Friday, April 26, 2019

Blind Item #3

The mom of this deceased A- list rapper is trying to hold on to her money train. She knows it will be gone in a second if their is a proven offspring.


MDAnderson said...


kfitz said...

so sad.

Chaos said...

XXXtenacion A-? Never heard of him until he was murdered.

Rosie riveter said...


AkhaldanSolo said...

Caliban demon.

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Lucky13 said...


Agreed, no idea who he was until he died. Good riddance to bad trash anyway.

peawry said...

there, not their.

Mahogany1 said...


SororSalsa said...

Tupac's mother passed a few years ago. Not him.

Thy Unveiling said...

+1 Agreed. Then there was stuff everywhere about him, Drake being behind it, and his ex gf being pregnant.

Why did nobody official look into Drake having a role in the killing?

Oh, right. All about them sacrifices in that world. Its all kosher 😒

Unknown said...



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