Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 3, 2018

You know, that permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor was complaining about how much his wife spent which is one reason they got divorced. So, I'm confused why the barely legal teen he is dating was using his credit card like crazy this weekend shopping up a storm.

Robert De Niro


Unknown said...

The money he saves on female lubricant is the difference

Krab said...

He kinda sucked on SNL too.

Fnchrstphr said...

I'm waiting for today's MeAgain post.

nancer said...

he was a truly great actor. now he's just a pathetic old man. i hope his wife did well in the divorce.

Krab said...

I'm sure there will be a Meghan post. Can't have her looking happy with people applauding her without some nastiness.

sandybrook said...

Grace is 63 and the 18 year old golddigger isnt, that is why he isn't bitching. Hes a dirty old man.

Mstyles said...

Barely legal teen.....so f*cking pathetic.
On both parts.
Being a little whore with daddy issues is gross and being an old man with aging issues is just as bad.
I hope she bankrupts his old ass.
He was such a great actor, now he is just a bitter old man.

Me Again said...

Why do you want me to post?

cece said...

There's no fool like an old fool, bless his heart.

M said...

If i was 18 i woudn't date a man 50+ years older for a million dollars

eg56 said...

M -- She'll probably end up with a lot more than a million dollars.

Aquagirl said...

Here is everything that was wrong with MeAgain presenting at the British Fashion Awards last night:

-She doesn’t wear British designers
-She screamed out how she’s in her new home, England, yet she wants to move back to Canada
-She gave yet another speech on female empowerment
-She bumped the actress that was supposed to present the award (Rosamund Pike), so that she could hog the spotlight once again
-Speaking of bump, why can’t she keep her hands off her stomach—is she afraid the moon bump is going to fall out? She looked ridiculous posing like that
-She proved that she actually CAN wear her hair neatly, but just refuses to do it
-Don’t get me started on the nail polish and tacky gold sandals
-She is a member of the BRF, and did not belong there; she was acting as if she was at an awards show (which she’s never been invited to)

The other two most fucked up things of the night: David Beckham being described as a ‘doting husband’

The anorexic Kaia Gerber winning Best New Model (& Cindy starting to look like a man with whatever the hell she’s doing to her face)

I know I’m OT, but had to get this out.

Krab said...

Here come the Bitter Beckys! She looked great and the only reason you think she wants to move back to Canada is because you're dumb enough to believe Enty's stories.

Trapped said...

Robert was a great actor but he has always had the personality of a snail.. When he opens his mouth BS is coming out of it, his interviews have always been boring.. Hollyweird is full to the brim with dirty old men.
I recall reading his soon to be ex Grace was making good money on some venture she's doing..
I hope she takes him for all he's worth, that will teach him a lesson..
That young lady needs to think hard about sleeping with a 70 year old man.. How disgusting and I'm 50 yrs old and I wouldn't want him or his money.. I'm also not black, so there goes another reason.. She trimming her great grandfather...

Amartel said...

It's rare that any of these people have anything of interest to say that isn't scripted. Behind the mask he's just a sad and helpless dirty old man.

B626 said...

DeNiro has not aged gracefully
He’s a shell of the person/actor he used to be
Hard to witness
I’m guessing-DRUGS

orangesoda said...

He's a senile old perv with a big mouth. I used to love his movies but I can't stand him now. And the girl is basically just a little prostitute. Disgusting all around.

KaiserWilhelm'sGhost said...

Usually I can separate the actor/role from the person but in DeNiro's case he ended up becoming such a whiny crybaby to the Nth degree that I can't watch a single of his tough guy roles anymore.

And how he loves to throw stones when he loves banging barely legal girls just makes him look sad and pathetic.

About 20 years ago, my sister, who is attractive and was in her late 20s at the time got hit on by him in a bank in Manhattan. He handed her his number. This was not long after his publicized marriage to Grace. My sister found him disgusting and came home, showed us the number and tossed it in the trash. I don't think she's watch a single DeNiro film since because she thought he was such a sleeze after that.

Eileen said...

That was rude!
Aqua girl was just voicing her opinion.
How would you like it if you voiced your opinion, in a well executed paragraph, and some asshole immediately dismissed everything you said and insulted you on top of that?
This is a forum to comment and people should be able to have a say, just as you do Krab, without being made to feel stupid!
That’s all. Just bothers me! You call Aquagirl a “Bitter Becky”, but unlike her, YOU are clearly the bitter one!

Dannette said...

Thank you @aquagirl! Ironic a rep of the British Royal Family whose JOB is to represent the Brits has 99% ignored British fashion designers, and last night while at their annual awards fest of course wore her usual not-Brit schmatta. Duchess Difficult never gets tired of merch merch merching.

Glad to see you here on the board @MeAgain! We will accept any and all of your lifestyle tips which we will promptly tear to shreds.

Sd Auntie said...

Eileen u need to go elsewhere. We criticize each other around here. Perhaps kneepads would be more to your liking. Watch out for derek harvey.

Sd Auntie said...

So who is the youngin with Deniro? He will tire of her once she starts whining. But daddddeee, waaaaaa

GentleBreeze said...

I read something recently about how our new Wallis er Meghan is such a minor royal, yet we pay so much attention to her. She's just a showgirl who married the sixth-in-line. She does certainly make for a great cringe show!

Aoife said...

De Niro and his family reputedly have invested quite well in NYC real estate. If Grace was smart she got her name on some of the LLC's. She'll be fine.

All X's said...

R D-N is toast.

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nikkistardust said...

What is with all the Robert De Niro hate? I don't know about his love life but he is still a pretty active guy for a 70+ man (I mean that in a positive way not a Trumpian way).


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