Sunday, August 11, 2019

Blind Item #5

This directionally challenged rapper doesn't really care what people think about his performances since he makes much more money with his shady side projects anyway.


sandybrook said...

French Montana

Collateral Justice said...

Trafficking child sex slaves makes more than illegal drugs.
If one factors in involuntary Organ donation in case the Pedo-Blackmail industry does not need the snuff version.

Sad to say most do. As if Blackmailers have a choice.

Oscar said...

Too $hort?

Boo said...

+1 @Sandybrook and @Collateral Justice

Interesting to remember that Kyloe (however she spells her name, I can't be bothered to look it up) Kardashian used to date French. If she did for real and not a plot line. We all know that the Kardashians are witches and bitches, but I wonder how deep they go into these types of things or perhaps PMK knows how to smuggle little girls in? Not sure I'd buy that one, but who knows these days! Seems like everyone and their mother is involved with Epstein. The bad people that is.


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