Saturday, January 19, 2019

Blind Item #6

Yes, he is a serial cheater as his actress girlfriend found out. Prior to the actress though, this athlete was cheating on the plastic surgeoned celebrity offspring of the person who taught her the plastic surgery thing. Apparently our offspring would hit on guys who were already making more money as athletes and seemingly think her athlete boyfriend wouldn't hear about it.


Tricia13 said...

Brielle Bierman for the offspring...
Danny Amendoka/Olivia Culpo?

Gator said...

Bierman and the cocky baseball player, whatever his name is.

OB said...

If so, no wonder Bill shipped him to the Dolphins. More $ than brains, taste and common sense

Tricia13 said...

Yeah he’ll fit in well there lol

Trapped said...

Brielle for the slut pig whorer
Like mother like daughter..

Weekittylass said...

I don’t know how any one can look at that abomination with a straight face. Either howling amusement or abject horror. I have never seen anyone that needed a vagi all rejuvenation done to their face. Honestly, who wants lips that look like your labia gave birth to a 200 lb baby?

Lyss16 said...

Brielle Bierman/Michael Kopech/Vanessa Morgan

hunter said...

Her lips make her whole face look like a balloon.

Unknown said...

Def Brielle Bierman--plastic surgery and an MLB player ex fiance. I highly doubt that Danny Amendola is the third party. Olivia Culpo is more of a model and wannabe actress as opposed to an actual actress. The gossip consensus is that she cheated on him and she used to attention to push her own agenda. The Pats didn't cut Amendola--he refused to take a third paycut and opted out as a free agent. Basically, he'd won the Ring and now he needed to plan for his retirement.

Caity said...

I feel bad for someone who has to have their lips take up half their damn face to feel good about themselves. You look like a clown and everyone talking smack on said plastic surgery can’t possibly make you feel better about yourself, right??Anyone?? 🤔

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