Monday, May 27, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

May 17, 2019

Recently, a few less-than-reputable outlets took their marching orders from a publicist and printed rebuttals to an article about trouble in paradise involving our favorite dual threat foreign born actor and his so called wife.  Try as one might, though the referenced article was nowhere to be found.  Apparently they had jumped the gun which just made them look like idiots.

Days later the referenced article finally dropped online with an outright declaration of trouble in paradise.

While this is causing a tempest online, our actor showed up in the south of France living it up without his so called wife.

Is the internet's boyfriend making a comeback? 

Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter


Do Tell said...

I didn't know the internet had been dating anyone.

Zebra Seasoning said...

And an article in the Fail today with photos of him "emerging from the sea" in Cannes and wife nowhere to be seen.


Vita said...

Several years, three kids and no Sherlock later, will the internet still be so besotted?

The adamant publicist jumping the gun makes me giggle!

yepthatsme said...

I think he himself called himself internet's boyfriend? I remember him referring to himself as such in an interview with VF when Dr Strange was about to release!

Sd Auntie said...

Enty when you say the internet, i think of the band the internet....

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piglet said...

IDGAF about his personal life, hes a brilliant actor.

JL said...

Don’t get the Cumberbatch derision. He was good in Patrick Melrose, even if the book was better. The female American Melrose type book is Blue Money. St Aubyn’s a rarely matched author, but Capron reminds me of him a bit.

JL said...

Many “normal” people think they receive messages like the graffiti above all the time only they call it synchonicity. Carl Jung would say it’s your subconscious sending you message by noticing something, kinda like dreams. If they drug someone up only on that basis, then a large percentage of the populatiom is due. But “normal” people don’t broadcast it much.

Zebra Seasoning said...

Does this mean we're getting another 'Batchcast? Looking forward to what comes next.

Braintree said...

Does he need her without Weinstein (who allegedly arranged the relationship?) I think a lot of these Weinstein marriages will fall apart soon.


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