Saturday, February 09, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 1, 2019

He hasn't stopped cheating, he just managed to find one person who he signed to a NDA and is willing to stay quiet for the right price every month. So, if this A list rapper thinks her husband is being faithful, think again. He is just being more clever about it.

Offset/Cardi B


yepthatsme said...

Being more clever meaning he will be using protection from now on?

Rosie riveter said...

I feel like I Never Saw This Coming

Andi said...

And when she finds out, she'll go to the strip club this ho works at & beat her, like she did the others.

Do Tell said...

Two obnoxious oafs who deserve each other.

PickyTicky said...

He looks so dirty to me. They are the definition of ghetto trash.
They have money but they act like they have no shame about
anything. She is dumber than a bag of shit and he is the bag
of shit. Gutter with gutter trash
I feel sorry for all their children.

Unknown said...

I still can’t believe that she actually won last night


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