Friday, August 17, 2018

Four For Friday - The Sequel

Why didn't he make it? One simple reason. He put his foot down and said he would call a press conference to tell the world what the producers were doing with the kids they were auditioning for no reason because the script didn't actually call for any kids to be in the movie. Oh, sure, they invented a couple background walk on type roles for the kids to appear in to make sure the parents were assuaged. Yeah, sorry you didn't know where your son was all day, but hey, good news he gets to be in the movie now.

This actor, who has never probably eclipsed B+ list was portrayed as a troublemaker for spreading the truth. He was effectively blacklisted by any and all people who were friends with the producers which was 75% of Hollywood. There was a group though who were not friends and they have kept the actor at least earning enough to make a living.

I can't even watch the film any longer because of what I know what was happening on the set. The actor said the multiple bedrooms used in scenes in the movie would often smell of cigars and booze because that is often where the producers would take the boys after their "tour" of the set. Our actor also says that every other actor on that film set knew what was going on but they valued their careers more than the horrors taking place.

Only one other person on set was willing to sacrifice their career and this foreign born actress did. When she walked out, she basically didn't work again for almost two decades.


Brayson87 said...

You know what, if people are assaulting children, you'd better do damn better than just walking off a job or threatening to call a press conference. At the very least gather some f*cking evidence.

filmfanb said...

I feel like Edward Furlong but I just cant make the rest fit

SteveD said...

Crispin Glover / Back to the Future / Claudia Wells?

Unknown said...

So a movie with scenes in multiple bedrooms, but no kids in significant parts. That rules out a lot of family movies.

Morninglorri said...


sandybrook said...

I think this was in the 50s or 60s but can't pin down and exact timeframe or a movie

Unknown said...

+1 Brayson

spacecowboy78 said...

I don't know if it is correct, but SteveD's guess does fit.

totaji said...

Was Glover portrayed as a trouble maker? I remember him being considered an eccentric.


What Is It?

Thia said...

SO what movie didn't have many kids in it and was supposed to have a sequel, but didn't?

sandybrook said...

Back to the Future had 2 sequels?

Beyond EMF said...

Matthew Modine? I like the Glover guess.

s.s. said...

Looking at Claudia Wells IMDB, her career trajectory fits in exactly with the timeline on this blind...

sandybrook said...

Ok I think the BI says the actor isn't in the sequel, not that there wasn't a sequel.Got somewhat blacklisted but still got work. The actress got completely blacklisted for 20 years.


Claudia Grace Wells
July 5, 1966 (age 52)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


sandybrook said...

Congratulations SteveD looks very good.

J said...

Right, Brayson!

If I found out my company had secret rooms where children were being raped as a normal course of business, I'd do more than resign and start floating my resume for another job someplace.

Of course, we're told again and again that show business people are too good to just consider taking ordinary jobs, so staying in Hollywood (lovely place, that) is the only choice. Can't possibly expect someone to leave the business entirely.

VDOVault said...

I do not think this is Matthew Modine, but I also know no way in Hades during a heatwave would he put up with anything like what was described on set. He is waaay too family oriented to tolerate crap like that.

Unknown said...

Glover technically wasn't in the sequel they used cgi and he sued them for it. He is also very vocal about Spielberg, definitely fits here.

kiki71 said...

Claudia Wells became a Christian after leaving Hollywood. The story is that she took care of her dying mother but she could have come back and didn't. Glover has always been labeled difficult. Now I want to go look at who kept him busy and then give them my movie going business.


J would you still do it if the police with jurisdiction were dirty and so were the courts and there can be mortal consequences for your heroics

There is a reason it took this long.

MDAnderson said...

I like the Crispin Clover guess but I wonder why he worked with Zemeckis again in Beowulf.

s.s. said...

For the people saying "should've gotten evidence "
How in 1985 do you get evidence SOMEONE ELSE's kids are being molested?
You could carry around a camera or tape recorder and await your chance but everybody around you would know what you are up to.


Behold, mortals, the Crispinishad!

What Is It?
(An essay concerning the subtext of the film by the same title)
by Crispin Hellion Glover

Is this culture content? Is it happy? Are the smiles broadcast by this culture’s media the smiles that reflect the collective mind? Does the self-professed compassion of the media for the unfortunate seem sincere?

Is this culture a Judeo-Christian culture? Is forgiveness a quality of Christian ethos? Didn’t Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold of Columbine high school pose with a caption that stated, “Stay alive, stay different, stay crazy”? Didn’t they target Christians? Weren’t they accused of being “Nazis”? Wasn’t one of them Jewish? Wasn’t one of them an honor student? If these fellows were staying “crazy” and staying “different,” and thinking on their own, were they perhaps manifesting a counter-cultural ideal?

What else in this culture were the Columbine killers attacking? Aren’t “jocks,” whom they killed, generally considered common “good guys” by our culture? Don’t jocks represent pro-cultural values? Do those who hold values that counter the culture see jocks as boorish, vapid, brute, conceited and condescending, who willfully insult and violate those who refuse to gang with the masses?

Were Harris and Klebold reacting to the media itself? Did they give their own lives and take others to make a point about the media at large? Can it be true that the media-at-large is so neurotic that it is unable to truthfully describe the Columbine event? Is it true that a videotape they produced just before the killings is now being withheld so the public can not determine their own thoughts about Harris’ and Klebold’s statements? 

In Civilization and Its Discontents, did Sigmund Freud define a neurotic as an individual holding thoughts that clash with those held by the prevailing culture, an individual who subverts those clashing thoughts to the subconscious that later manifest in the form of anxiety and unnecessary behavior? If this is so, what does one consider a culture whose prevailing ideas express hypocrisy, sham and double-standard? Does this somehow define a neurotic culture?

Does Steven Spielberg hold the same values I wish upon myself? Does the mind of this grinning, bespectacled, baseball-capped man entirely reflect this culture?

Is it true that in his waning years, Orson Welles asked Steven Spielberg for a small amount of money with which he could make a final film? Is it true Steven Spielberg refused? Is it true that Steven Spielberg bought a sled used in Citizen Kane for an extremely large sum of money?

Do Steven Spielberg’s passions burn? Do passions burn in the man now imprisoned who wished to anally rape Steven Spielberg? Do our cultural mouthpieces confidently inform us that the wish to anally rape Steven Spielberg is a bad thought? Could anal rape of Steven Spielberg be simply the manifestation of a cultural mandate?

Jon said...

Back To The Future had tons of kids in it as it was mostly set in a high school.


Do you believe Steven Spielberg is an ideal guide and influence for our culture? Do Steven Spielberg’s films question our culture? What do Steven Spielberg’s films question? Does Steven Spielberg focus much of his fantasy life on young people? Did he portray children wallowing in sewers filled with fecal matter in Schindler’s List? Did he use children to finger paint an adult in Hook? Does he collect the illustrations of Norman Rockwell, such as the one showing a young boy in his underwear examined by a doctor? Are the inclinations of Steven Spielberg above suspicion by the media-fed culture? Was Steven Spielberg very friendly with Michael Jackson? Wasn’t Michael Jackson supposed to play Peter Pan in Steven Spielberg’s version of the story? Now that Michael Jackson is no longer held in favor by the mass media, does Spielberg associate with him? Do Michael Jackson and Steven Spielberg share similar opinions about the sexuality of young boys?

Did Joseph Goebbels popularize certain ideals to the mass culture? Does Steven Spielberg attempt to do the same thing? Is celebrity more special than actual truth in art?

When you join in a conversation with strangers, do you openly discuss any idea whatsoever without fear of conflict? Or do you restrain yourself from discussing certain things for fear of offending people and then becoming an outcast? Are there laws that deem certain forms of thought as bad and wrong? Is what is now termed “hate” a form of thought?

Some One said...

Wasn't Eric Stoltz fired from the Back to the Future, for beinga a "trouble maker"?

Sal Salington said...

Are there multiple bedroom sets in Back To The Future?


Does our culture consider it acceptable to have a minstrel represent a black person on film? Does our culture consider it acceptable to have a person of average intelligence represent a retarded person on film? Why is one thing questionable, and one thing acceptable? Did Adolf Hitler entertain any good thoughts? Was Shirley Temple sexy as a young girl?

What if you wish to express these ideas? Can people sue you for expressing ideas, particularly if they’re blamed for inspiring behavior considered antithetical to cultural norms?

Would the cultural mainstream ever silence or suppress Steven Spielberg? Has the United States government given the immensely wealthy Steven Spielberg millions of dollars to fund a media project that reflects his religious heritage, and his cultural beliefs? Does The Talmud speak of the superiority of the Jews and the inferiority of other cultures and beliefs? Does Steven Spielberg reflect this religious imperative? Is Steve Spielberg neurotic? Is this belief hidden and suppressed?

If one discovers that everything one has been taught to be good is actually false, what then? At what point is one neurotic?

Did Vincent Van Gogh, Diane Arbus and Rainer Werner Fassbinder die for the sins of their culture? Did Joseph Goebbels?

Are we fed massive cultural propaganda? Are we infused with the belief that we act as we wish and do what we want? Are we not simply believing what cultural propaganda suggests us to think?

Do you like MTV? Do you like Steven Spielberg? Do you like post-punk rock? Do you like trip hop? Do you like rap? Do you define yourself according to the music you listen to? Do you consider yourself a true lover of music because you are in a rock band, or because your boyfriend is in a rock band? Do you like tattoos? Do you like body piercing? Do you believe that love, kindness, compassion, recycling and equality will save this culture from all its woes? Do you? Do you?

Is it considered “career suicide” to question Steven Spielberg if one is involved in the entertainment business? If one is not involved in the entertainment business is it considered a social suicide to question Steven Spielberg? If these things are so, what does that point to? Does this mean freedom of expression is actually curtailed in our culture by certain social pressures? Is calling someone a “fascist” in American culture today the counterpart to saying someone was a “communist” during the Joseph McCarthy era of the 1950s?

Does our culture congratulate itself for taking interest in the lack of original ideas personified by the name of Steven Spielberg? Do his films take chances or take risks in order to amplify, change or challenge the cultural though process? Does Steven Spielberg take risks, or does he simulate the idea of taking risks? What risk was involved in making Saving Private Ryan or Schindler’s List, or adopting a black child? Was there any risk at all? Would Steven Spielberg have adopted that same child in the Deep South of the 1950s where there would have been risk of being called a “nigger lover”? Were the adoption of a black child and the subject matter of his movies actually business decisions for which he knew he would be congratulated?


When Steven Spielberg clutched his Academy Award for Schindler’s List, saying it’s for the “six million,” was he speaking of a quantity of people killed, or the quantity of dollars poured into his bank account?

Did Steven Spielberg truly help the culture understand Stanley Kubrick’s ideas at an Academy Awards eulogy? Or did he accuse Kubrick’s films of being “hopeful” to make them seem as if they sell the same ideas as Steven Spielberg’s movies? Was A Clockwork Orange about hope? Was Barry Lyndon about hope? Was Dr. Strangelove about hope? Was Lolita about hope? Was Full Metal Jacket about hope? Was The Killing about hope?

Was Steven Spielberg’s company sued by an African-American woman who claimed that Amistad was based on her writing? Was this African-American woman suddenly happy with Steven Spielberg after he deposited a lot of money into her bank account?

Does the amount of money taken in by people determine happiness in this culture? Is the earth an unlimited resource, or is there a definitive quantity for people to exploit for gross amounts of money? When a capitalist invokes the word “hope,” does he speak about the continued escalation of his earning power, without being stopped? Could this hope be an illusion?

Are the ice sheets of the Arctic and Antarctic melting and shearing off? Could negative population growth possibly help solve this problem? Isn’t one child per two people negative population growth? Would Steven Spielberg ever support the idea of negative population growth within the medium? Have the goals of Freemasonry, as encapsulated by the back half of the dollar bill, succeeded? Has a megastate of greed been created?

Did DreamWorks, the megacorporate entity co-owned by Steven Spielberg, consider paving over the last remaining wetland in Southern California to create a studio? Does Steven Spielberg feel comfortable emasculating the natural? Is climbing the Alps, or is riding the Matterhorn rollercoaster in Disneyland, more attractive to Steven Spielberg? Is the theme park mentality of our culture, which is made to feel “right” and “moral” by the propagandizing movies of Steven Spielberg, helping to destroy individual thought processes and emasculate what remains of the earth?


Is it possible that the Columbine shootings would have not occurred if Steven Spielberg had never wafted his putrid stench upon our culture, a culture he helped homogenize and propagandize?

Would the culture benefit from Steven Spielberg’s murder, or would it be lessened by making him a martyr? Or would people then begin to realize their lives had become less banal and more interesting due to his departure?

Because I think it is possible a beautiful piece of non-lingual music could well be written by an angry victim once Steven Spielberg becomes a corpse. It could be that this angry victim of banal and ruinous propaganda will have written an anthem signaling a new era, a new thought process, a new music, and a new culture that is desperately needed in the coming days, and forevermore.

The one question lingering before this new utopian culture may very well be:


Some One said...

Are you paid by the character or by the line Geeljire?

Unknown said...

There were several houses in BTTF part 2 - Future Marty McFly house, alternate 1985 McFly house (with another family in it), Biff's hotel room.

Unknown said...

Part 2 really only had young kids in 2 scenes - the diner/chase scene with Elijah Wood as the young boy, and the sleeping girl in the alternate 1985 McFly house.

Unknown said...

Where does Drew Barrymore fit in with the Spielberg rumors? Because she was involved with Charlie's Angels and Glover has a prominent role in that.

Anonymous said...

RE: the Crispen Glover guess - it might be worthwhile to point out that Elijah Wood had a small role in the first Back to the Future movie

Sal Salington said...

Glover wasn't in part 2, so those sets are irrelevant.

I think these guesses are all off target, this is something else.

s.s. said...

Prominent names in the production credits--Spielberg, Marshall, Kennedy and Bob Gale....and Spielberg was on-set as his assistant is also listed in the credits...

Buddytesla said...

Exactly. Why does everyone here always assume the first guess is correct, no matter how stupid it is?

Beyond EMF said...
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Unknown said...

Not the first, the 2nd.

SteveD said...

The high school students were actors in their 20s, at least the speaking roles were and the background students looked like it.
Not sure whether there were any legit kids.

Bedrooms, there was at least Marty's and young George's. Maybe Lorraine's?

I'm not certain everything fits, was mostly going off the career paths of the two actors.

totaji said...

Eric had nothing to do with the sequel.

Mac said...

A lot of this fits BTF - Zemeckis/Spielberg, Claudia Wells - certainly!
I think Billy Zane fits the never eclipsed b list blind batter than Crispin Glover. As good as Crispin was, he was very weird and chose weird movies - I think that had more to do with his never hitting A list than any blackballing.

The snag is if it was that out in the open, I am having a hard time imagining Michael J fox not having a serious problem with it.

Also wouldn't enty refer to it as "franchise"?

s.s. said...

The movie this happened was the first BTTF, not one of the sequels, in spite of the title of this blind.

That's confusing people---using ""The Sequel" might be Enty's reference to the weird digital recreation they did of Glover on Part 2.

The G Man said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are correct

Brayson87 said...

@J, Agreed, it is getting old to repeatedly hear, oh we didn't know, oh we kind of suspected, oh we knew, oh but we had no power, oh our careers, we had to support our families, oh we were afraid, blah blah blah. How do they think the victims felt?

Haven't heard so much bullshit rationalizing since Germany 1945.

Unknown said...

Where was she born?



Anonymous said...

Except Glover's character probably had a more crucial role in the sequel before he walked, to the point where they had to use a stand-in for him; was Zane's character even in the second one?

Mac said...

Where was she born?

"Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Claudia Wells grew up in San Francisco, California, and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 14. She later graduated from Beverly Hills High School."

totaji said...

Why is this not about a sequel. What about this blind gives you that impression?

SteveD said...

Claudia is an American citizen but was born in Malaysia.

J said...

Mortal consequences, Geeljire?

Can you give me a few examples of performers who went to the police to allege mass child rape who ended up dead as a direct result?

Not being a movie star != being killed.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Ok so it doesn't actually say it was the set of a movie he was in. Just that he was on set at some point early on, possibly during preproduction. So, it could be BTTF 2. Neither Crispin nor Claudia were in part 2. The stories he gave (there were a few) were lies; they were supposed to be in there but were replaced.

Incidentally, Elijah Wood has hinted that he was molested at one point but backtracked almost immediately.

Also, this blind states that producers were involved, and the actors were aware, but doesn't say anything about director. So *maybe* Zemeckis wasn't complicit, and that's why they worked together again?

I will say though, that Crispin Glover, even in the 80s was an eccentric character actor type. He was never going to be a leading man. Maybe it worked out better for him this way, as he's always been the most interesting part of every movie he's been in, regardless of budget.

Mac said...

Stephe, yes Zane was in BTFII.
It could be either of them really.
Any clue why MJF would be down with all of this? Do we need to re-think the set of Family Ties?

Pumpkin said...

Why don’t the people who know about the crime NEVER report it to the police ??

Mac said...

Statute of limitations is long past, but someone can still do a lot of good by speaking up and naming names, even now.
DO a reveal on this ENTY!

gauloise said...

Elijah said he knew of molestation but his mom had protected him, then he backtracked from that saying he didnt really know anything.

Sara, Making It Work said...

I'll add that Spielberg and Zemeckis never worked together after the BTTF movies, so it's possible he knew about it or found out later. (Again, the blind does not say anything about the director being involved.)
RZ cut ties with SS, and maybe that's why CG worked with him again, eventually.

gauloise said...

Here is what Glover wrote about SPielberg that caused the controversy:

Mac said...

Wasn't there a deal where they shut down production after weeks of shooting and fired Eric Stoltz as the lead? That seems really fishy as well. He is a decent actor and I can easily see him in the role. He might not be as good as Fox, but would they have just thrown away millions in production costs and labor for that?
Maybe he didn't like what was going on either.

Mac said...

Not saying any of that is proof, but it is really odd that all these weird things swirled around that set. Good actors being replaced costing millions, actors leaving the business, actors not wanting to come back for sequels of a HUGE hit.

Anonymous said...

I remember at the Oscars one year when Spielberg announced Zemeckis as Best Director (for Forrest Gump?) and seemed really thrilled for him. They may not have worked again but they didn't seem like they were on bad terms.

Sara, Making It Work said...

I agree that it does make you question the real reason Eric Stoltz was replaced. This blind is clearly Glover, as he has definitely publicly spoken out about Spielberg, but it does make you question what Stoltz knew, too.

Also, people wonder why MJF would be involved in this mess and not say anything. Or wonder "What happened on Family Ties?" That's an excellent question, although Crispin actually guest starred on Family Ties a couple times. And had previously been in a TV movie with MJF (High School USA). I would imagine they'd built a friendship over that stretch of time, but to my knowledge (and I used to follow Crispin religiously) they did not associate with each other after the BTTF movies.

Mac said...


Interesting read if you can make it past the horrible missteps in the beginning where Crispin conflates what should not be conflated, and make mutually exclusive things which simply are not.
Once he zeroes in on SS he goes o a tear!

Mac said...

Thanks Sara, making.

Anonymous said...

I dont know why but I keep thinking about Andrew McCarthy and Judd Nelson, part of the original 'brat pack', and perhaps the set of St Elmo's Fire
I thought they would both be superstars

Unknown said...

People zeroed in on Back to the Future very quickly, but I think that's partly because of things we know from other blinds. This one is really pretty light on details:

* A set with multiple bedrooms. As someone pointed out, it doesn't say they necessarily filmed in them. But at least we know it had domestic scenes; it didn't take place on a spaceship or something.

* No kids except a few walk-on parts.

* An actor who peaked at B+, who got blacklisted and portrayed as a troublemaker for spreading the truth, but managed to keep making a living at acting thanks to some friends. Was Glover "spreading the truth" back in the 1980s? I don't know. His "What Is It?" essay was written in the 2000s; he made the film he named it after in 2005.

* The victims were boys.

* All the actors knew (so it's highly unlikely the director and other crew wouldn't have) and the others kept their mouths shut.

* Except one foreign-born actress who walked out and mostly didn't act again for almost 20 years.

Steve said...

Back to the Future had at least two bedrooms - after Marty goes back in time, he wakes up in his mom's room where she calls him Calvin, and at the end of the movie he wakes up in his own modern-day bedroom.

And there were children walking around the town - he even steals one kid's soapbox racer and converts it to a skateboard.

Not saying this movie is the right guess, but at least some of the pieces fit.

IanPhlegming said...

I think this is Glover, not Eric Stoltz.

Reasoning: Title of piece is "The Sequel" and opening line is "Why didn't he make it?"

There's some really freaky videos about BTTF and 9/11, and a more recent one that integrates RZ's "The Walk" as well.

All these people are sorcerers of some kind.

if you've not seen this clip from BTTF III, you should check it out. Most likely relevant.

Maggie T said...

Jesus. Or the director is the creep who put him up to it.

Maggie T said...

Ugh, Zemeckis. No way he didn't know about it.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Maybe a relevant time to mention that season 3 of Stranger Things takes place in summer 1985, just in time for BTTF to have been released. Throw in the skateboard loving character Max, and it's 99.9% likely that S3 will continue the Spielberg worship via BTTF references, maybe even a time travel storyline.

If I'd realized ST was just a Spielberg propaganda machine, I never would've started watching. As it is, I only just last month started, because my daughter was obsessed with it, and begging me to watch with her. And I'm such an 80s geek as it is. 😣😣

Sara, Making It Work said...

I took "make it" to mean, "make it big" but you could be right. "Make the sequel works too."

Angela said...

It's more amusing to see how the blind was created than to think about it.

The Crispin Glover essay about Spielberg, "What Is It?" was written about 2003. To my knowledge, it was the only source of public allegations against Spielberg until this site went full retard.

Now, there are two things about the only time Glover worked on a Spielberg production, Back to the Future. Glover and Claudia Wells both opted out of the sequels. Wells was replaced by Elizabeth Shue, who was definitely a superior actress, and Glover got an impersonator wearing prosthetics combined to outtakes from the first film in the sequel. As his image had been used, he also successfully sued the production for using his name and image without compensation.

So, if I had to build a blind item from scratch to fuel my stories about Spielberg being a pedo, what would I do?

First, I'd say that the real reason for which Glover and Wells aren't in the sequel is because of child molestation during the production. That would allow the blind to match what Glover once wrote.
Glover later said in an 2013 that he didn't want to be in the sequel because he didn't agree with the ending of the original film, as the McFlys got wealthy due to what Marty had done in 1955. Glover thought it was tasteless.
Wells left the sequels officially to take care of her mother, who was sick with cancer. Other reasons, like burnout after so much exposure for her debut film or drugs, have sometimes been mentioned.
Of course, the conspiracy theorists can argue that Glover had change his tune about Spielberg and the film to stop being blacklisted from major productions, yet Glover got supporting parts between 2003 and 2013 in the Charlie Angels sequel (Columbia), Beowulf (Paramount and Warner, directed by Zemeckis), Alice in Wonderland (Disney), the animated film 9 (Focus - Universal) and Hot Tub Time Machine (MGM). OK, Fox isn't in that list.

Then, there's the issue that there are indeed very few scenes with kids in Back to the Future, so you focus instead on extras in the background, and you explain that these kids had to spend days on the set. Of course, any parent would have been very suspicious if their kid had been asked to spend days or weeks on the set while the kid was just in the background and could have easily been replaced by another kid. But, hey, Einstein didn't write this blind. And the parents may have been very stoopid.

The blind item that was published naturally leaves a few glaring holes, as it is written out of speculation and guesses. For instance, why would Crispin Glover work with Zemeckis again on Beowulf? If "every other actor on that film set knew what was going on", the director naturally knew, and was complicit to what happened.
Then, it didn't bother Glover to mention in his text the ties between Spielberg and Jackson, and to cover on the very same year a song strongly associated with Michael Jackson, "Ben", for his remake of Willard.
He also had no issues to act in an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, a novel by Lewis Carroll, whose hobby was to photograph and draw little girls in the nude. But the film is crap anyway.

And, if you want consistency, one of the key things that made Glover angry about Spielberg, in this text that's frankly an unreadable rant, is the way that Spielberg allegedly betrayed Stanley Kubrick's views on life and filmmaking.
May I remind you that, according to this very site, Kubrick is supposed to be one of the worst monsters in history concerning child molesting, worse even than Spielberg? How ironic that he would take Kubrick's side. I won't say that either Glover was totally clueless or that the guy who wrote this is an idiot, as these hypotheses are not mutually exclusive.

But, hey, the blind item will make the readers who want to know all about (((Hollywood))) happy, so who am I to judge?

AlleyKat said...

Your taking the piss surely!

Mac said...

"Your taking the piss surely!"

Every time someone says that I think of this scene from "Happy Go Lucky" with Sally Hawkins.


Sorry I can't read this schizophrenic dreck

IanPhlegming said...

Didn't read the word block from that pedo-defender Angela, but did see the opening lie that Glover's not-so-subtle accusations against SS are the lone claim he's dirty.

Of course Angela knows that's a lie, because all the guy does is come here and lie. But for others who would like to know more:

This essay from Adam Parfrey is 20 years old. It's called "Pederastic Park" :

Here's an article about how Spielberg and George Lucas originally planned to have the back story of Indiana Jones and Marion include subtext about him raping her when she was 12:

This guy, as he wins a Tony, seems to be suggesting Spielberg is a master of the casting couch:

Guesser said...

@Angela, "full Retard", "stoopid". Can't you guys get new scripts? And yes,in the Eighties,when being in a Spielberg film could make you a star,parents wouldn't question leaving their kids on set. Just as people left their kids with Priests,teachers,and Doctors treating gymnasts for over twenty years. Because they had a reputation. And in a!most every case, someone knew,and said nothing.

plot said...

@Some one

"Wasn't Eric Stoltz fired from the Back to the Future, for beinga a "trouble maker"?"

No, he didn't fit the role of Marty very well. It happens.


"Are there multiple bedroom sets in Back To The Future?"



" there are indeed very few scenes with kids in Back to the Future"

Having no kids around never stopped a pedo in one of Enty's blinds. Enty will always find a way.

Amy said...

I think it's pretty obvious that @Geeljire beat you to it gauloise.


How about some of your sobriety tricks instead of pedo deflection, plot?

Amy said...



I found plot's cousin and spirit animal

The Catholic League issued a prickly written rebuttal to this week’s Pennsylvania grand jury report revealing rampant child sex abuse by priests — insisting that news of an ongoing pedophilia problem in the church is “a total myth” and that “no one was found guilty of anything.”

“There is no on-going crisis — it’s a total myth,” Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic anti-defamation organization, said in a claim that was quickly met with scorn and disgust.

“In fact, there is no institution, private or public, that has less of a problem with the sexual abuse of minors today than the Catholic Church,” Donohue wrote in a tweetthat linked to a longer statement on the organization’s website.

- said...

2000 Yazidi women sold into sex slavery by ISIS.

Just doing what their paedophile prophet did.

Islam: a death cult based entirely on rape and murder, invented by an illiterate rapist and murderer in 7th century arabia.

Amy said...

I don't actually think this is 'Back to the Future.' I read all your comments and some great stuff but the whole time I was thinking 'they've got this all wrong!'

Amy said...

But actually I can't find anything else that fits!

Mac said...

It is possible Amy.

I think the clue that would narrow the field down the most is an actress who left the industry for 2 decades shortly after the film was made, and then came back. That is one of the reasons why BTF fits this so well.

Can you think of another actress that fits that? And I don't think we can leave any out just because of what the PR release said was the reason, because obviously it won't say the real reason in this case. it is going to be something like family or personal reasons, start a family etc.

Did Phoebe Cates ever come back?

Sara, Making It Work said...

Sure, that was Glover's explanation in 2013, but he'd given at least two others previously.
1) doing a sequel isn't challenging
2) they weren't paying him enough.
The story has changed.

Also, I'm not sure he was saying MJ was a pedophile. He was mentioning the accusations against MJ, and a falling out between MJ and SS, perhaps implying that the two are not unrelated. There is a theory that the actions against MJ were a smear campaign by SS's people.


Yazidis worship Melek Taus (Satan) and ISIS was a Mossad operation
You're terrible at this shit


Did any of it even happen as reported, Comrade Ogilvy?

Sara, Making It Work said...

The first BTTF had at least two bedroom sets, and someone above mentioned three bedrooms for part 2.
My feeling is that the incidents in the blind happened in part 2, because the actors didn't walk off part 1.

Also, read it again. These kids are getting molested During the audition process (which is par for the choose in these blinds). There doesn't have to be a lot of children in the movie. 100s of kids audition.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Even if CG published the essay as late as 2003, it's about the theme of his film "What Is It?" The film itself was finally released in 2005, but it took well over a decade from pre production to official release. I actually attended a screening of a rough cut back in the mid 90s. So clearly, "SS as pedophile" is not an idea that just popped into his head in 2003. He had been living with the concept for a decade or more. He'd also been writing books and music well before he started making "What Is It" and I bet if I examined them today (I still have a lot of it in a box somewhere) I could find similar themes.

Stupidpervs said...

Nice read πŸ‘Œ

Stupidpervs said...

All of religion is steeped in murder and rape ..people were savages you just don't get the full story is all covered up like the priest...

Mary Lamb said...

Very good guess. Crispin has been quite outspoken, even if in verse. I hope he's okay.
If so, Claudia Wells for the foreign born actress.

Paul Saint John said...

Who's the man in prison who attempted to anally rape Steven Spielberg?

Paul Saint John said...


Yaziris are zoroastrians. They do not worship satan. Theirs is one of the oldest religions in the world; back when the ancestots of Mohammed and his pathetic tribesmen were killing time fucking goats waiting for the inspiration to invent a religion that would fit bandits, boy-buggerers, woman-beaters and goat-herders, Zoroaster has spread his word far and wide, and turned Mazdeism into a state religion in Persia.

Mary Lamb said...

@Angela said:

"Glover later said in an 2013 that he didn't want to be in the sequel because he didn't agree with the ending of the original film, as the McFlys got wealthy due to what Marty had done in 1955. Glover thought it was tasteless."

Link please.

"Wells left the sequels officially to take care of her mother, who was sick with cancer. Other reasons, like burnout after so much exposure for her debut film or drugs, have sometimes been mentioned."

Link please.

I've never heard either of these stories. If you are going to make these claims, please provide proof of these statements.

Mary Lamb said...

Good questions, Sara. We want to adore MJF but who the hell knows who he really is.
By the way, I loved Eric Stoltz. Great actor.

Unknown said...

George's bedroom was also in the first Back to the Future. It's in the scene where Marty wears the radiation suit and blasts heavy metal into George's ears. If you recall it was Marty creating a fake nightmare in an attempt to get George to ask Lorraine to the dance.

So there's that bedroom, Marty's, Lorraine's... And I think that's it. unless 1985 doc's bedroom is shown. But I think the scene only shows the backfiring breakfast machine.

It could be Back to the Future as many things do fit. But whatever it is the movie has to have a sequel, an actor who refused to be in that sequel and an actress whose career nosedived.

Someone also mentioned Edward Furlong. But his biggest film was Terminator 2. Which is the sequel. T3 was a long ways away. He was also cast at 13. And the blind doesn't say it was a child actor. His career was ruined by drugs and relatives in a tug of war over his career and money. I think that Miko Hughes from Pet Sematary also had issues with his parents screwing him over financially. He was a regular guest star on Full House as a friend of Michelle. Just a little interesting because Edward Furlong was in Pet Sematary 2.

I think this is a common issue for child stars. just look at what happened to Feldman. The parents care more about the $$$ than their own child's welfare. So the kids exploited in these blinds likely had parents with both stars and dollar signs in their eyes. Even a role as an extra in a crowd could be a ticket to stardom. So if little Johnny was gone all day and came back smelling like cigars and shaking to the core then so be it. You- I mean him might be a millionaire soon!

T2 came out when I was about 11 or 12 and I remember thinking Edward Furlong would be the next Corey. I think a lot of people did.

I really liked Brainscan and watched it a lot when I was a kid. But he didn't have the kind of career you expected and ended up pretty messed up. It wasn't a big film. But American History X was and that was in 1998.

I just can't think of anything other than Back to the Future. As a kid I didn't even know that wasn't Crispin Glover in the sequel.

Eric Stoltz just didn't work out. Here's a scene comparison between Stoltz and Fox:

A commentor there says Tom Wilson (Biff) claimed Stoltz was an ass on set and had some inconsistent method acting. Can't verify that as true since I haven't seen/read that interview.

If you look at the available footage he just doesn't cut it. I think the movie would have still been big. But not nearly as big and iconic as it came to be. Michael J Fox was a huge star at the time. Every girl in America was wild about him. he was really great as Marty and a perfect fit. Stoltz... Definitely not.

DVD extra about Stoltz not working out. There's five weeks of footage. But obviously all of it hasn't been released:

He was not good with the comedy aspect of Marty McFly. It didn't gel well with the way the script was intended to be read and they were on a very strict schedule if they didn't want the movie to be cancelled. so after five weeks they decided to start from scratch. With five weeks in the hole it's amazing they got it together as amazingly as they did.

You'd think the time crunch would make them think twice about replacing Stoltz and just hope they could get him better acclimated to the comedic side of the role. But they took a gamble and won big time. I don't think Stoltz fits because of the way the blind is worded. Stoltz never made it into the finished version in any capacity and as far as I know wasn't asked to have any role in the sequel.

BRAD PITT said...

"Spielberg announced Zemeckis as Best Director

they didn't seem like they were on bad terms "

have you seen all the photos of weinstein with his victims ?

they look so happy and comfortable

Sara, Making It Work said...

I watched that scene (never even seen part 3 before!) and honestly, it just looks like the kid had to pee, and he's trying to discreetly signal to someone.

Unknown said...


"Geeljire said...
Sorry I can't read this schizophrenic dreck"

But you can read a entire fucking PEDO BIBLE, worship it, pray to it, live by its' words, and then come on cdan and somehow rant against pedophilia? Do you really think everyone falls for your cheap shtick Gee, because not all of us are such easily influenceable simpletons like your handful of fans here.

I have yet to read anything by you, condemning the largest pedo group on earth, the one that does most damage, to most children, that runs though dozens and dozens of countries, and several continents, legally and without interruption, for the last 1,400 years. The numbers we are talking about here run into the hundreds of millions! And yet, not a peep from you, despite all of your thousands of comments, everyday, on every Blind. NOT ONE WORD

Yeah, Gee the rabid mouth-foaming token Muslim as your righteous anti-pedophilia warrior, folks. It's not for show, it's 'real'...

Who the fuck do you inbred turd think you're fooling exactly?
You know, you can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you can't fool al of the people, all of the time.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Who said he didn't go to the police? The LAPD is known to "misplace" evidence. Corey Feldman's interviews that fell behind a desk or whatever for 25 years.

Mary Lamb said...

That's because ever since spyware (or whatever they called it in the 70s) was invented, it always been used to film the police, all the way up to the Commissioner. Let's not forget about Governors, Judges, Mayors and such. That's the way the scale balances.
The studios have run Hollywood and thereby Los Angeles since the days of Mary Pickford, if not Buster Keaton!
Desert turns to gold and those involved with making that happen weren't exactly upstanding citizens.
Much like NYC real estate business and governments from all over the world.

MrPresident said...

Spielberg Is A Pedo, they All know

plot said...


"Didn't read the word block from that pedo-defender Angela"

-So I'll just produce my own! No, wait, several of my own! love, DDonna

plot said...


"Nice read πŸ‘Œ"

Aren't you cute, tiny little baby hands and all.

plot said...


"Yaziris are zoroastrians."

A 5 minute net search proved that isn't true. Damn dude!


"We want to adore MJF but who the hell knows who he really is."

THUS a new delicious rumor, too exciting to ignore, is started by The Great Pedo Hunters of 2018!


"I think this is a common issue for child stars. just look at what happened to Feldman"

You say it's common and then list only one (who happens to be extremely compromised himself.) BTW, have any of the Great Pedo Hunters of 2018 made an exact list of the children who we KNOW were molested or raped? Or is it assumed all of them were?

Exaggeration does as much damage to your point as ignoring the real cases of real abuse.

So, yes, Hollywood attracts some screwed up people and even worse some screwed up parents (I've rewatched Magnolia with this is mind. Paul Thomas Anderson certainly knew his stuff, raised in the environment, and the movie could be called the shards of broken people produced by the abuse of children (sexual or otherwise) in Hollywood.)

But falling for Enty's continuous litany of pedos, to keep this site alive, helps absolutely NO ONE, much less the individual abilities to understand how it happens.

Oh great, let's hit up BTTF! Who or what will it be next week?

plot said...


Just soz you know, and don't feel too stupid, Gee isn't Muslim. He isn't anything really. He chose a name that means Camel Fucker, inadvertently. So he's kinda an idiot, too. Too bad he didn't copy/paste that into a search engine.

Mary Lamb said...

You knew you'd provoke me to reply to you sooner or later, so here you go.
Why are you so head fucking bent on defending people who may or may not be pedophiles? And don't tell me that you're fighting the good fight of innocent until proven guilty.
I simply said that MJF is an endeared person who may or may not have turned his head from the wiles of the Hollywood system.

Your 'delicious' comment is what made me respond. You knew it would.
You made me sick. You are a fucking ugly person.
In case you didn't know, ass face, the nicest guys molest children.
That's how they get away with it.
But... according to you, they only exist as basement dwellers and only abuse one or two people in their lifetime.
I think you are Angela.
I also think that that cdan has hired provocateurs to stir up comments. You may very well be one or more of them.

Angela (or is it Andrea?) is not Derek. Stop trying to make it so.
Derek was a democrat and wouldn't be spewing that shit.
Stop trying to make everything about him. There's plenty of asshole to go around. Take it easy, folks.

plot said...


"You knew you'd provoke me to reply to you sooner or later"

Your mind is none of my business. If you are provoked that is all on you.

"Why are you so head fucking bent on defending people who may or may not be pedophiles?"

Where have I done this? Be specific. If you want to BELIEVE that kids on BTTF were abused, like some BELIEVE in spirits, that is an awfully weird place to house your precious faith (seriously, faith is precious.)

But you aren't finding pedos, let's not play games here. Dropping MJF's name into your Pedo Hunt is simply wrong, as are most of your other guesses. Yet you can't stop because it thrills you.

"the nicest guys molest children"

Yes, pedos tend to be nice so people trust them. This I know, personally and through research.

That does NOT give YOU the right to accuse every nice guy of being a pedo, however.

"I think you are Angela."

You would be wrong. There are countless details right here to prove we are different people. Great investigation skills there!

" is not Derek"

What? Where have I posted about this person at all?

Angela said...

@ Mary Lamb

"Link please."

You could have found the links just with a few Google searches ("Crispin Glover BTTF ending interview" or "Claudia Wells mother"), but here they are anyway.

Glover spoke a few times about why he preferred the original ending to the film, which they had already shot with him and Stolz when Stolz was fired, and voiced his opinion to Zemeckis and writer Bob Gale. He also says that he didn't opt out of the sequels, but that he wasn't asked back.

Here's a long interview from 2012 where he tries to explain what went wrong (end of the interview):

" I had a conversation with Robert Zemeckis about it and I said, “I think if the characters have money [in the updated timeline at the end of the film], if our characters are rich, it’s a bad message. That reward should not be in there.” People love the movie, and of course who am I to say—I was 20 years old, though. And again, I was stepping into it from a time period of questioning. But Robert Zemeckis got really angry. Essentially, he did not like that idea. He was pissed.(...)
"I think there would be a better message if, instead of the son character pumping his fist in the air or whatever, jumping up in the air because he has a new truck [in the new timeline], if instead the reward was that the mother and father characters are in love with each other. And that there’s the potential that money comes in. I think [equating their new riches with moral success] is a bad message. And this is aligned to those things in film that I’m saying serve the interests of a corporate element.(...)

"(Interviewer) So did you not come back for the next film because you were uncomfortable with the message, or did they not invite you back because Zemeckis was angry with you?

"(Glover) It gets so complex. It would take a long time to go through all the details of what happened. But suffice it to say, the reality was that they did not want me back in the film. And it stems from that."

The 2013 interview was with Opie and Anthony and is available here:

Zero mention of child molestation.

Lea Thompson also remembers it that way:

"He was like, 'what, we're so much better because we're now richer and we play tennis?' And that wasn't really the point, the point was that we were a fully functioning family, but he had trouble creating that character."

For Claudia Wells, I wasn't able, for some reason, to find a contemporary piece from 1986 on the Internet, but she's given interviews too, and she's actually voiced her BTTF character for a video game.

"There was a lot of stuff going on at home, my mom was diagnosed with fourth stage cancer and that was right before Back to the Future II and Back to the Future III were to be filmed so I backed out of those films to deal with the turmoil at home."

Also note that Claudia Wells was a last minute replacement for the original Jennifer Parker, Melora Hardin, who never spent time on set. She was supposed to act opposite Eric Stolz. When the part was recast with Michael J. Fox, they also replaced her because Hardin was slightly taller than Fox.

Angela said...

The situation described by the blind item about the kids could simply not happen. That's why it's BS. Just think about it for a second.

Actors, even child actors (who also got coaches on set), receive a copy of their lines for the day, or their entire part if it's short. If a child who has no line in the script is supposed to stay on the set for weeks as an extra, any normal parent would find it VERY suspicious.
Then, if your kid returns from the set one day as a totally different person, looks terrified and can't talk about what they did during the day, you would be very concerned and ask a few questions.
Finally, when the film is released, and it turns out that your traumatized kid is just a blurred spot on the background, and that it could actually be anybody, you're supposed to have other questions too, even if the kid got well compensated, even if it's Spielberg, etc. Who would find that tolerable?

That's one reason for which the blind is such a poor fabrication. It doesn't have any basic grasp on human psychology.


So we've got Depeche Model doing hasbara and promoting easily debunked slander as a deflection from Spielberg, Plot being an anti-Somali racist for the 4th or 5th time and falsely claiming I'm not Muslim (falsehood from plot? Never!), and the account claiming to be a Frenchman claiming intimate knowledge of child acting in Hollywood (not France) and asserting "that isn't how it works" despite giving no credentials and allegedly living in France.

Staying up all night writing apologia for Steven Spielberg raping kids. Shit, do you think Spielberg may be influential and connected?

Or in Angela's case "Allegedly waking up first thing in the morning in France with a burning, single-minded desire to defend a wealthy Jewish-American pedophile."

At least plot's mentally ill and Depeche showed up (I HAVE BEEN ON CDAN SINCE 1933) to agree/sockpuppet with Melvin, and all of them are on this "Defend Hollywood Pedophilia At All Costs" standalone complex. For reasons.😎

Good morning CDAN!


Paul, not only is this a very strange thing to write, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

Zoroastrianism is not monotheism, Melek Taus is Angra Mainyu/Ahriman/Satan/Saturn, and the premise of the Yazidi is worshipping Melek Taus because he didn't bow to Allah, because Lucifer, like, really gets what you're going through, man.

Then again barely anyone in the West outside the Talmudists even understands their own faith so why should I expect you to know this about the Yazidi?

J-Mo said...

I wanted Major League to fit because Charlie Sheen was in it with a large cast of men. Wesley Snipes was replaced for the sequel by Omar Epps but none of the female actors quit the biz as far as I can tell. Snipes definitely got a reputation for being difficult.

Guesser said...

@Angela,for one thing,most stage parents are far from "normal" concerned parents,most are looking for a quick way to cash in on a cute or talented kid. The blind does not state anything about being on set for weeks at a time. Predators look for easy targets. It is also routine for extras,sometimes even larger roles to be cut from films. You get paid,you don't complain. You must think this is about Spielberg,so defend him on legit merit,such as not being officially accused,not because this scenerio can't happen,because it can, and does.

hhstarr said...

My cousin was an extra on Edward Scissorhands and was on set for two days just to film the 10 second shot of the kids in class showing surprised faces. So yes, I think if kids were extras in a scene where they are riding scooters down the road or in the soda shop, it might take longer. And knowing fame seeking parents, they would think nothing of it. My other cousin was “set up” to have dinner with M. Caulkin when they were preteens to get press. Not saying this is the correct movie, but never underestimate parents putting fame and money above all else. So sad but true.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Thanks for your insight!

Tiredallthetime said...

He was fired from the sequels for allegedly asking for more money.

I think that this could be percieved as trouble-making. I really,really really hope it isn't him though

Paul Saint John said...


Yes, Zorostrianism is monotheistic, and it's the basis of the Yazidi religion, with influence from Sufism and Christianity. Shaytan is not the Satan of the Muslims, it's not a fallen angel. Sort of like St. Gabriel.
Muslims do revere Satan which they call Allah and its evil envoy, Mohammed, the wickedest man in history.

YeahYouKnowThatsRight said...

I really have no idea why no one does a pedo themed party and when all the pedo guests arrive lock all the doors and set the place on fire. Keep doing this until no pedos are left alive. Problem solved.

plot said...


"Plot being an anti-Somali racist for the 4th or 5th time"

But gee, sweetie pie, you aren't Somalian nor did you check your anonymous handle thoroughly enough.


Did you fall off the wagon?

Amy said...

Thanks Neal. I think it must be BTTF but would love to see another option given.

Anonymous said...

@YeahYouKnowThatsRight excellent idea, gives me the warm and fuzzies just thinking of it!

Someone, anyone.. who was Glover talking about when he mentioned the guy in jail who wanted to anally rape Spielberg? I hadn't heard about that before

SteveD said...

@Sophia There was a stalker about 20 years ago who tried to break into Spielberg's property carrying a "rape kit."

Anonymous said...

@SteveD Thanks for the info :)

Paul Saint John said...

Was the stalker looking for revenge against or mad with lust for Spielberg? Did he ever say his real motive?

NoNONO said...

Depeche Model You nailed it! Yours is the best post I have EVER seen here!

SteveD said...

@Paul People who are sure Spielberg is a predator like to suggest the stalker knew of his crimes and wanted to punish him for them. However, he was found to have filled notebooks writing about being sexually obsessed with Spielberg and imagining that they could become gay lovers. I don't think anyone's shown a plausible connection where the guy would have been a victim of Spielberg or related to one, nor did he even allege that as a defense.

The guy's name is Jonathan Norman if you want to look it up.

Unknown said...

NoNoNO - thanks, had to be fucking said for once. I'm sick of this piece of excrement and his bile. Can't believe there are so many losers who actually fall for his shiite. Actually, not true, I totally can believe it. Idiots are everywhere, and they especially love following around big mouth tossers with mental problems; that's how cults starts.

Hilarious that he thinks he's better than plot.
If these were medieval times, these 2 would be the townnutters, competing for the exclusivity spot in the village square, ringing a bell, and crying 'the end is nigh'.

2 fucking wankers.

Bill Beard said...

@Depeche Model - "I have yet to read anything by you, condemning the largest pedo group on earth, the one that does most damage, to most children, that runs though dozens and dozens of countries, and several continents, legally and without interruption, for the last 1,400 years. The numbers we are talking about here run into the hundreds of millions! And yet, not a peep from you, despite all of your thousands of comments, everyday, on every Blind. NOT ONE WORD"

RIGHT ON! - and the (((people who put them there))).

Paul Saint John said...


Look at the pictures of Spielberg's stalker. A homo bodybuilder who'd have no problems anally fucking a hoard of willing homos in LA.Does he look like a man desperate enough to fuck Spielberg? Strange story. The sentence was unusually harsh.

plot said...


"Both mentally ill."

"Your lives are empty, you are both useless nobodies"

"Because in the real world, nobody does. People avoid you"

So sad you have to use such characterizations to prove your points about anything.

If that is how you get through the day, imaging anyone who inconveniences you is a loser, the tragedy here is YOU.

"I have yet to read anything by you, condemning the largest pedo group on earth, the one that does most damage, to most children, that runs though dozens and dozens of countries, and several continents, legally and without interruption, for the last 1,400 years."

And commenting here does so very much to end these pedo practices. What a brave individual you are!

Itttt said...

IF this blind is regarding BTTF, it does indeed appear to refer to the sequel. Or at least, preproduction/auditions.

Bedrooms in part 1: young George McFly's, young Lorraine's, Marty's 1985 bedroom.

Kids in part 1: the board racers that Marty converts into a skateboard in 1955.

Bedrooms in part 2: future McFly house, can't recall if bedrooms shown. Alternate timeline Marty's bedroom.

Kids in part 2: kids in the 80s diner playing Wild Gunman, kids on the hoverboards.

syd said...

All I know is most of these Hollywood pedos and pervs that seem to be about are JEWS. What does that say???

Raspy said...

I can tell you because I know a director who worked with him that he's a massive pain in the butt diva, and got atrocious to work with after BTTF. I don't think this is him, he's a full of himself auteur who thinks he's too good for h'wood meanwhile he was begging for investors for his weird films

Unknown said...

No. Entus a dumass

Unknown said...

Sounds like a fucking nutjob


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