Saturday, October 05, 2019

Blind Item #8

It's great that the foreign born former boy bander is still alive and wants to connect with fans again. I really wish he would talk about the fact that his sibling was offered up to a man by her parents when she was just 16 and everyone seems to be OK with it.


Tricia13 said...

Zany Malik

ZZZedMaster said...

I guess its part of the culture.

Gerbil S Sac said...

Not to condone arranged marriages AT ALL, but the age of consent in many western countries is 16. So if it is Zayn and it's his UK family, then, well yeah, not really anyone's business. And why should anyone have to discuss their family life publicly at all? He's not running for office or moralising or preaching.

Guest said...

Maybe it was an arranged marriage? Maybe their family is in debt and they owe someone a favor? Maybe she's pregnant and they think this is the best way to deal with it? It's a bizarre situation, but I think Zayn should focus on not having any more overdoses.

ZZZedMaster said...

Well said.

Unknown said...

A current TV documentary has just found that arranged marriages with 9 year old girls are widely available in Midfle Eastern countries.
Fucking horrendous.

- said...

How dare you be Islamophobic! We should respect their culture! Muhammad married a 6 year old. If you don't like it, you're a racist!

Astra Worthington said...

Remember! You’re RAYCISSSSSS if you don’t want these people and their culture in the West! The anti racist way is to let them come to places like the UK (like Rotherham) and allow them to rape and pimp out your white infidel daughters! And if you try and protest, nothing will be done because it would be racist to expect them (your new rulers) to follow the laws. If you complain too much, you will be arrested, for being racist. Yay multiculturalism really IS our strength!

- said...

That's why that community vote Labour. They know Labour will turn a blind eye and cover up their crimes.

50 and counting said...

The legal age for marriage in Scotland is 16, if I remember correctly. Get over it.

People in the US get married with parental consent at young ages as well.

Unknown said...

Can't even imagine how this situation first came about.
Couples marry and have children.
A man can't conceive with a child.
Documentary showed all parties admitting it was purely for sex.

AbbyRock said...

Offered for marriage is different than just plain offered. Don't know which Enty meant.
Also, how does the sister feel about being offered? If she's not happy about it, that should come into play as well.

Flashy Vic said...

Im not sure why Scotland is being ...err... fingered when the age of consent is 16 all over the UK. And the Zayn fucker has as much to do with Scotland as Celine Dion does.

Though saying all that the shite headed cretins in Rotherham still voted in Labour and their rape excusing policies at the last election knowing full well the extent of that party's involvement w with the sexual assaults on their young female population and it didn't seem to bother them one bit, so fuck that place.

Astra Worthington said...

What are the demographics of Rotherham? Are the indigenous Brits outnumbered? If so, nothing they vote for will matter. Might as well get fitted for their burkas, and the men start growing their beards. They certainly won’t do anything else so might as well get ready for dhimmitude.

- said...

Labour used to be a party of the British working class. Now it's the party of terrorism, grooming gangs, sharia, the IRA, segregated seating at local party meetings, and anti-Semitism.

- said...

It's in the hadiths that moohammad would indulge in "tonguing and thighing" with 6 year old Aisha. It's too gross to describe here, so just Google it. He eventually consummated the marriage when she reached the grand age of 9.

Flashy Vic said...


You're preaching to the choir, brother. High five!

Unknown said...

I'm from Alabama
High six!!

Flashy Vic said...

I once met a leader of the Labour party.

Michael Foot.

Prior to the 1987 general election I was living in a very safe Labour constituency in South Wales with my Welsh girlfriend.

There was an election hustings meeting (equivalent of 'town hall meeting's to you Yanks) at the local Town square.

Michael Foot's voice was blasting out over some speakers there as he was the local MP as well as Labour Party leader and we were just walking by.

But my then GF asked me if I wanted to meet him.

I hadn't actually met anyone famous except for Motorhead so, even though I lean right politically and still do, said ,aye why not.

It turned out he knew her family. So after the hustings he comes down off the platform and sees my GF and says, "Oh hello Hayley!" - she'd met him twice.

She introduced me to him as her boyfriend from Northern Ireland and asked me where I'm from. I said from Belfast mainly and he started talking to me about places around there that he had no right knowing.

I was impressed. Though not impressed enough to vote for the cunt. There are limits, you know.

Anyway fast forward 5 years. At the 1987 general election, Michael Foot and Labour were humiliated by the Tories and old Footy was cast into the political wilderness. Politically fucked even as far as not standing again as an MP in his ultra safe Blaenau Gwent Labour constituency which he still could have held easily.

At the 1992 election he was canvassing door to door with the new certain to be elected Labour candidate, a crook called Llew (spelled L-l-e-w and pronounced 'cunt') Smith.

So come the 92 election, one evening I heard a knock on my door. On answering I saw the slimy bald vision of L-l-e-w Smith oiling all over my doorstep.
A vision as welcome as an outbreak of dysentery in a maternity ward. Surly and thinking that honest-to-God political canvassing was beneath him (to
be honest, he could have shit in the mouths of the kids of every voter and still got elected, such was the imbecility f the Blaneau Gwent constituency), he mumbled some asinine platitudes and thrust some grubby socialist pamphlet in my direction.

I was receiving the pamphlet with the enthusiasm of Jenny McCarthy getting a flu jab when I heard a posh voice behind him call, "I say! It's Hayley S****** young chap from Belfast, isn't it?!"

And over strides Michael Foot hand outstretched to shake mine.
I stood, jaw agape as he went on, " B****, isn't it? How are you, dear boy?"

I just didn't know what to say.

Imagine if Mitt Romney called at your door at tried to strike up a personal conversation after you passed him in the street with a nod in his direction five years before, that's the sort of bewilderment I was dealing with.

"Where's Hayley?" he asked. Luckily we were still together then. I told him she was at work. She was a nurse...a sexy sexy nurse...God I miss her.

Anyway he wished me well, and went on down the street. Slimey Smith had already slithered off.

Now I was just staggered by this.

This man was a British political giant of the late 20th century, and though just in retirement and obviously despising the criminal slug he was politically obliged to help out, was still very much a household name.
And he had just chatted to me like we'd just been out for drinks a week or two before!

I despised (& still do,) this man's politics. I loathe the party he represented for well over half a century, but, by Christ , I liked him and his...and there is no other word for it..'supernatural' memory.

I've since read that his memory was more than slightly extraordinary. It's a pity his political judgement wasn't.

Ànd I believe he may have since been a Soviet spy (though who isn't in the Labour party) but that ps my story of an encounter with a political giant, a treasonous buffoon and a thoroughly likeable old man.

Sorry for the essay but, meh, fuck you.

HouellebecqGurl said...

We're supposed to be outraged over a 16 yr old married in an arranged marriage in a Muslim family?
Sure thing. I'm super outraged. Mark it down everybody.

GentleBreeze said...

Flashy, now *that's* a politician.

- said...

Foot lost the 83 election. Neil Kinnock, or as I call him, Kinnochio, was leader when they lost the 87 and 92 elections.

The last human leader Labour had was John Smith. When he died, Labour died. It was taken over by warmongering Blairite cunts, and now it's been taken over by far left terrorist supporting communists.

Krissie said...

Wow, a 6 year old? Alright anyone who's still a Muslim after reading that is an absolute shithead

designace001 said...

@Flashy Vic write more...that was fabulous!!

SunnyD said...

It’s the Muslim culture to have arraigned marriages, especially with under age girls. The same liberals out there, that rip on Christians for pro life beliefs or marriage between a man and women, will turn a blind eye to Muslim culture practices. Hypocrites

Flashy Vic said...

That's it, Hamid! You're right, 87 was Foot's last time standing as an MP, thanks, I got it wrong.

Flashy Vic said...

Also spot on about John Smith too, a decent man who died far too early...and conviently. And spot on about his successors too.

molly said...

So....muslims are the real problem now? Since when? 9/11 , an obvious false flag to get US into war with the middle east for oil? From the book, They Thought They Were Free, the 14 points of fascism...."Religion and Government are Intertwined

Governments in fascist nations tend to use the most common religion in the nation as a tool to manipulate public opinion. Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from government leaders, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the government's policies or actions."

Megley said...

The things Enty rants about! Yes, we can be abhorred by underage, arranged marriages and all that, but why should Zayn talk about it? Because Enty (and, by extension, us) thinks he should? Careful, Enty. You're about to break the back of that high horse you're on.

Anonymous said...

"Just 16" in Muslim culture is practically an old maid.

BerberGal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krissie said...

No Islamophobe here, only a rational thinker who says fucking 9 year olds is immoral no matter what era you live in

- said...

"islamophobic bitches"


The religion of peace:

"Kill the disbelievers wherever you find them. Strike terror into their hearts. Remove their fingertips and smite them above their necks."

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I believe Zayn denounced his Muslim faith a few years ago, if I recall correctly. He stated that he was no longer Muslim.
Zayn is not responsible for a younger sibling. Maybe he even tried to stop it from happening. Who knows?
Leave him alone.

Max Bull said...

I hate to break it you my dudes but she's married a white English man and the age of consent in the UK is 16, so whilst it's very young they've done nothing wrong.

Hell, they may not even have slept together until the wedding. Some people do honour the concept of no sex before marriage. Anyway good luck to them. They're not hurting anyone.

JRENEA1118 said...

People on here don't realize the age of consent in over half states in the us actually 16.


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