absurd hate sites where they use neonazis and Qanon as sources, and swear that Cumberbatch's wife is involved in child trafficking,Satanic ritual abuse, and drug running. I don't need to know anything else. I don't know anything about Eddie Redmayne stalkers. I'd never read Tumblr until a friend showed me these sites. It's a bizarre platform. I wonder why these woman are allowed to post such hate on a site that seems to be geared to teenagers. It's disturbing. Someone has already told me the stalkers real life names. I know the actor's "people" know them too. These folks are real Mark David Chapman/John Hinkley types.

Unknown said...

I'm posting all this here becauze Im not 100% sure the psychic tumblr site The Codex Cumberbatchian is run by one of the cumberbatch stalkers you've named.

I'm putting this out here because I felt I needed a sounding board and I wanted your opinion since you seen so familiar with what they do.

The Codex Cumberbatchian was a spin-off site from from another esoteric Tumblr blog Cumberastro which has been shut down by the owner after an anon(s) flooded the blog with asks on the twin flame topic & personal attacks of other fans.
Some of Cumberastro's old contributors migrated to the codex blog. But now that I think of it I think they're probably all the same person sockpuppeting to push this woman's agenda.

Sophie hunter is hardly the only person she's tracking. The woman is convinced she's cumberbatch's twin flame.. his wife's keeping her from being with her twin flame for now.. But I wouldn't be surprised if she keeps a roster of every woman she sees as a potential threat. This could include every woman in cumberbatch's life from costars to female friends. Including other fans. BECAUSE SHE'S DELUDED ENOUGH TO THINK CUMBERBATCH WOULD EVER GET WITH A FAN.

If you're on Tumblr, you better check who's following you because she follows and keeps track of everyone.

Sophie's ip isn't the only one she follows. She tracks who visits her manipulative psychic blog and lashes out at fans who visit her psychic blog too often & then stalks them online and harasses them because she thinks anyone visiting the site must be visiting because they think they're cumberbatch s twin flame too.

The twin flame theory itself is controversial & lots of spiritual people don't buy into it as it promotes obsessive behavior.

We figured out that psychic blog was run by her because she saw her broke out of character when she lashed out at one fan for visiting her codex Cumberbatchian too often. Sounded just like her.

Certainly had us wondering if she was behind all the aggressive TF asks & personal attacks on Cumberastro, the TF peddling on Celebitchy and the psychic submits on EggsBenedish back in the day.

getstracked said...

@Scandi, Google may not show it, but saying someone is toast certainly did mean they were "finished"/over/done --it had meant that for many years, and possibly still does mean that.

Alice H. said...

@unknown I'm not on tumblr.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Thanks, getstracked! 🍞

getstracked said...

No problem, Scandi. I couldn't have you thinking you were wrong when you were right!

Unknown said...


okay take care

Scandi Sanskrit said...


ForSure said...


She's not "following Sophie's ip." She can't. It's not possible for a number of reasons. The same goes for the Meghan Markle haters, the Larries, and the other nutjobs in assorted tumblr fandoms that claim celebrities are visiting their blogs and their tracker tells them so. They are wrong, they just say that to gain some type of credibility with their more gullible and clueless followers.

Unknown said...


I don't know about the claims that she succeeded in following sophie's ip address. You could be right she could be just bluffing for credibility.

All i know is the American stalkers claim sophie was I n a japanese port city for a few hours to run illegal errands with her human /drug trafficking ring & met a Japanese john because obviously she's still escorting & sophie's good friends with the yakuza. lol.

I thought it might've just been a case of buying a Japanese antique from eBay Japan using a VPN to get a better price.

Whoever is running that blog is tracking visitors & stalking them. She tracks them down & knows an awful lot about who these visitors are too, it's very CREEPY:

That ^^ doesn't sound like a good Samaritan. That sounds like someone with an agenda.
She claims she just randomly runs a blog about cumberbatch's twin flame out of kindness? Give me a fucking break!

That is scheming and peddling herself as being cumberbatch's twin flame. This started way back in 2014 on Celebitchy when a psychic claimed in the comments he was meant to be with a woman who was "elfin-like". Guess who dressed like a green elf when cumberbatch allegedly eye-fucked her? Aeltri.

I happen to know which fan that message was directed to:

- that fan frantically visited the twin flame site while her parents were going through a divorce, it had nothing to do with that person thinking she was cumberbatch's soulmate
- she confirmed that the psychic predictions on The Codex Cumberbatchian regarding her life sounded like A COLD READING (its a scamming technique used by con artists posing as psychic). She said none of what was said about her life fit & she knows what a truly gifted REAL psychic sounds like.
- the things she did get right was all based on info readily available on that fans public social media. The reference about obsessing over "stories written by authors who have never met you" was a reference to that fan's liking multiple tweets about Gwenpool on Twitter!
Whoever's behind that Codex blog gets jealous of other fans for liking tweets about a fictional character who interacts with doctor strange IN A COMIC BOOK.
She sees that as a legitimate threat.
The level of derangement is off the charts with this one.
Imagine how she must feel about a real woman he married IN REAL LIFE.
- the fan called bullshit on being blocked. She claimed the Codex blog was the one doing all the stalking.
- we did a cross check between dates when The Codex Cumberbatchian posted rants about "fake soul mates" acting as twin flame imposter, & they're all posted not long after any one of the FANS she stalks posts something esoteric on their social media/tumblrs. We know exactly which fans those posts were directed to

Remember when Aeltri claimed Sophie was calling her & threatening her over the phone? That happened not long after a fan she was following on tumblr posted about getting strange phone calls/texts from a Russian/Manchester number. She gets competitive with other fans. It's funny because it turned out the Russian/Manchester nunbers had nothing to do with cumberbatch/his wife at all.
I think I even know what inspired her made up human trafficking stories.

I know she pulls 100% BASELESS bullshit rumors out of her ass because I've seen anon s on Cumberastro bash fans for being impossibly horrible people. I have reason to believe Aeltri was behind those anon s.

Unknown said...

None of the original contributors from Cumberastro I could confirm as real fans migrated to that Codex blog. You never see old Cumberastro contributors like the Dutch costume designer who cosplayed Smaug (real person) or the Chinese anon who used to get bashed a lot (another real person). Those two never pushed Aeltri's eye-fucking agenda. Just the ones pushing her agenda get hosted there. Its possible she was behind the personal attacks against several other original Cumberastro contributors/fans before the blog owner deleted it.

The funniest thing about The Codex Cumberbatchian is that if they were legitimate psychics, wouldn't they KNOW it if a distraught
fan combed through the soul mates/twin flame topic because she was stressed out over her parents' divorce? Why assume all visitors of the site are as deluded as she is to believe cumberbatch would actually date a fan?

Somebody needs to talk some sense into that woman. Or contact law enforcement. Give her a reality check before she starts harming other fans.

Banning her from conventions is not the reality check she needs. That just further validates her delusions of being in a 'trying' twin flame connection with cumberbatch.

Who knows who she's trying to confront at those conventions? Gwenpool cosplayers? The woman is delusional enough to see other fans as potential threats.

dtfan said...

I don't believe this is Andrew Scott. I took an acting masterclass with him through IdeasTap when he was newly famous, and he was completely enthused by his fans and couldn't do enough for them. He actually encouraged everyone to come and have photos, when we (acting students) were mostly being more reserved, not wanting to be seen as fangirls and fanboys by a fellow actor. I've bumped into him a handful of times over the years since and why he's definitely shyer and more aware of the pressures of being so in demand he's never less than lovely to fans.

ForSure said...


You seem to be really invested in tumblr, and Cumberbatch, and that weird blog. Are you okay?

When you say "we" who are you referring to? Do you have friends helping you do research on these people?

Trackers can tell you certain things about a visitor at a particular moment in time, especially if that visitor is logged in to tumblr and visiting from a tumblr blog, so you might get lucky and be able to draw some conclusions from your tracker if you are online right at that moment. An ip is assigned to a location or log in source, not a person. If you log in from your phone, your ip changes every time you access a different network tower or wifi connection. If a Japanese ip address showed up on Aeltrileaf's tracker, that just means someone in Japan looked at her blog. Or it means that someone looked at her blog using a VPN. It does not mean Sophie Hunter was in Japan, that is just a lie that Aeltrileaf tells to get attention. Her blog is one hundred percent lies, and so is her friend Gatorfish's as well. Don't let them upset you, I can assure you that they have zero effect on the Cumberbatch family.

NachoCheeseFries said...

I met Andrew Scott, he seemed very unassuming and lovely to talk to. Mark Gatiss can be quite abrupt, I'd be inclined to think it's him. He'll have won awards for the show, given that he co-wrote it.


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