Sunday, August 26, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

August 22, 2018

This foreign born former A- list singer is just begging her bosses to not bring her back next season by her actions. When you show up to work half in the bag and get progressively worse throughout work, it is not very conducive to remaining employed.

Mel B


AwkwardTurtle said...

I like how the tabloids spin it that she's entering rehab for alcohol because she was drinking to deal with the PTSD from her marriage. Good PR people. Woe is she!

longtimereader said...

Something even us 9-5 dummies understand, get high/drunk after work.

dhianna said...

IMO when she is out of it like she was last week, it is hard to understand what she is saying. I have a hard time anyway understanding her but when she is buzzed out of her mind, it is much harder.......tick tock=rehab

MsDrtMover said...
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Scandi Sanskrit said...

But what if it’s not a PR spin and it’s actually true? 🤷🏻‍♀️

You can get PTSD from bad relationships.

AwkwardTurtle said...

All rumors start with a kernel of the truth. She could very well have PTSD from her marriage. That can happen to the best of us, but taking drugs and alcohol to deal is where she could be at fault.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Uhm. I used to believe the “there’s never smoke without fire” thing, but if there’s anything I’ve learned in the past 3–4 years it’s that not all rumours start with a “kernel of truth”.

I don’t know any of the celebs Enty talks about in this blog, but I can tell you I’ve had 2 lies told of me that were totally baseless.

The first one to be fair was because I was lied to myself and I believed it (I was catfished). There was zero “kernel of truth” in it.

The second lie was completely fabricated by a nutjob on Tumblr. It was seriously messed up. I had an important life event on November 14, 2015 that required focus, and someone posted all these anon asks to throw me off, about how I hated an entire ethic group (a group I never even talk about because I’m too busy with all the issues that come with being Asian). Next thing you know, CNY Anon was a public enemy #1 in the fandom’s spiritual sub-group (and I couldn’t even trace where the public opinion came from, it felt like the accusations came out of nowhere—even the lady who ran the blog had an opinion about me, I wondered if someone was talking trash about me to her in private chats). And it was the first time somethng like that ever happened to me in English on an internationally-visited blog (as opposed to the local bullying I used to get in high school) and I was just glad when the lady who ran the blog deleted the whole thing, I felt really vulnerable. It really traumatisé me.

If there’s anything I learned from the messy mess I got dragged into, it’s that PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING.

But maybe I’m just rambling because I’m a Spice Girls fan and I don’t like hearing all this scary crap about Mel B and I want it to be 1998 again. The simple old days where their only problem was Geri leaving the band... 🤷🏻‍♀️

Scandi Sanskrit said...

*ON this bligb

AwkwardTurtle said...

@Scandi Sanskrit I'm sorry those things happened to you :-( I don't know Mel B either, but I do know that people like to play for the tabloids sometimes. I guess we'll just have to see if the true ever does out itself.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Thanks. 💛

FWIW, Geri seems to live a relatively normal peaceful life these days... ⛅️

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mercyprosperity said...

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