Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Blind Item #2

This rapper/producer/reality star/lover of underage females would go bankrupt if he can't dodge a judgement against him. He is lucky that none of the underage females he has sexually assaulted have come after him or he would be in jail too.


Tricia13 said...

The Game

HeatherBee said...

Gee, that would be a shame.

Brayson87 said...

Pretty sure lucky isn't the word for it.

April said...

Cee Lo Green?

Schneiderisnext said...

Riff Raff

Thot Crimes said...

My pronouns are she/her - if you can't be bothered to use them correctly, you're just being an asshole.

The Game is promoted by whom to glorify thug culture to the detriment of whom?

I know, more coincidence.

Do Tell said...

I;'ve only seen two of your bullshit posts before this one, neither of which indicated your gender, so, so much for that little gender-based tantrum. You are either a new troll here or a new incarnation of an existing troll. But happily, now the next time I can correctly say, "That Thot Crimes, SHE is such a bigoted asshole!"

So there's that.

As for the antisemitic conspiracy theory second part of your post, nobody is forcing anyone to buy his albums and nobody is forcing him to be a child molestor, and only a delirious, deluded piece of shit would blame someone else for what HE is doing, and on top of that, attempt to make a case (and a feeble one at that) against a specific religious group just because of your own failings in life are compelling you to lean on such ridiculous crutches.


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