Friday, January 18, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 10, 2019

Don't believe the hype. This A list multiple Grammy winning rapper knew exactly what his friends/group members were doing to underage females and the high number of sexual assaults they were committing. He just didn't say anything until he was forced to by the bravery of the victims coming forward.

Chance The Rapper/R. Kelly/Towkio/Stix James


J said...


Anonymous said...

Chance the Rapper is such an obnoxious little man, it would be fun to see him take a fall. Bye.

Sarton Bander said...

Makes you wonder if Rap music is just a way to launder other money.

Trapped said...

Music is/was a way to laundry money and rip off artist.. They cook the books and have two sets of books..
Everyone knew about RKelly since the late 1980's....
He's the only one so deep into he has a house of young women..

John said...

Chance is trying to buy his way into legitimacy with his so called "political" nonsense.

So did Michael Corleone.

And we know how that turned out.


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