Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

If you would like your photo included in the 11 remaining days, email it to

One part today

It is nice to see Dove Cameron without Kenny Ortega draped all over her.
Hilary Swank headed to see Fleetwood Mac.
Amy Adams at the premiere of her new movie, Vice.
Miley Cyrus continued her NYC press tour today.
What will Stephen McGee and Lauren Wirkus do with their summers since they won't be in Summer House.
I know I am going to get another Jonathan Cheban email now. Something along the lines of how Melissa Gorga said she would leave her husband for Jonathan or some crap like that.
Lin Manuel Miranda, Emily Mortimer, Emily Blunt and Colin Firth at another Mary Poppins premiere.
Nick and Priyanka just spent a couple days honeymooning. They look more in love than ever.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Britney Spears in a still from her new perfume ad.


sandybrook said...

Hi Pittsburgh Girl, hey doggy, hi other readers! Another exceptional group.
Mortimer doesn't look very happy there or she is shit faced.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Britney, you are too young to go Full White Diamonds.

Readers, looking good!

timebob said...

Our readers are bootiful!

I saw the Britney commercial she looked plasticky and real dollish. Very creepy. I wonder if her perfume smells like lonely tears and chicken nuggets.

sandybrook said...

Dead fish?

J said...

Britney Spears perfume?

No thanks.

LA Native said...

Hey Readers!
They definitely used the mayonnaise filter on Brit-Brit.

AListDiva said...

I made it in today, yayyyyy! Happy Hump day CDAN peeps! :)

Lexi said...

Emily Blunt's dress is so lovely. Hi readers, nice photos!

PghGirl said...

Love seeing my Pittsburgh homies. I have that same Pirate hat!

COWPIE said...

Stephen McGee those pants DO NOT photograph well.

PRICK, why so glum? You two need to continue hamming it up for the press. The constant hand holding / hand on his chest is a wonderful reminder that you two are "together" and "in love." And Priyanka, you look a mess in that outfit. Wtf?

Brayson87 said...

Wow Dove Cameron can actually look pretty cool, you called it Enty. The usual pics of Ortega lodged on her like something that has been inserted and then latter needs to be removed at the hospital just burn into the brain forever.

Damn Swank was having a good hair day for that pic.

Amy Adams seems like a wonderful person but I have never enjoyed a single one of her performances. Always felt like many other actresses would have been better in the role.

Good gawd, how does Miley do it? She can just swing back and forth from looking batshit loony to casually cool again. Oh right, that tv show.

I had to google who Stephen McGee and Lauren Wirkus were, still not really sure. Looks like they were on that garbage network though.

We are all going to feel horrible if it turns out that actually Cheban was born with a facial deformity and some sort of brain condition.

Another needless reboot, oh well not like they had any original writers around and can't be much worse than Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Or can it?

I see Nick has gone back to dressing himself again, sigh, you live in a closet man, find better things to wear! And you can get +10 hetero pts for walking on her left, using your right hand to hold hands.

I seem to recall that Britney had a scent that was very popular back in the day, even with women that despised her.

Unknown said...

Nice ink, #4.

SarahElizabeth said...

I’m #4 hellooooo and an ex pittsburgher 15219:)

Brayson87 said...

Reader #1 looks like a Bezos in college, "Dude I got this great idea to rule the world with cardboard boxes." Either that circus strongman.

Reader #2, nobody gets more respect than people who are proud they're from Pittsburgh, although I wasn't aware it had a tropical section?

Reader #3, is that skeleton man in the painting holding a sign that says Gas, Grass or Ass: Nobody Rides For Free

Reader #4, cool tattoos, don't see a lot of lighthouses, which makes no sense because they're awesome! :)

Reader #, just wait a sec, how many CDAN readers are actually canines, I want to see a show of paws lol

Mstyles said...

Amy Adams went too far on her face and tits. These new surgeries actually aged her she was very youthful looking before. Now she looks her age, with plastic surgery. Gross.

B626 said...

BritBrit tickets in Vegas are awfully expensive
The upped child support payments passed on to

B626 said...

My daughter, and I, are fond of Paris Hilton’s signature scent, if found on clearance

sandybrook said...

Hi Sarah!
Pghgirl I thought that other girl was you. I should know better because your pic has been up in the past๐Ÿ˜”

MDAnderson said...

Maybe it’s Emily Mortimer who was drunk for interviews. She looks hammered.

MDAnderson said...

Hi readers!!

Fifi LaRue said...

Stephen McGee: did he wet his pants???

Mango said...

Amy, safety orange is not a good color on you.

Miley, thanks for not showing us your ass, waxed crotch or your tongue for once.

Is Nick carrying Priyanka's purse?

Jeez, it looks like Britney was photographed through a gym sock!

Hi, readers!!

Aquagirl said...

Lovely readers!

Never thought I’d say this but the only decent looking celeb & the only outfit I’d ever wear is.....drumroll:

WTF did Hilary Swank do to her face? And Amy, who I normally love, just no.

Aquagirl said...

‘You live in a closet man, find better things to wear’

Brayson, for me, that’s the comment of the week!

More Cowbell said...

Love the reader photos! I want to party with you!

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PghGirl said...

Hey!! 15216 here

PghGirl said...

Ah no worries. Xo

SarahElizabeth said...

Thanks! I have 2 lighthouses and some boats and water... a variety of water themed things... I’m sure I’ll regret them one day or so people say but for now... I’m okay with them. Hello back to everyone :) gorgeous readers and pets.

James Howlett said...

Reader 4 is beautiful

JenniB39 said...

It’s a very beautiful shade of blue weird how it makes the carpet. I wonder if that was done in purpose.


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