Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #3

August 28, 2018

Dear tabloids,

Stop making it seem as if this disgraced child molesting director is taking a vacation by choice. No one wants anything to do with him because of the child molesting. So, how about just calling it what it is instead of kissing his butt.


Woody Allen


Jimbonius said...

Of course! Why do you think his name is 'Woody'?!?

GeeWallyThatWouldBeWrong said...

The Pedo Protection Team is everywhere.

BestMan said...

He'll never be punished, but at least they'll never be an article without mentioning the accusations. It'll be confirming to see if his youngest daughters gets some therapy and speaks posthumously.

sandybrook said...

Woody's 82 time to retire anyway.

sshockley said...

Careful. Diane Keaton will be mad at you.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Omg what a gagworthy article.

News said...

time to separate artist from its art. Most have done wrong, go back to Picasso or even chaplin. No one is exempt from doing this outside social conventions.

His films are easily one of the best ever madr.

IanPhlegming said...

"Separate artist from its art," is the last ditch rationale of the pedo-defenders. Plot-TWISTED makes it, too, about Polanski and Allen and others.

No doubt both of them made works of genius. They should still be vilified and ostracized.

Farmgirl said...

Have I missed other accusers? Are we to believe that a pedophile has one victim in 82 years? Yes you can make a case for the grooming of Soon Yi, but equating him with Polanski is a far stretch. If he is a legit pedo then I will support whatever punishment is required. There just haven't been any corroboration or additional victims.

BestMan said...


PapayaSF said...

What Farmgirl said. The fact that there is (AFAIK) one accusation connected to a contentious divorce puts Woody in a gray area for me.

Brayson87 said...

I'm sorry, does a pedo need a bunch of notches on his cribpost before he's considered a villain? How many victims before it's an issue? Was banging his girlfriend's teen daughter and taking pictures too much of a gray area for some people? Then being accused by that girl's younger sister? What kind of message is that sending to victims? Sorry kids, unless you can form a coalition of similar victims your assault isn't important?

Want to bring up the divorce fine, check out the cringe worthy details:

33-page decision from New York Supreme Court Justice Elliott Wilk in Woody Allen’s 1992 custody suit



Full version:


Sara, Making It Work said...

He also allegedly abused Ronan* as well. It was mentioned during the custody suit. I don't recall if abuse was physical or sexual. *Ronan was known as Satchel at the time.

Ophelia said...

well said, @Brayson! This sort of thinking is also why so many victims never come forward - people think just one account isn't enough and don't take them seriously (which is humiliating and infuriating to the victim).

Just Paige said...

I am not here to defend Woody Allen. The Soon-Yi relationship was wrong no matter how you look at it. Even if it has stood the test of time.

But I agree with much of what was said above. One investigated and dismissed account by a 7 year old in a contentious divorce does not make a pedofile.

Her then 5 year old brother corroborating does not either.

What I found interesting was Moses take who was then 14-15 year olds.

Sincere question. Why is he considered a pedofile and serial so by Enty? Are there stories I am unfamiliar with?

Side not of no consequence. Met him once and found him personally creepy. Is that enough for the reputation?

Just Paige said...

Pretty sure when this came out Enty had a blond about how it was written to keep Moses in Woody’s will.

hothotheat said...

Woody has had access to very few children, the rwo dughters of his (at the time gf), one he molested, one he groomed and married. His two daughters with Soonyi might be scared to come forward not to mention they would likely lose their mother if they did. I believe Farrow, I don't need multiple victims for her story to be true.

Just Paige said...

Last comment.

I do believe Dylan is a victim. If it’s physical from Woody, or emotionally from Mia.

Unknown said...

Moses Farrow who was 14 at the time of the alleged molestation says that it didn't happen and that it couldn't have happened (house layout) the way the Farrows claimed. Do we believe a 7 y.o. backed up by a 5 y.o. that are heavily coached by a crazy/vindictive ex wife (Mia) who obviously cheated on her husband and got pregnant by another man (Frank Sinatra)? All of you saying that Woody is a tyke toucher should read Moses' account of all this.

Which one of the kids got the honesty gene?

Paul Saint John said...

There's a narrow line between pedo and creepy. Hard to tell. I don't believe either party, gropey Woody or shrew extraordinaire Mia Farrow.

OKay said...

@Brayson It is very clear that WA is some kind of a trigger for you, and you should at least acknowledge that you cannot be rational about the subject. There is no evidence. It could be true, of course, but the accusations of one unstable person are not what make it true. Or false, either. We just don't know. You just don't know.

OKay said...

@Paige +1

Mary Lamb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary Lamb said...

Isn't it astounding how many people want to voice their 'opinions' without ever reading any of the court transcripts? And they still won't because ignorance is bliss, or lazy or something.
Case in point: Those like @Cee Kay who don't have the desire to actually inform themselves.

Unknown said...

"No one wants anything to do with him'....isn't that who happened to Mia after her accusations? Suddenly nobody wanted to work with her?

I believe Moses. Mia Farrow comes across as a malignant narcissistic psycho, who brainwashed her children.

Brayson87 said...

@mary lamb, Yes the court transcripts are staggering, like wow, Mia should have run with children immediately. Judges do not believe that children should be protected from innocent men. There are tons of other stuff on Google, statements and interviews. Even ignoring Mia, there were other adult witnesses and confirmation of his range of inappropriate behavior. I think a lot of people have that "not my favorite director/actor/athlete/whatever" syndrome.

Brayson87 said...

@Cee Kay, what part of my first comment do you find irrational? The part where I said the number of victims shouldn't mitigate the offense? Or the part where I said that getting with his girlfriend's teenage daughter and taking pictures was messed up? Or the part where I linked to official court documents and a summary by a recognized media outlet? A summary which leaves out a lot of sordid details by the way.

You know I only put longer comments and link to the court documents when you guys start hardcore shilling on this right? It's not Allen that prompts me, it's you guys throwing shade on victims.

Wombat said...

Enty is pals with crazy Mia Farrow, which is why he keeps reposting this same false allegation that was investigated at the time by NYPD and found to be false.

Mad Hominem said...

I should know better than to get in on this one, but here goes:

1. Back in the 1990s, Spy magazine was doing celeb gossip -- not "Kneepads"-style, either. When they saw oddball behavior, they printed it.
Mia Farrow was a recurring target; they painted her as something of
an obsessive mother who was brainwashing her kids to love her.

2. In her book What Falls Away, published in 1997, Mia claimed
that Woody Allen had been in therapy for 40 years. (This was 21
years ago.) It makes you wonder what he was there for, or what he still
has "wrong" with him, so to speak.

3. The article by Maureen Orth from Vanity Fair in 1992 is alarming. If it is true, then we ought to be alarmed about Woody,
because it establishes a pattern of behavior. But I have a hard time
believing that Mia Farrow's allegations are entirely honest. (Perhaps
Enty can remind us about the finer points of hearsay according to
the Criminal Code...)

4. Regrettably, when all these famous artists die, it seems that the general public DOES separate the artist from the art. Case in point:
John Wayne. People think of his movie characters, first and foremost.
They've largely forgotten such things as his 1971 interview with Playboy. And many of them have never read some of the blinds of this site regarding Wayne's (disguised) financial support of the KKK. The art/artist dichotomy will probably continue into the future for people like Polanski and Allen.

Anonymous said...

I see enablers here.
It's pretty nauseating.
Let me ask you one question:
Would you want Allen anywhere near your child?
No? Me neither.
That is your conscience. That is the only voice you need to listen to.
Boycott his garbage. Make Boundaries. Draw a line and stand for something.

Paul Saint John said...


No, I wouldn't let any kids around Woody, nor in a sane world should nutty Mia Farrow allowed to raise any children let alone adopt them.


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