Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Blind Item #8 - A Dancing Boy Blind Item

Here's another one about the school:

What was he really upset about - five years ago, I mean? Probably the fact that every time he visited this institution of not-higher learning, he was assigned a minder. There was the erratic behavior, of course, which had gotten him fired, but also the allegation that surfaced from back in the day - I'm sure there was concern about young people of one sex more than the other. But if you're going to accuse "lackeys" from the school of planting knives in the yard, you should probably wipe your own fingerprints off first.

And just know too that after the social media rant, there were so many threats this one writer was called. A writer? Yes, but not just that. Among his works - this one from back in the day - was a movie about a game many of us played then, but would probably not be allowed today. For him, at least during a certain holiday-named war, the gunplay had been very real - much as it becomes in the movie. He put in a call to some of his former commando friends, who were brought in to create and implement a security plan for the school - the same one, in fact, used in schools attended by children of the country's elite.

That's how serious the threats were.

His own son had died in a tragic car crash - I knew him well; at the time of his death he was purportedly working on his own script about the secret life of Hollywood. There is, in fact, a school of cinema named after him (at one highly religious university) - owing largely to the efforts of a former child star.

PS There's a version of this game being played, as we speak, in Hollywood. It involves clandestine agents for two sides of a secret global elite. It also involves real bullets, and in this case bombs. Who are participants - on the proverbial side of light? I can tell you two, who will appear in the first scene of the first dancing boy project (which will debut next year; you won't find it on IMDB, because it will be performed live). One is the biggest child movie actor of a certain decade, and the other is his tv counterpart; they've been secret brothers in this unit, for decades. 


andrea said...

Where is Sandy with the topic of the day? What did everyone do on the holiday yesterday?

BestMan said...

Strasberg acted as a child after immigrating from Bulgaria.

Brayson87 said...

Anyone watch Sr Avila? I've been binge watching that lately, pretty good.

Jimbonius said...

I'm going to have two fried eggs, some bacon, and fry up some tomatoes for lunch.

Maybe even some cubed cheese and cholula.

I'm out of control!

Brayson87 said...

It's like Six Feet Under, The Sopranos and Dexter crammed into one.

John the peon said...

I'm going to guess out of the blue that the holiday named war is the Yom Kippur War

Tricia13 said...

And there is his namesake acting studio in NYC, where many now famous thespians 🎭 took classes.

MeliticusBee said...

I feel like there is important information in here...
I just can't understand it.

Lurky McLurkster said...

2 more days until the start of the NFL season. Go Niners!!!

Ophelia said...

Same, MeliticusBee. I thought it was the post holiday weekend slump but all I can decipher from this is someone died in a car crash, kids were playing russian roulette on the playground and people in hollywood are playing it with bombs today? Whether metaphorical truth bombs or real bombs I'm not sure.

Also I'm having a caprese salad for lunch in preparation for a glorious BBQ Pulled Pork Mac n Cheese dinner tonight :)

Casting Girl said...


J said...


Cary Gaul said...

I like turtles

MeliticusBee said...

Lunch will be ham and cheddar on wheat bread from my fridge but I am putting together a delicious lasagna for tomorrow.
Cooking twice as much meat as needed so we'll have tacos tonight.

Sara, Making It Work said...

+1 John the Peon


Dan Gordon, screenwriter, former soldier (in Yom Kippur War), founder of Zaki Gordon film school at Liberty University.
Zaki was his son (DB's friend) who died in the car crash.

BestMan said...

You made that work.

Jimbonius said...

@sara I imagine in your room you must have a pin board with thumbtacks and string connecting all the random details from these DB blinds. That's the only way to explain your knowledge lol.

Dr Jamie said...

I saw The Meg yesterday because it started at the right time and it wasn't that bad. Mindless, but better than that dreadful Geostorm from a few years ago.

Lunch was pita chips, hummus, cucumbers, and olives. Nice and light during this awful heat wave we're having.

Nor Cal said...

Good work Sara!

Krab said...

I have been thinking about writing a parody blind (The Dancing Girl), but I don't think I can make it incoherent enough.

Dahling said...

Dang Sara! Thank you. Also, what an interesting story on Dan Gordon.

Guesser said...

Thanks for the work ,@saramakingitwork. There are real blinds in this one,so someone should try to guess. I don't mind the off topic if it is something worthwhile or no clues,but come on. Way better than teen mom blinds.

sandybrook said...

So sorry Andrea I went to have pizza for lunch and brought home some mussels marinara to pour over spaghetti for dinner. I think Enty knows I'm not here in the mornings so he posts these b.s. b.i.s up now before I get here with a topic usually the last morning b.i. now.
GO GIANTS!! Anyone please beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl!

LA Native said...

Greek yoghurt with guanabana pulp and agave nectar
guanabana is soursop

IanPhlegming said...

After hearing about "The Meg" from so many people and having my son nag me about it for weeks, we finally went to see it over the long Labor Day weekend on a huge screen in TitanXC, and it was a fun end-of-summer big theater entertainment experience. Definitely improved at the movies than it will be on TV.

Jason Statham has screen presence, which I'd forgotten. He's actually one of the better action heroes right now, admittedly a poor time for them, but far preferable to the Rock/Vin Diesel/John Cena, etc. Ruby Rose is a bad actress, and I don't like Rainn Wilson either. Cliff Curtis is appealing.

It's ridiculous, a comic book without superheroes, but has a good sense of humor about itself and we laughed probably more than we were thrilled. Worth the money, which is more than I can say about most movies in the past year.

Dancing Boy, I hope there is something to all what you say, and this is not just some therapeutic shaggy dog tale you are spinning.

Unknown said...

cut sweet potatoes in cubes (leave skin on) and put them together with garlic cloves (also leave skin on) all oiled up, salted and peppered (dried thyme sprinkled on top if you have any), on a tray, in the oven for 20 mins. Remove skin from garlic only, mash it up with the sweet potato, drizzle of balsamic vinegar, eat with grilled chicken or steak, and a green side salad. Fucking delish.

Unknown said...

if you have a banana that is too brown/black to be eaten, slice it sideways, and put it into a pan where you have melted and bubbled up some sugar and butter. Caramelise the banana well, spooning the butter-sugar caramel all over it, and as a grand finale, finish it off with a shot of Grand Marnier or any other liquor you like, wait for the alcohol to evaporate. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream - chopped roasted nuts and whipped cream optional

Dane said...

Sara, you are spot on. Film/game, Gotcha 1985.

HeatherBee said...

Are we looking at Schroeder and Bateman for child actors? Lunch will be something Keto approved. I hear raves about this diet, but I’m afraid it will get tiresome. And, go Steelers!!🐝🐝🐝

GingerMom said...

Lunch was fresh strawberries, thin sliced ham, almonds, cheese and unsweetened iced tea.

Sara, Making It Work said...

To my knowledge, DB has never written about these people before.

I just started with Liberty University (fair guess for a religious school) and worked my way back.

No idea what the knives buried in the yard means, whether it is metaphorical or if Dan Gordon really went on an odd rant about that.
He had previously founded a different film school with the same name (now known as Sedona Film Institute), then took his ball and went home aka stripped the name off of it and founded the Liberty thing about 5 or 6 years ago.

Barbotus said...

@Sara Really nice work. But is Gordon the one who went on a rant, or is he the writer who was called after someone else went on a rant?

Sara, Making It Work said...

Hmm. Good question. Based on the dates, I had guessed the first part was Gordon flipping out/ ranting and getting tossed or leaving the fist school.

But that second paragraph makes it a bit confusing. Somebody else could be the first paragraph.

PapayaSF said...

I think "the movie about the game" is Dungeons & Dragons.

Weekittylass said...

Anticipating the premiere of Mayans MC tonight. Sarah is a rockstar for making sense of these DB blinds. Personally, I would like to grab him by the shoulders, shake him and tell him to snap out of it.

Dane said...

The rant was Charlie Sheen. Viewpoint school. https://www.vibe.com/2013/05/10-epic-strange-celebrity-twitter-rants/vibe-10-epic-celebrity-twitter-rants-charlie-sheen/

Boo said...

Great job Sara! ALL the food mentioned sounds delish. Thanks for the recipes. +1 @Cary Gaul, I own a Box Turtle named Shelly. +1 Lurky McLurkster, GO NINERS! I love watching Jimmy G in action. So excited for the Niners this year. Colin who?

Dane said...

Sara, It is Charlie Sheen ranting about his daughters school in 2013.

AkhaldanSolo said...

I'm noticing a sea change, the out-to-lunchers are slowly disappearing and are being replaced by rational inquiry. These blinds are growing on people even those that think their being funny.

We'll always still hear from Sandy though he'll be the only fat fuck that will try to keep the 'game' going out of pure spite, grumpy motherfucker.

Keep up those guesses ladies and gents.


No! Stop! You're doing exactly what Geeljire wants! Don't fall for it!

Sara, Making It Work said...

Aha! Thanks Dane!
This would be the knife comment then:

So now what I don't understand is what that has to do with the Gordons. Is DB saying that Viewpoint School hired Dan Gordon to beef up security after Sheen sent his followers on a rampage? Crazy.

Did Zaki Gordon go to Viewpoint? Is that how the school knew of his father? Because that is where Dancing Boy went. He was a few years older, but they could have known each other from school. Or maybe just from the neighborhood as they had the same hometown, Thousand Oaks.

ReallyDonna said...

Great sleuthing @Sara. I checked wiki for Viewpoint School and the two “notable alumni” listed are Tiffany Trump and Ava Sambora FWIW

Sara, Making It Work said...

Some of the Camerons went there as well (didn't necessarily graduate), and they have come up in DB blinds before.
Oh! And that's actually something I left out of my answer. The child star who helped fund the Zaki Gordon film school at Liberty was Kirk Cameron. So there is an interesting link.

Guesser said...

The Charlie Sheen rant. Since Dan Gordon is Israeli military,him doing security makes sense.

Amy said...

BestMan that actually made me laugh more then it should have.

Cree said...

I don't know why I did it, but I took time to read/reread the DB from the beginning.

Some blinds are clearly not the original DB, some come from men with similar stories, and others from friends and ex- lovers.

There's only one blind in this lot that I believe has the chance to be the most authentic:

A seven year old boy (nicknamed; DB) is approached by a casting agent and later given the lead role in a movie. Thirteen year old "DB" is made to dance, mostly unclothed, while a movie director and cameraman look on. After several takes DB is assaulted by his agent as well as the director. Eventually DB manages to escape.

Once DB escapes he is held against his will at a hospital where he meets a fellow actor (actress). In order to be discharged; DB has to claim drug use and suicidal behavior. The movie DB was casted in is canceled and DB's career is over. Luckily DB finds a therapist who believes him and after years of therapy DB claims he starts to feel like himself again.

Notable take aways?
DB describes likens his dancing situation to Tom Cruises' dancing scene in the movie "Risky Business" [1983]

At age 7 a flight attendant confuses DB with Ricky Schroder who had just been in the movie "The Champ [1979].

The blind takes place in the early 80s.

DB was around 7 years of age in 1979 (most likely 1980 at the earliest).

DB was likely born sometime around 1972/1973 at the earliest.

DB likely began filming his movie around 1985/1986 at the earliest.

On January 27, 2018 Enty publishes a blind he claims to be from the original Dancing boy. This short blind consist of 3 paragraphs that Enty claims he cut from the original blind.


In this post we discover that DB wishes to remain anonymous out of fear for his life. He is in the process of making a project that will focus on church related sexual abuse and satanic themes; including murder.
Movie "DB" will even have a male love interest.

After this Enty hits the readers with other DB stories that claim they belong in canon.


One such blind opens up with an elementry aged DB watching Jaws on tv. Jaws [1975] first appeared on televison november 1979 (abc) and came out on VHS in 1986.

Here we discover DB is taken upstairs by a "friend of the family". This man is a network executive with stakes in a medical/educational production company.

After sexually abusing DB upstairs, the man begins to shower DB with gifts as well as roles in films/shorts for said production company.

This blind is dark and detailed, but towards the end becomes a bit of a struggle to read.

All of this is followed up by a series of blinds after feburary 8th that discuss the casting process of DB's movie.

I'm sure most realize this by now, but for who haven't.

I wonder if Enty will be discussing the DB saga on his patreon.

sandybrook said...

Solo fuck you YOU FAT STINKING PIG!! And by they way you stupid fucking jackass the word is "they're" not "their". Figures, considering you have a 10 IQ tops you cant spell a fucking word I could spell when I was 4. STFU you worthless fucking troll. Get a fucking job even if its cleaning toilets you cocksucking phony fuck.

sandybrook said...

One more thing you fucking POS, keep up that copying and pasting you do so well you useless, imbecilic, mindless jackass. We all love your spams.

Village Guru said...

@Cree, your thoughts are running along the same line as mine -- re-read everything from the beginning, in order. I have not yet done that but it seems to me it would help to possibly make some sense out of Dancing Boy's writings.

Cree said...

I did village. His writing style changes drasticly in even the blinds that claim to be him. I felt bad about criticizing him, so I decided to go back and keep notes of everything I read. By the time i was on the 6th or 7th blind I couldnt keep ignoring what was obvious.

"His" story even seemed to keep changing.

In the original blind we're met to believe he has a one off experience with an agent, does some small stuff, gets assaulted then never works again.

After that subsequent blinds make it seem like there was even more encounters then he initially admited.

I think people are sending in fake blinds pretending to know or be DB, or Enty is really playing some weird game.

bleacherbunny said...

Do we all scroll past Dancing Boy blind or is it just me? Not into the story and indecipherable. Missing @Himmmm

MichiganMama59 said...

I find DB interesting.

Rosie riveter said...

Oh, I think you might surprise yourself

Rosie riveter said...

I think I love you AkhaldanSolo

Village Guru said...

@Cree -- Last evening I did re-read everything -- assembled and printed, all 32 pages of it. I'm concluding now that it's a big waste of my time to dig into it any further.

So much of it is quite frankly someone's spin about a secret cabal of pervs which I don't think could exist without having been exposed long ago. It's all fantasy, much like the sordid stories that some guy was peddling about former President Obama's drug use and gay sex involvement.

In the vein of fantasy, that may be the end goal for DB. To promote some cheesy movie that he's trying to make.

Cree said...

@village guru I'm conflicted. The original blind as a stand alone sounds real, but all the follow up really does discredit it.

I do not believe any off the follow up to be the same person who wrote the original blind. It is however clear that a lot of the other blinds are trolling / "movie" promotion / a way to bring more ad revenue to this site.

If this first blind is fake too then that makes it even more disgusting, imo.

I too am not buying into the fantasy.

Unknown said...

So we won't find out unless we find the Spy Kids Community Theatre? Is this part of the ARG?

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