Saturday, April 27, 2019

Blind Item #2

The significant other of the alliterate talk show is selling all the belongings he can to raise money for himself and his lifestyle. The talk show host isn't aware of this though.


squirrelmistress said...

wendy williams

Trapped said...

Wendy Williams for $1.00

Vita said...

Wendy and Kev...I figured it was ending too peacefully on his part...hopefully that forensic accountant is two steps ahead of him, and he's just adding to his own mess. As someone mentioned the other day, hopefully they can cancel any insurance policies he's got on Wendy, (just as a precaution, of course).

Do Tell said...

Found out yesterday that a coworker is Kevin Hunter's aunt. This came out in a work breakroom as Wendy's show was on and I idly mentioned a news story on the NY Post website which mentioned how the cops were called to their New Jersey home. Co-worker suddenly became upset, and made a point, repeatedly, for no reason, about how she didn't follow Wendy, nuh huh, he's my nephew, I don't keep up with her, etc etc. I was like, ok, didn't ask, and I didn't get the story from a gossip site. But it seems there is a lot she is unaware of about her precious nephew.

Jty said...

Met them both during a radio visit. He was unbelievably sketchy and rude.

Kimberley said...

BG says he has been stealing some of her valuable jewellery to sell, pawn, and give to his mistress.

hunter said...

@Do Tell - Sounds to me like she's full of shit.

Not about being his aunt - about not following Wendy. I bet she has Google Alerts set on both of them.

If there's one thing I've started believing more than ever on account of ridiculous politics (on both sides) these days - WHATEVER YOU ARE ACCUSING OTHERS OF - YOU GUILTY.

All the anti-gay dudes get caught pants-to-ankles, balls deep in some twink. Your celeb-denying colleague gets a Fame Boner everytime one of her Google Alerts ping, I promise you.

Do Tell said...

Oh, I am sure she keeps up with ALL of it. Right before she said Kevin was related to her, I had just finished mentioning that he was supposedly poisoning Wendy, and the other woman in the room said, "Yeah. I heard about that."

Just another notch in my long list of badly timed remarks.

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Sarton Bander said...


Freudian projection is common, especially in narcissists, but it's actually in 0bama's guidebook. Alinsky's rules for radicals.


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