Friday, May 17, 2019

Blind Item #10

Recently, a few less-than-reputable outlets took their marching orders from a publicist and printed rebuttals to an article about trouble in paradise involving our favorite dual threat foreign born actor and his so called wife.  Try as one might, though the referenced article was nowhere to be found.  Apparently they had jumped the gun which just made them look like idiots.

Days later the referenced article finally dropped online with an outright declaration of trouble in paradise.

While this is causing a tempest online, our actor showed up in the south of France living it up without his so called wife.

Is the internet's boyfriend making a comeback?  


Tricia13 said...

Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter

sandybrook said...


Tricia13 said...

Or Redymayne/Hannah??

Tricia13 said...

not sure... but ER is Oscar winner so maybe it is BC.
That said... dunno here -seemS fishy

Leanne Norman said...

Makes me think of Ryan Goslingbut I don't think he's in France.

Flashy Vic said...

"Marching orders"

To paraphrase the great Inigo Montoya, Enty, I do not think those words mean what you think it means.

"Marching Orders" over here anyway, means dismiss, expel, fire, rebuff etc..

sandybrook said...

Same as here Vic.

Flashy Vic said...

Goddamn useless foreign enterns!

Withhold that one's bowl of rice for a week. And thirty days in the hole!

And 'the hole' isn't a place.

MJ said...

Cumberbatch - Hunter

I think this is the article " debunking" the " trouble in paradise"

tehbird said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tehbird said...

Clooney and his vapid “wife”?

Brayson87 said...

It's pretty bad when even your team's liars can't keep their sh!t together, these folks would be much better suited for working in politics.

Astra Worthington said...

I hope the Cumberbatch stans show up and have another slapfight over this! πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Vita said...

Definitely sounds like Benedict/Sophie. It's pretty funny that the publicists got all nutty and demanded retraction/apologies before anything was even released. Please dont let them fail up to guarding any launch buttons!

Brian Van said...

I've got no doubt about any of the other guesses here but "Internet's Boyfriend" made me think Idris Elba for some reason, and everything else might line up if the circumstances fit.

I'm here for the comments said...

It's definitely the Cumberkardashians. I actually found the OK! Magazine article that GossipCop referred to the September 28, 2015 issue!

Cali Drew said...

Cumberbatch. GossipCop jumped the gun and debunked an OK! article that is dated for the 27th of May. Some of the Tumblrites just found the OK article today. And Cumbie himself said he’s the internet’s boyfriend in that Vanity Fair interview Enty mentions in the podcast.

Zebra Seasoning said...

OK! is the most ridiculous magazine name ever. They couldn't think of anything better? "Our magazine is OK!"

Scandi Sanskrit said...

It is not Idris Elba!

And Idris Elba NEVER slept with Thirsty Hollywood Bimbo Meryl Streep Enty you LIE

Scandi Sanskrit said...

He doesn’t even know how how to use the Internet. 🌝

Which is ironic as fuck that imposters use his identity to catfish women. 🌚🎏

Scandi Sanskrit said...

ALso, did you mean to say APRIL 27th?

Because it’s only the 18th here and I’m 14 hours ahead of LA and 7+ GMT.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Nobody can beat the vapidness and thirstπŸ₯€πŸ’¦ of Meryl Streep 🌊

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Technically (and legally) he will never “be back”, Enty. It will never be the same. Doesn’t Benny have like multiple children with that woman? She’s going to be a fixture in his life FOR LIFE. Even when the children are adults, she is still their mother.

He can divorce her all he wants, and she’ll still be forever present.

SIDE NOTE: I felt fucking weird saying that because I literally just woke-up from a dream where I had a baby boy (I think via surrogate because I don’t remember ever being pregnant or having a c-section) and my supposed “husband” and I don’t even know each other. We were in some time of arranged marriage? 🀷🏻‍♀️🐈 He’s always on business (and had something in common with Andrew Cunanan—which is freaky). And had only messaged me on LINE once (two messages and one was a sticker FFS). So I awkwardly message him, “have you seen the baby?” And I remember just being SO very afraid because now that I have a baby with him, I’m trapped committed to this rando for life! 😭 Why do I have such scary dreams WTF. Don’t get me wrong because if I had a child I would love it to death 🀱🏻, but I haven’t been so relieved to have woken up from the dream in a long time... πŸ˜–

You don’t just “come back” if you’ve had children with someone, Enty. It’s not that easy/simple.

Any “trouble in paradise” is moot; because when you have children with someone, the island will always be there...

Seriously, just chill, Karon. It doesn’t even matter anymore... (I think his PR lady deserves a vacation, by the way. 🍹 LOL.)

Scandi Sanskrit said...

ANd I still think he only said he’s “the Internet’s boyfriend” because he thought it was a hip, trendy thing to say... 🀷🏻‍♀️🐈 I don’t think he knows what that means.

I heard rumours (and I didn’t hear this from Tumblr—so this is definitely not made-up) that he can’t even login to his own email account without the help of his niece who is also his PA. Also, he types ONLY using his forefingers. πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ⌨️πŸ’»πŸ‘†πŸΌ

Scandi Sanskrit said...

OH and Enty if by SoF you mean Cannes, it’s still another week, isn’t it?

I’m sure she’ll fly in and show up in the next couple of days. She wooden NEVER miss something like this. We know the drill.

HouellebecqGurl said...

Who is their "our," in "our favorite, wrt Cumberbatch? The man has the face of a worn out Stretch Armstrong.

Max Bull said...

Cumbers and Sophie. Why do people want these two split SO badly? Is it like some mad fandom tinhattery or something? What's the point...?

Max Bull said...

Why are you so invested in this? You read like an absolute loon. His private life and choices are his. Why be so bent out of shape over someone who you'll never know? I don't get it with you intense people.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

@max bull:

If you think I read like a “loon” now, you should’ve seen me BEFORE I realised I had been Catfished by somebody prewtending to be Benedict Cumberbatch.

The thing is, you ask his people to tweet “hey there is a faker out there” and tehy wouldn’t do it.

I’m not trying to act entitled, but I wished someone would have tweeted that.

People ask, “howcome comberbach invites so much lunacy”?


And his people never bothered to set the record straight. Why? Do they WANT us to sob over him and act this way?

Mind you, I fell into the fucking trap of believing this whole thing was fake too and I stayed sooooo long, for years, JUST WAITING for him before I realised I was only talking to a faker PRETENDING to be Benedict. I wish I hadn’t listened to those people and moved the fuck on.

Sorry if I come off weird, I’m trying to deal with it.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Oh and Max Bill,

I am so NOT proud of how much I know about him.

It’s the biggest fucking shame of my life that I know this much.

Fucking hell.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

I hΓ’te that I still have to explain myself to peopel.

I HAte that people STILL call me a “loon”.

I used to be one of those people who believed the marriage was fake, teh pregnancies were fake, and that this whole thing was a PR relationship. And then I waited and waited... until I realised I was fucking CATFISHED.

Which I get was not his fault.

So now I come here and I repeat over and over that the marriage is real and he has multiple children with her TO DEAL WITH IT.

To rewire. To instill it all to myself after years and years of believing all teh lies Tumblr had told me.

And I still get called a fucking “loon”.

As if it wasn’t shameful enough I fell for a catfish.

Cali Drew said...

It’s definitely May 27th. And just because you were catfished by someone pretending to be him doesn’t mean you know anything about his real internet habits.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

I was being facetious about him being a caveman who types with us forefingers. I’m just trying to deal in a weird way.

To be honest, Cali sometimes I miss the cafisher.

He modelled his online persona based on the idealised image BC Stans have of him. I wish the catfisher was just honest and not use BC’s name.

I actually don’t like the real version much (no offence).

IDK why I’m bawling my eyes out about the Catfisher becuse obviously if he had it in him to steal somebody’s identity online, he couldn’t have been a good person to begin with. It’s all silly.

I’m sorry.

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Lisa said...

I actually don't get the hate for Cumberbatch- he seems nice and it looks like his co stars like him. I guess?

But I don't get those who think that it's ok to wish harm on someone he's married to. I guess I don't understand celebrity obsession like that.

Unknown said...

Hugh Jackman is in France but he's putting on a show. His family lives in NYC and his kid is still in school. You don't pull your kids out to travel for every role.


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