Saturday, August 18, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #5

August 8, 2018

Someone has been watching Ryan Reynolds interviews about rewriting history to fit in the people in your life that were not present when the history occurred. Such is the case with this foreign born A list dual threat actor who is definitely more focused on movies now it seems. Anyway, he was giving an interview and talking about a television award won and how he told his wife. The thing is though when he won the award he wasn't married and wasn't even "dating" her yet. In fact, he hadn't even met her yet. He was still exclusively with the vowel filled girlfriend.

Benedict Cumberbatch/Emmy Award/Sophie Hunter/Katia Elizarova


R Bee said...

Since I was accused of being some sort of weird fan girl for my comments last time, I shall refrain, haha.

sandybrook said...

"girlfriend" "wife"

yepthatsme said...


R Bee said...

@yepthatsme ALSO Elon Musk and Dancing Boy.

Zebra Seasoning said...

So we've gotten a reveal on a Cumberbum non blind. The only surprise about this one was the girlfriend, and I think Enty's source is wrong about which one it was, but that's beside the point.

How about a reveal on a Cumberbum ACTUAL blind?

Alice H. said...

Except he’d met his now wife 17 years earlier and the were photographed together before the Emmy win.

JL said...

Focused in movies? He just did a Showtime mini series.

Baked_Alaska said...

Except that's not true as Cumberbatch stopped seeing Elizarova in July of 2013 because she was too indiscreet. It's a total PR curveball from Kinvara Balfour's camp. SHE was Cumberbatch's actual girlfriend at the time, everyone knows that. It was semi-casual as he continued to see other people but there were photos of them together at the Grand Prix and later in Venice Beach during late July of 2014. Sophie Hunter ran with the Hamptons crowd (including Weinstein) and was hired through an agency as a tentative PR red carpet girlfriend in March of 2014. She only stepped fully into the role after Balfour refused to kowtow to Weinstein. There were more people involved in that mess but that's the gist of what really happened.

dtfan said...

Well, thanks for proving beyond any reasonable doubt that CDAN posts fake BIs without even the most cursory of fact-checking.

(For those who don't know, this refers to Cumberbatch giving an interview where he mentions something about being in bed with his wife around the time he won his Emmy. They were not married at the time of his Emmy win, but they were very publicly dating, had been photographed attending high profile events together, and they announced their engagement only a few weeks later.)

And it's completely normal to refer to your spouse as "my spouse" when referencing events that happened before the marriage. I recently met someone who went to the same school as my wife. I said "oh my wife went there." I didn't say "the child who later became the adult woman who later became my non-legal partner because gay marriage wasn't legal where we are but I consider her my wife and then later we did get legally married but we considered ourselves married for years before then went to that school." Because... that's not how actual human beings speak?? It's fairly obvious when I say "my wife went to that school" that I'm not admitting to having married an 8-year-old. It's just a common figure of speech.

This BI is not "PR" thing from anyone. Just another fake BI from those two severely mentally ill obsessed fans on Tumblr who cannot accept that their fantasy boyfriend is married to someone else. They've been ranting and raving about the "in bed with my wife" comment since the interview came out, because they can't bear to think of Cumberbatch touching another woman. The wording of the BI is almost word for word identical to some of their own blog posts, and they constantly post stuff like "Oh I hear CDAN is going to be posting a new Cumby BI tomorrow" and then get increasingly agitated and post stuff like "come ON CDAN why haven't you posted the new BI yet!!" How would they know when CDAN is about to drop a new BI ahead of time, and why would they be so upset about a delay in it being posted, unless they're the ones submitting the BIs?

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Zebra Seasoning said...

dtfan- you bring up excellent points. Pity there are photos of him nowhere near his wife on the day in question.


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