Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Blind Item #5

I have written about this this very rich somewhat infamous celebrity who has to this point somehow avoided being arrested. I wrote how she was in the middle of a sex trafficking ring smuggling children from other countries who were used for sex and house sex slaves. In a recent communique while I was pressing her for details on what she is most infamous for, she let slip that she has three of these underage females under her own roof and is molding them in the way her leader would appreciate. I took that to mean she and her significant other are using them for sex.


Tricia13 said...

India Oxenberg?


Hillary Clinton


Someone had to

MDAnderson said...

Sara Bronfman??

Tricia13 said...

And NVIXM/Keith Rainer?

A said...

Lol ok.

HeatherBee said...

Imelda Marcos

Jimbonius said...

Could any of those NVIXM whackos still be trying shenanigans? Would they be that self-unaware?

I did see yesterday one of the other Seagrams heirs was wrapped up in the NVIXM silliness.

JL said...

St Ange

cc423 said...

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.


Immanentize the eschaton!

One America News

Exposed - Creator of QAnon Speaks for the First Time: (link: via @YouTube

cc423 said...

Such a trusted source:

- said...

Rape, paedophilia, sex slavery.

In islam, that's called following the prophet (piss be upon him).

VikingSong said...

1+ Hamid

cc423 said...

Read the bible Hamid... Particularly the parts including incest, rape, pedophilia....

sandybrook said...

if Bronfman hasnt been arrested its most likely her.

BestMan said...

I think this might be Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. She supplied many, including Prince Andrew.

ancoranonhocapito said...

Sara Bronfman, though I wouldn't call her a celebrity, not even for infamity

Spider Rico said...

If you know of serious crimes being committed, and do noting about it, you are complicit. Know YOU are complicit in said crimes. Not sure how you live with yourself knowing what you know, yet sit back and just blogging about it. Criminal.

Brayson87 said...

You're bullshitting us right? Not only do you know of a current sex slave situation, you're posting about it on the internet before those girls are safe? WTF do you think would happen in a real situation like this? Those girls would immediately disappear Natalee Holloway style.

Enty who do you have writing this sh!t?

syd said...

Jane Fonda.

Schneiderisnext said...

Allison Mack (2nd tier of NXIVM)

Had sex slaves under her control

Partner (Nikki Clyne...likely a sex slave herself)

Not sure if I buy the "3 sex slaves currently under Mack's imprisonment, but who fucking knows.

Schneiderisnext said...

Though Mack's net worth is under 2 million

So this probably refers to Ghislaine Maxwell

- said...

And that's why it's legal to marry under 16's in America and Britain.

Oh, wait...

But at least we know child marriage is illegal in muslim countries like Iran.

Oh, wait....

Mac said...

Spider and Brayson are the only ones making sense on this blind.
Surely you reported this to authorities and made sure the girls were rescued and arrests made before posting this? We will read about the arrests soon, right?

Sal Salington said...

At least this isn't totally whacked out like that donut place thing, amirite guys?

Angela said...

It's well known that the most important thing to do when you know about an actual sex trafficking ring is to post about it on some gossip blog, because it's crucial to present a summary of the intel in some blind item form, as a few dozens people will have fun guessing the names, commenting that the most common guess is an awful human being, and patting each other on the back for finding the names that quickly.

This method has actually a success rate of about 90%, which is much higher than calling the police or revealing documents about the operation.

Green Tea said...

How does that slip out exactly?

Enty: "so can you tell me more about that thing you are most famous for?"

Infamous Person: "um sure...oh, sorry about the background noise, I have 3 underage girls staying with me that I am molding for my leader...I think he will appreciate it...anyway back to your question..."


Cree said...

This is one of those cases where I agree with "If she's telling you this, report it to the police!"

P. Edwin Nibbles said...

@Brayson87 hit the nail on the head.

I was hoping "J" was going to be here to write, "and what did the police do when you called them?" or whatever it is that this "J" writes.

You are a piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

seriously Enty.. if this is true, please tell us you had a hit squad take care of this "celebrity". Otherwise, you will lose a huge amount of respect from us.

@cc423 you realize that Wikipedia has a page stating that Wikipedia is not a reliable source:

Unknown said...

Sanela Diana Jenkins.

Schneiderisnext said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
K said...

Okay, nope. You have all this alleged information and instead of doing something worthwhile with it that would actually create change, you're making a gossip post about it and milking it for clicks? This site used to have some quality tea but now i'm calling it out. Either it's fiction or you have no conscience and consideration for the welfare of the people on whom you report. Grow a spine. I'm out.

plot said...



Notice how the faithful here are lead by the first comment (usually) or two, into a fun little discussion about fictionalized access to the perpetrator of horrible things? Someone they trust, who is such a lady, indeed.

I suppose they are all calling the cops with their proud guesses with their utter faith in Enty, so like Q. They are, aren't they?

Unknown said...

cc423 you retard: western countries went through enlightenment, hence there exists a clear separation between church and state. There is not 1 single non-muslim country on earth that follows the politics and/or laws of their ancient religious texts.

In Islam it's the exact opposite.

You fucking knobhead.

Rusty Edges said...

Angelina Jolie:

Infamous =

Perfectly placed at the UN (for Refugees) to traffic kids:

Father is John Voight ughhh probably cut her tits off to look more like Baphomet. :p

Rusty Edges said...

Oh, and this would make her HIGHLY protected so.. don't blame the OP - trafficking is being hit hard legally, right now. Have faith.

plot said...

" western countries went through enlightenment, hence there exists a clear separation between church and state"

Except the USA, which is tearing down that separation as quickly as possible. Woo-hoo Kavanaugh!

President Pence anyone? Good bye Constitution.

The USA is becoming a theofascist state more and more every day.

plot said...


"trafficking is being hit hard legally, right now."

Are you fucking serious?????

Trafficking has become much much worse in that prostitutes are now forced to go back to pimps for protection since Trump made his worthless edicts.

Trafficking has, if anything, increased from overseas since Trump has been in office. Whatta you think???? He gave more money to the border police at airports???? Where most illegal immigrants enter???? Or is that fucking wall more important and is he sending all his ICE agents down there?

Hell, answer for yourself, since you know it all already no matter what you respond here.

plot said...


"Perfectly placed at the UN (for Refugees) to traffic kids"

How is that? What kind of moving services does the UN provide for masses of children?

Could you look that up and tell us about it?

I mean, you call it "perfect". What does that mean?

Rusty Edges said...


Calm down a bit... jeez. Here's some good news.


Good Read:

Kit Fawkes said...

I got cancer from reading all this crap I hope everyone involved goes to jail and then hell 😒🙃

Rusty Edges said...


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency (Angelina sent as Special Envoy - humanitarian efforts as per earlier link.)


Clinton Foundation and UNHCR work together:

doesn't take much digging to find the Clinton foundation caught trying to cover up a trafficking oopsie in Haiti:

When you take the bipartisan glasses off and don't root for anyone - things are more enjoyable.

plot said...


3 of your sources are compromised and you know it. Even so, read them carefully. None of them claims that actual trafficking is down, only that "stings" are happening. What does THAT mean? Arrests mean NOTHING. You can round up hundreds of people if you like, throw them in jail for months and months without charges (cuz that is how we roll in this country) but without convictions, REAL CONVICTIONS.

How do you know these are sex traffickers? Because you read and believe? What is happened to all these souls gathered up? Do you know? Were most quietly let out after the news reports?

Rusty Edges said...


If by "compromised" you mean 'right-leaning' (which are not the same thing as much as you'd like it to be.) Then, sure some are - but consider the ones they are reporting against. I.E. 'left-leaning'.

It's a friggin' game of tennis and you're on one side of the net reacting to balls being thrown at you. Anything from the right (the other side) you'll just swing at and called compromised. I guess only time will tell.

Until then, I'm hopeful.

IanPhlegming said...

By and large, it's not worth engaging directly with Plot-TWISTED and the subplots. They are not here to be fair or discuss things in a balanced fashion. They are propagandists for the pedophiles.

The New York Times op-ed from the alleged White House insider is very interesting. We are seeing the Deep State come out from the shadows into the light as their very existence is imperiled. Exciting times.

Spider Rico said...

DDonna - ++1Million! Exciting indeed.

Unknown said...

Plot is a motherfucking retard. There is no other explanation.

If only the US were as tolerant, non-religious, multicultural, non-racist and enlightened as your average muslim country, huh?

Angela said...

Hello sock puppets!

plot said...


I also told you why they were compromised, which you seem to have avoided.

Hundreds of people are detained every day for a variety of reasons. How do you know hundreds have been detained for trafficking? Have you kept up with the court cases? Or are you expecting Town Hall to tell you the truth?

plot said...


Okay, but you haven't explained how the UN airlifts kids out of areas (they don't btw) to traffic to rich people? That is the contention here, if I'm not mistaken, and somehow Angie is personally involved in selling little UN kids as well.

Tell me how this works exactly.

plot said...

"the alleged White House insider"

It's Pense, DDonna. Everyone knows that now. It was a total propaganda piece to announce to the world that good Republicans exist (HA!)

Angela said...

By the way, what was that piece of crap op ed?
It was basically, "We are pretty sure that Trump is unfit to be President, he's a pain in the ass, he should logically be impeached or relieved from duty using the 25th, but it would prevent us from implementing our Republican policies in the process, and it's more important to us than enforcing the terms of the Constitution we swore to serve. So I wrote anonymously a piece to justify my deeds, which is, like, heroic."

Rusty Edges said...


I get it, this is a touchy subject - kids are involved. But you really think attacking me for actually thinking stuff's getting done is going to... what? Help?

As for replying to your comment about the articles being compromised. It's really a weird position to take, to be honest, saying arrests don't count or mean anything. There is due process, trials and investigations that need to happen in any case. Take O.J. and his - were we in the know about the investigation as it was happening? Would that have been wise at all? Again, I decided to remain hopeful since what I keep reading and seeing in my WW news feeds are positive outcomes ever since 2010 (shudder, gasp! BEFORE THE OGRE TRUMP!) and is only getting better.

"Okay, but you haven't explained how the UN airlifts kids out of areas" - didn't say they did. They don't have to:

**"..Contrary to some misconceptions, human trafficking crimes do not require any smuggling or movement of the victim. While undocumented migrants can be particularly vulnerable to coercion because of their fear of authorities, traffickers have demonstrated their ability to exploit other vulnerable populations and have preyed just as aggressively on documented guest workers and U.S. citizen children. Indeed, because of the vulnerability of minors, where minors are offered for commercial sex the statutes do not require proof of force, fraud, or coercion."

(USDS Reports)

Trafficking is a lot more organized than you seem to think. To say Angelina would have a hands on role in the process is not sensible. She's a high profile person - she's the ambassador to poor and disaster hit regions. Thousands of displaced children... moved through another org. that might offer refugee "services".

Anyway, you are playing (or just out and out being) a devil's advocate. tsk tsk tsk.

Rusty Edges said...

Identity politics is usually easily noticeable in public discourses like these.

Side A says 1 person in an organization is a bad actor. Side B takes on the mantle of that organization's identity and defends the whole group as if it had been attacked. When, in reality - only one person's intentions were put in question NOT the whole org/party.

If one holds such a conviction in a GROUP/POLITICAL PARTY/ORGANIZATION they are easily controllable because - no matter how good the argument against, they'll stick to their convictions/beliefs.

Having believed and invested so much into a GROUP only makes you all the more vulnerable since each member of that group now holds power over your beliefs/thoughts/behaviors.

We're all individuals. Not red, blue, green and so on. We're not a party, we're a people.

plot said...

"It's really a weird position to take, to be honest, saying arrests don't count or mean anything."

I didn't say that. I'm asking if you have looked into whether these arrests were upheld or were most of them released (which is what I suspect.) Collecting people in jail is not that difficult. Keeping them there by filing charges is somewhat more difficult. Have you investigated how many of those hundreds of arrests are leading to charges being filed?

"While undocumented migrants can be particularly vulnerable to coercion because of their fear of authorities, traffickers have demonstrated their ability to exploit other vulnerable populations and have preyed just as aggressively on documented guest workers and U.S. citizen children."

Yes. Now, how do you imagine the UN is participating in this? The UN doesn't take kids away from conflict zones or from border areas as far as I know. So, what is the connection?

"Thousands of displaced children... moved through another org. that might offer refugee "services"."

What service are you talking about? If you are serious about these proposals of yours, you'd be able to at least build a sensible chain of possible connections from the UN, to Ang, to this mysterious service and prove that children specifically were moved from refugee situations without their families.

I'm not saying it hasn't happened in localized form (Serbia, Niger, Somalia) but if you are spreading your net so wide as to include so many forces and people you are going to have to present something plausible.

"Identity politics is usually easily noticeable in public discourses like these."

So is trying to avoid the issue by veering off. The swerve isn't working.

Rusty Edges said...

I don't understand why you're so combative about a speculation. Read conspiracy theory.

About the arrests, you know very well I or anyone on here doesn't have the time to get the 411 on each and every arrest. Right? You do know that, right?

"How do you imagine the UN is participating in this?" I didn't say they were... I said Angie was. Again, not a group but a person. In her capacity as ambassador, she is sent by the UN to countries that are vulnerable. I've already pointed out one of the ways some orgs do the trafficking. In this instance, I think it's the Clinton foundation though, as previously stated.

"What service are you talking about?" Well, like Peter Skully used to do really. Do you know Peter Skully? He was a big takedown: What a fucking creep. Anything necessary, they offer. It's really not that complicated, these people are only well organized because scum covers up for scum.

Not the brightest ya know?

Oh, and I wasn't veering from the conversation at all - It was a separate post.

plot said...

I'm not combative. Asking you to present something plausible is not combative.

Peter Scully operated only out of the Philippines and with Filipino accomplices. He had no "service" that he offered to any refugee. He did know his country of choice well, though, as the Philippines outlaws all contraception and family planning so there are so many children, hundreds of thousands of children, living in dire poverty there. All he had to offer was some form of payment for a child, and he got a child.

There was no scum covering for Scully. He could practically do anything he wanted to children in the Philippines. All it took was bribes to people desperate for money. There wasn't any "scum" involved, just people living in horrible situations. There was no organization as one wasn't needed.

Interesting you bring the UN up in this case, since they helped prosecute Scully.

So, no, you haven't explained any of the ways your organizations do any trafficking. Mentioning Clinton is cute. Is the name alone supposed to automatically provide some sort of proof?

Rusty Edges said...

This is the last time I'll post about this since it's getting a bit silly now. I've posted only once on this (speculative/theoretical) blog and this has been the result... it does make me wonder though, if I've hit a nerve. Normal and rational reasoning after such nit-pickiness over a hunch/nothing.

I like how you confuse my saying (in Angie's situation) the U.N. is involved and Peter Skully's situation. You're right, in his situation all he needed was to offer money. He lived there, and there wasn't a big organization around him. His money was made online through horrible videos.

Two totally separate situations. He was only one of those who've been caught - the most publicized so far, in Australia anyway.

Again, try to follow along: The UN is not a bad guy organization. Money talks and perhaps a few people at the lower echelons have been bought out to keep quiet if a few names disappear off a list. Is that so hard to believe? I don't need to go through the services the U.N. offers because that info is not that hard to find online.

The ONLY reason I've brought up the Clinton foundation was because it was found to have tried to cover up a trafficking of 30 some odd children from Haiti. When I looked and found that they indeed work along with the U.N. Ambassador services... it kind of made sense. And, still does to me. It could've been called the Pickle Foundation for all I care.

Is it proof? No. I didn't think proof was necessary here, though. This isn't a court or anything, right? I'm not like a prosecutor, right?

My hunch now is:

Either you love Angie so much you're butthurt I could implicate her in such nefarious dealings. How dare I!?

Or, you like the old pedos and perhaps enjoy some of their wears sometimes? Wouldn't it suck if your favorite kind of porn wasn't available to you anymore without you staying nice and secluded like a perv at your computer.

Oh the humanity!

Seriously, the more you reply the more you come off creepy. I'd suggest you stop.
Personally, if you take a bribe and you know it will end up in one or many kids getting hurt, you're scum. Plain and simple, you belong in jail for a period of time as an accomplice.

Rusty Edges said...

Forgot about you talking about the Philippines outlawing contraception. You're putting forth a political agenda (contraception) as a problem. You're saying the lack of contraception is causing so many children they know not what to do with them!

Does that make the children a commodity? Kinda... If you're evil-minded. A nice supply of unwanted babies.

Pedos who have a conscience though don't like when kids are in pain or suffering. They like having sex with kids but not hurt them. This wouldn't be their preferred way to go. Skully didn't give a shit about kids.

I say this is an odd choice because, what is most telling to ME about the Philippines is their laws concerning the age of consent (12 yrs old) and statutory rape which would be much more indicative of what the issue is.

Groups like NAMBLA and them are still a thing. They are petitioning for the age of consent to be lowered in the U.S. constantly. Even youtube has people "questioning" the validity of the age of consent laws.

Again, this only makes you out to be rooting for the "bad guys" if not being one yourself. So, take your losses and just... let it go.

plot said...

" it does make me wonder though, if I've hit a nerve"

oh for fuck's sake...

"Clinton foundation was because it was found to have tried to cover up a trafficking of 30 some odd children from Haiti."

No it hasn't.

"Is it proof? No. I didn't think proof was necessary here, though"

Of course you don't. How convenient for you that is.

"you love Angie so much"

WTF do my feelings for a self absorbed actress have to do with anything?

" the more you reply the more you come off creepy. I'd suggest you stop"

Appearances are not my ultimate worry, though those of you who spend so much time in the world of pedos might wonder what that says about you.

"this only makes you out to be rooting for the "bad guys" if not being one yourself."

That makes no sense at all, and like I said, appearances don't really matter to me.

Rusty Edges said...

Well, we do have something in common so far, neither one of us cares how we look.

So, that's good. About my last post - I'm still baffled, is all. My initial post was benign, similar to others before mine.

Your response was quite emotive, with extra question marks and everything. Telling me I'm crazy and how shit's way worse under Trump. I was blind-sided to be honest - wasn't expecting that at all. Mine wasn't a political post in the least but you seemed to have taken it as such.

I went through some of the earlier posts on here to see if your earlier comments were this explosive, to see if this is just the way you communicate in general but couldn't see anything like these ones. You're actually usually quite well written and to the point. So, I'm not in anyway crazy to think I might have set you off somehow.

Now, was it because of Angie... the UN... the Clinton Foundation... I don't really know. All I know is you're focusing in on me for some reason or another. I'm not even a U.S. citizen. So, excuse me for my WTF.

Bye now.

hothotheat said...

There are two Bronfman sisters involvedin NVIXM. Only one has been arrested.


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