Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

August 28, 2018

This foreign born still one hit wonder is a master of spreading fake news. She throws it out there in hopes it will stick. Lately it has been all misses for her though and then she plays the victim card.

Iggy Azalea


Brayson87 said...

Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black, eh Enty? ;)

Brayson87 said...

"This comes from old times when pots and pans were generally black and kettles were generally metallic and reflective. Therefore the pot sees its black reflection in the kettle and thinks that the kettle is black."

-Urban Dictionary

Unknown said...

Was that blind about her helping a drunk girl find her friends a story she put out then? haha

Unknown said...

Jesus effing Christ!! like, are you obsessed with this girl????

Thonker said...

Which idek-list gossip blogger jerks it to this foreign born actually not one hit wonder's newest music video every other day and then regrets it and creates a fake blind about her?

UniversalEnergy said...

Iggy is a whore with terrible surgeries. It's funny to see get career turn into a circus. She and the Jonases have the same shitty manager with the same flopping music careers.

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